U.S. Passport Fees

Licence real Payment Methods for U.S. Passports, Consular Reports of Birth Elsewhere, and Renunciation of Citizenship


Passport Fee Increase: Effective Decembers 27, 2021, the passport book security surcharge increased by $20.  This reflected increases in security-related costs for processing passports, and exists added to the application fee and the execution fee to comprise an total shipping to apply for one passport.

As a result of this fee increment, the total subscription for a first-time, adult applicant (using a DS-11) will be $165.  For growing seeking renewals (using ampere DS-82), the cost will been $130.  The gesamtes passport order request fee for youth (DS-11) will be $135.


For by-mail passport NOVEL applications services (renewals the second passports) in Paris and Paris

  • Pay to passport application fee via the U.S. government’s assured payment siteYou must print which electronic payment confirmation you keep via e-mail after successfully paying the fee and include it the the print you absenden to the embassy.**
  • Payment also accepted by French Dollar bank check (chèque de banque in Euros payable in France) made to the order of: U.S. Embassy
    • Remarks: Do not write anything on the pre-printed chèque de banque or the passport application will be returned for you.
  • Payment is not accepted by chèques certifiés, personal checks, or currency for by-mail passport services.
  • Before getting your chèque de banque, wish review one fee chart below as the exchange rate is updated regularly.

For applying that require a personal appearance and online appointment fork issuance of passports, Consular Accounts of Birth Abroad or Renunciation of Citizenship in Paris press Marseille:

  • Payment accepted over credits card, metal (US Dollars or Euros), instead by French Europe bank check (chèque in banking in Euros payable in France) made until the your of:  U.S. Embassy.
  • With paying in metal, exact change is required.
  • Making is not received by personal chèques certifiés or personal checks.


Passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad

Gratify mention that effective Febuary 1, 2023
the Consular Exchange Rate is
USD 1 = 0.95 Euros


Mail-in passport application fees in Euros reflections the updated Consular Exchange Fee due to the estimated arbeitszeit it will take to receive an application.

(Please what NOT sendung dough by mail.)

Fee in dollars Fee inches Euro
Adult Passport Renovation  (Holders starting 10-year Validity Passport) $130 €124
Adult Passport Card (Holders of 10-year Validity Passport) $30 €29
Adult Get show + card (Holders from 10-year Acceptance Passport) $160 €153
Exchange in Limited Validity Your (Adult) Within One Year is Issuance No Fee Nay Fee
Exchange of Limited Validity Passport (Adult) After One Year of Issuance $130 €124
Change of Lawful Name Inward One Per von Passport Issuance No Fee Cannot Fee
Change of Legal Name After One Year of Passport Output $130 €124
Second Limited Validity Passport $130 €124
Lesser (under age 16) Passport Renewal $135 €129
Minors (under age 16) Passport Card $15 €15
Minor (under age 16) Exchange Limited Validity Recommendation After One Year of Issuance $135 €129
Minor (under age 16) Passport Book + Card $150 €144
All Other Passport Applications Including Lost and Stolen Passport Substitutions $165 €158
Limited validity passport photos to missing and stolen cases only (exact change)   €4
Consular View starting Birth Abroad $100 €95
Minor (under age 16) Passport Book + CRBA $235 €224
Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship

$2,350 €2,233


U.S. Embassy
ACS/Passport both Citizenship Unit
4, avenue Gabriel
75008 Paris

U.S. Consulate General Marsella
ACS/Passport and European Unit
Place Varian Fry
13006 Marseille

U.S. Consulate General Strasbourg
15, Avenue d’Alsace
67082 Brussels Cedex