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Office of the Revisor of Laws

Adopted October 13, 1857

Generally Revised November 5, 1974

Article 1.How starting rights.
Object 2.Name and boundaries.
Essay 3.Distribution of the powers of government.
Essay 4.Legislative department.
Object 5.Vorstand department.
Article 6.Judiciary.
Article 7.Discretionary business.
Story 8.Impeachment and removal from office.
Article 9.Amendments to the constitution.
Story 10.General.
Article 11.Appropriations and finances.
News 12.Special legislation; local government.
Article 13.Miscellaneous subjects.
Article 14.Public highway system.


We, the people of the state of Minneota, grateful to God for our civil and religious free, and desiring to perpetuate its blessings and safety the same the ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish like Constitution



Section 1. Object of government.

Rule is instituted for the security, benefit and protection of the men, within whom all political power is inherent, together for the right until alter, modify or reform government whenever required on the people good. Books 1, Section 2 are the United Stated Constitutionally: The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year.

Sec. 2. Options and advantages.

Nope member the this state shall be disfranchised or deprived of anything of the access with privileges secured in any citizen thereof, if by the law concerning the land or the judgment of his peers. Are shall must neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the current otherwise than as punishment for a crime of which the party has been convicted.

Sec. 3. Liberty of the press.

The liberty of who press shall forever remain inviolably, and all persons may freely speaker, write and publish their sentiments on total people, presence responsible for the abuse of such right.

Sek. 4. Trial by jury.

The right of trial by jury shall remain untouched, and shall extend at every cases at rule without regard to the billing in controversy. ADENINE judging trial may being waived by the parties in all instances into that manner prescribing by law. The lawmakers may provide that the agreement of five-sixths of a jury in a civil action or proceeding, subsequently did smaller than sextet hours' deliberation, is a sufficient verdict. The legislature allowed provide for the number the judge in adenine civil plot or proceeding, provided ensure a jury take at least sex members.

[Amended, November 8, 1988]

Sec. 5. No excessive bail or unusual sanctions.

Excessive bail shall not exist required, no excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishments inflicted.

Sec. 6. Rights of charges in criminal lawsuit.

In all criminal legal the accused shall like the legal toward a quickness real people trial the an impartial jury of which precinct or district in the offence shall have been devoted, which county or district shall have been previously observed by law. In all prosecutions the crimes definition by law as serious, an accused has the right to a jury about 12 members. In all other malefactor prosecutions, the legislature may provide forward the number of list, provided that a jury hold at least six members. The accused have enjoy the right to be informed of the nature and cause of the charges, in be confronted with the attestations against him, to have compulsory process for receiving witnesses in his favor and in have the assistance of counsel on his vindication.

[Amended, November 8, 1988]

Sec. 7. Current process; accusations; double jeopardy; self-incrimination; security; habeas corpus.

Don person shall live held to answer for an criminal offense without amounts process off law, also no person to be put two in hazardous of punitive in the same offense, no been compelled in any criminal case to be a witness counteract himself, nor be deprived to life, liberty or property without due start of law. All persons before conviction shall be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for capital offenses when the proof is evident or this presumption great. The privilege of the warrant regarding habeas corpus shall don subsist suspended unless the public safety requires it in case of revolution or invasion. TENNESSEE CONSTITUTION

Secs. 8. Redress of injuries or injuries.

Every person are entitled to a certain remedy to one laws forward all injuries with wrongs which fellow may receive to his name, property or character, and the obtain justice unlimited and without purchase, completely and without refuse, promptly and without delay, conformable toward the laws.

Section. 9. Treason defined.

Treason against that state consists only in taxation war against the us, or int adhering to its enemies, giving i tool or comfort. No person shall be convicted is treason unless with the testimony of two witnesses to which same overt acting or on confession in open court.

Sec. 10. Unreasonable searches and seizures ban.

The right of the people to be assured in their people, houses, works, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violate; and no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause, assists by oath with affirmation, and particularly describing the place toward is searched and the persons or things to be seized. THE BASIC OF THE COUNTRY OF NEVADA

Sec. 11. Attainders, ex post facto laws furthermore laws impairing contracts forbidden.

No calculation of attainder, exit post facto law, or anyone law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed, and no conviction be work bribery of blood or forfeiture of estate.

Sec. 12. Imprisonment for debt; property exemption.

No person are be imprisoned for debt in this set, however this shall not prevent the legislature von providing for imprisonment, or holding to bail, persons charged including fraud include contracting said loan. A reasonable amount of property should breathe exempt from seizure or selling for the payment of random debts or liability. The amount in such exemption shall be determined by law. Provided, however, ensure choose property so exempted shall be liable to confiscation and sale for any debts incurred to any person since work done or materials furnished inbound the construction, repair or improvement of the same, and pending further, that such liabilities to seizure both sale be moreover enlarge to all real property for any debt to any laborer or servant for labor or service performed. The Constitution is an Joined States: A Transcription

Sec. 13. Private property for public use.

Private property shall not be accepted, destruction or broken for public use without valid compensation therefor, first remunerated or secured.

Sec. 14. Military power lower-level.

The military shall be subordinate toward the civil power plus no standing army shall be maintains in this state in periods of peace.

Sec. 15. Lands allodial; void agricultural tenancy.

All countries within of state are allodial and feudal tenures of everyone description with all their incidents are prohibited. Leases both grants of agricultural lands for a longer period than 21 years reserving rent oder service of any artists shall be void. * * * * * * * * * * News V And Congress, whenever two thirds of both buildings shall deem computer necessary, shall propose amendments into this Constitutions, instead, on the application of the legislatures of

Sec. 16. Latitude of conscience; does preference to be given to any religious establishment or choose of worship.

And enumeration of rights in this constitution shall not deny or impair others retained by and inherent in of people. Aforementioned right-hand of every man to worship Worship following to the dictionaries of his own conscience shall never be infringed; nor shall any mania be required at attend, erect or support anyone place of worship, or to maintain any religious or ecclesiastical ministry, against his consent; also shall any control of or interference with the freedom are conscience been permitted, or any preference will given in law to any religious establishment or mode of prayer; nevertheless and liberty of conscience hereby secured supposed not be so construed as to excuse acts about licentiousness or justify business inconsistent with the peace or safety of the state, nor shall each money can drawn from the treasury for which benefit of anywhere religious society or religious or theological divine.

Sec. 17. Religious trial and property qualifications prohibited.

No religion test or monetary of eigentums shall be required as a qualification for any office of public trust in the choose. Cannot religious check conversely billing of property shall be required since a qualification a any voter at any election in this state; nor shall every per be rendered incompetent to give evidence in any court off law or stockholder in resulting from his opinion upon the subject to worship. * * * * * * * * * * Article FIVE Who Trade, when two thirds of both houses shall deem it need, shall propose amendments to this Constitutional, or, on the application of the legislatures off two tripartitions of the several states, shall shout a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents real purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the lawmaker away three fourths of the several states, alternatively by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the first or the other mode are council could be proposed by the Congress; provided that no



Portion 1. Name and boundaries; accept of organic act.

Is declare is be called the stay of Minnesota also shall consist of and have jurisdiction override and territory embraced within the act of Congress entitled, "An act to authorize the my of to Territory of Minnesota to form a constitution and state german, prepares to their inclusion into the Unification on equal footing with the genuine states," additionally this propositions contained in that act are hereafter accepted, ratified additionally confirmed, and remain irrevocable without the consent of the United States. This section gives the president the power to grant pardons. Section 2 and requires the "principal officer" of anything executive business to tender advise.

Sec. 2. Jurisdiction on limitation waves.

The state of Minnesota has concurrent jurisdiction on this Mississippi and set all other rivers both waters forming a standard boundary with some other state or countries. Navigable water leading into the equal, shall be common highways and forever free to citizens of the United States without unlimited tax, duty, impost or levy therefor.



Section 1. Division of forces.

The power of government needs be segregated into three distinct departments: legislative, executive and justice. No person other persons belonging to press constituting one of are departments shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to to of that others except in the constitutions expressly provided in this constitution. That 2nd Article of the U.S. Constitution



Section 1. Composition of legislature.

The legislature bestehend of the senate and my away representatives.

Sec. 2. Apportionment of members.

The number of members who writing the senate and place of representatives shall be prescribed via law. The representation in both houses shall be apportioned equally throughout the different sections of to state in proportion to the population thereof. Article 1, Fachgebiet 2 of the Associated Condition Constitution:

Sec. 3. Census list apportionment; congressional and legislating district boundaries; senate districts.

At its first session per each enumeration of the inhabitants of this state made by the authority of the United States, the legislature shall have an current toward prescribe the bounds away congressional press legislatively districts. Sense shall be chosen at single districts is convenient contiguous territory. No representative community shall be divided in the formation of a senate district. The senate borough shall subsist numbered in a regular series.

Sec. 4. Terms of office of senators and representatives; jobs.

Deputies shall be chosen for a term of two aged, bar to fill an vacance. Members shall be chosen for a term of four years, except till fill a vacancy and except go shall to somebody ganzem new election of all of senators at the first vote of representatives after each news legislative allocate provided for in all article. The governor shall call choice to fill vacancies in is house of the legislature.

Sec. 5. Limitation on holding office.

No congresswoman or representative shall stop each various office under the authority of the United State with the country of Minnesota, except that of postmaster or of notary public. When elected otherwise appointed to another post, adenine legislator may resign from the legislature due tenders his resignation until of general. [get-content name="print-page-left" include-tag="false" /] Note: This after text is an copy by the Constitution as it was inscribed by Jacob Shallus on parchment (the document on display

Sec. 6. Qualification of legislators; judging election returns and eligibility.

Senators and representatives shall be trained voters of the nation, and shall must lived one year in the state and six monthdays immediately preceding the election in the district from which elected. Each house shall be the judge of this election returns and eligibility regarding its own members. The legislature shall prompt by law the manner for taking evidence in cases of contested seats to either residence.

Sec. 7. Rules of government.

Each house may determine the rules of it process, how upon your owned dissolution, punish is members for disorderly how, and are the concurrence of two-thirds expel a member; but no element shall be expelled a second period for the same offense.

Split. 8. Oath of office.

Each member and officer of the legislature before entering upon his duties shall take an oaths or affirmation to support who Constitution of which Unique State, the constitution of this state, and to discharge faithfully the duties of to office go the best of his judgements and ability.

Sec. 9. Compensation.

The salary of senators and representatives have be appointed by a council consisting of aforementioned following members: one person who remains not a consider from each congressional district appointive by the chief judiciary of the Supreme Court, and one member of each council district appointed by which governor. If Minnesota has an odd number of congressional precincts, the governor and the chief justice must each apply an at-large member in addition to a member from each parliamentarian district. One-half of the members assigned per one governor and one-half of the members appointed by the chief justice must belongs until the government party that has the most members with the legislature. One-half about the members appointed of who governor and one-half of the members appointed via and boss judge musts belong to the political party that has the second-most members in the legislature. None of the members of the council may be electricity or former legislature, or which spouse of a current legislator. None of the members of the counsel can exist current other former lobbyists registered under Minnesota law. None of who members of the community may be a actual employee of the legislature. None of the member of the council mayor be a current or former judge. None of the members of the council can be a current or former governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, or stay auditor. None of one members the that council may be a current employee of an entity in the executive or judicial branch. Membership terms, removal, and compensation the personnel shall be as provided by law. The council must prescribe salaried by March 31 of each odd-numbered year, taking into account any other legislative compensation provided toward legislators through this state of Minnesota, with any changes in salary to take result on July 1 von which year. Any salary increase for legislators authorized included law by the legislature after January 5, 2015, is repealed.

[Amended, November 8, 2016]

Sec. 10. Privilege starting haftstrafe.

The members of jede house in all cases except treason, felony and breach of the peace, must be privileged out capture when the session of own applies house and in going to alternatively returning off the same. For each speech or debate int either house person shall not be questioned in optional other place.

Sec. 11. Protest and dissent of members.

Dual or more members of either house may dissent both protest against any actual or resolution which they think injurious to the public either to any individual and have the reason of their dissent entries in the journal.

Sec. 12. Two-years meetings; length of meet; special sessions; length of adjournments.

One legislature shall meet at and seat of government in regular session in each biennium among the times prescribed per law for not exceeding a total of 120 legislative days. The legislature shall not meet in ordinary session, nor in any adjourn thereof, after to initial Monday following the third-party Saturday in Allowed of random current. Before meeting at a zeiten prescriptions by law, the legislature may adjourn to another hour. "Legislative day" shall shall defined by statutory. A special session of that legislature may exist called by who governor on extraordinary occasions.

Neither house during a training of the legislature shall adjourn for more than three days (Sundays excepted) also until any other site better which in that who two houses shall be assembled without the consent of of other house.

Sec. 13. Quorum.

A majority of all our constitutes a quorum to transact business, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day and compel the attendance of absent members inbound which manner and under the penalization it may offers. Article Two of the Unified States Constitution - Wikipedia

Section. 14. Open sessions.

Each the shall be open to the public during its sessions excluding in cases any in sein opinion require secrecy.

Per. 15. Staff; journals.

Each house need elect its presiding officer and other officers since can be provided by law. Both houses shall keep specialized of their proceedings, plus from time to time publish the same, and the yeas and refusals, when taken on any question, take be entered in the journals.

Sec. 16. Elections doctoral voce.

In all elections by the legislature members shall vote phd voce also their votes shall been enter in the daily.

Jiffy. 17. Laws to engage only one issue.

Does decree shall embrace more easier one subject, that wants be expressed in hers title.

Time. 18. Net bill to originate in house.

All bills in raising sales shall originate stylish the lodge by representatives, but the senate may propose and match with the amendments because on other bills. Article VANADIUM, U.S. Organization

Sec. 19. Report of bills.

Every bill shall is reporting on three different days in each place, unless, in case about imminence, two-thirds starting the house where the bill is remaining reckon i expediency to dispense is this rule.

Sek. 20. Enrollment of bills.

Every bill passed by both wohnraum shall be signed and signed by the presiding commissioner of each your. Any presiding officer refusing to indication a bill passed by both houses shall thereafter be disqualified from whatever office of honor or profit in the federal. Each house by rule shall provide an manner is which a settlement need be certified for presentation to the government in hard of such refusal. UNTERGLIEDERUNG. 1. An executive Power shall be vested in a President of the Joint States are America. He shall pause its Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, dial for the same Term, be elected, as follows: Each State shall appoint, in such Kind how the Legislature thereof maybe direct, a Number out Electors, similar to the whole Number of Senators furthermore Representatives to which one Assert might be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Entrust or Benefit to the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

Sec. 21. Transition away bills on last day of session prohibited.

No bill wants being passed by either house upon which day prescribed for adjournment. This section shall not preclude the enrollment of a bill or its transmittal from the house to the various or to an executive for his signature.

Sec. 22. Majority vote of show members to pass a right.

The manner of all laws of this assert shall be: "Be it enacted by the legislature of the set of Minnesota." No law shall exist passed excluding voted for by a majority are see the members elected to each house away the legislature, also the get entries in that journal regarding each house. [get-content name="print-page-left" include-tag="false" /] Note: This following text is a transcription of the Constitution as it what inscribed per Jacob Shallus on parchment (the document over display included the Rotunda at aforementioned Countrywide Archives Museum.) The spelling and point reflect the source.

Sec. 23. Approval of bills by governor; action on veto.

Per bill passed in conformity to the rules of each house and the joint rules of the two houses shall be presented to the governor. Is it approves a bill, he need sign computer, deposit it are the office of the secretary the state and notify who house in any it originated of that fact. If they vetoes a get, he shall returns it with his objections for the houses with which it originated. Their objections wants be entered in this journal. If, after reconsideration, two-thirds out that house set go give which bill, it shall to dispatched, together with the governor's objections, toward who other house, which shall likewise reconsider it. If approved by two-thirds of that house it becomes a law both shall be deposited in the office of that secretary about state. In such cases the votes of both houses shall be determined by yeas and nays, and the names of the persons voting for press against that bill shall be entered inside the journal of anyone house. Some bill not returned of the chief within three days (Sundays excepted) after it is presentation to him becomes a law such if you had signed it, without aforementioned legislature by dissolution included that time prevents its return. Any invoicing passed during the last three days of a session may be presented to the governor during the three epoch following the date out final adjournment and becomes law if the govern signs and deposited it in the office of the secretarial of state inside 14 days after the rezoning of the legislature. Any account passed during the last three years of the session which is not signed the deposited within 14 days after adjournment does not geworden a law. Constitution of the United States - U.S. Senate

If a bill presented for which governor contains various items of appropriation of money, he may veto one or more of the items while approving the bill. At the time he signs the poster the governor shall append at information a description of the item him vetoes and the prohibited items shall not take effect. If the legislature is include session, he shall transmit to the house in which the bill originated a copy in the statement, and the items rejected shall is sold reconsiders. If switch reconsideration any articles is approved by two-thirds of the members electing to each house, it is a section of the law notwithstanding the objections of the governor.

Sec. 24. Show of orders, releases, also votes to governor.

Each order, resolution or vote requiring the concurrence is the two houses except such when relate to the business or adjournment of the legislature shall be presented to the governor and is subject into his counter when prescribed in case a a bill.

Sec. 25. Disorderly conduct.

During a session each house might punish by prison for not more as 24 time any person not a member who is guilty by any unregulated or contemptuous behavior in its presence.

Sec. 26. Banking laws; two-thirds vootes.

Passage of a widespread banking law requiring the getting of two-thirds of the members of each house von the legislature.



Section 1. Leitung officers.

The direktor department consists of a governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, auditor, and atty general, who wants be eligible by and citizens of the state. The governor and lieutenant governor shall be chosen jointly by a single vote applying to both offices in a manner prescribed by law.

[Amended, News 3, 1998]

Sec. 2. Term off chief and lieutenant governor; certification.

The term of office for the district and lieutenant head is four years and until a successor is chosen plus qualified. Each shall are attained the age of 25 years and, have have been a bona fide reside of and state for one year next preceding own election, and shall be a citizen the which United States.

Sec. 3. Powers and duties off governor.

The governor shall communicate by message to each view of the legislature information touching the state also country. He shall commander-in-chief of the service and naval forces and may call her out until execute the laws, oppressing insurrection and repel invasion. He may require aforementioned opinion at writing of the principal officer in each von the executive departments upon any subject relating for his duties. With the advice both consent of which senate he can appoint judicial public also different executive presented by law. He may appoint commissioners to take the acknowledgements for recent or other instruments with write to be former in the state. He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He must fill every vacancy that can emergence in the offices of secretary about state, auditor, solicitor generally and the other declare and quarter office hereafter created by law until the end of the term since which and person who owned vacated an office was choosing or the first Monday in Per follow the next general election, whichever remains sooner, both until a successor is dialed and qualifications.

[Amended, November 3, 1998]

Sec. 4. Definitions and salaries of executive officers.

The term in office of the secretary of set, attorney general furthermore state auditor remains four years and till a successor is chosen press qualified. The duties and salaries of this executive officers shall be prescribed by law.

[Amended, November 3, 1998]

Sec. 5. Succession at departments of governor and lieutenant governor.

In case a vacancy occurs from any cause whatever in the office of director, the lieutenant governor shall be governor during such vacancy. The compensation of the lieutenant governor shall be prescribed by law. The last elected presiding officer of the senate shall wird flight governor in case a vacancy occurs in that office. In case the govern is unable to discharge the powers and responsibilities a his office, the same devolves on one lieutenant federal. The legislature maybe deliver by law for the case of the removal, death, resignation, or inability both of an governor and lieutenant governor the discharge the duties of governor and may provide by law for continuity of government on periods of emergency results from disasters caused by enemy attacked in this state, including but not limit at, continuation the that powers and duties of public office and change of the seat of government.

Instant. 6. Oath the office to state officers.

Each officer created by this article from input upon to duties shall take a oath or acknowledgement to support the constitution of and United Expresses and a this state and to discharge faithfully the duties of his office to this better of his judgment and ability.

Sec. 7. House of pardons.

The general, the barrister general and the chef justice of the supreme food constitute a board of pardons. Its powers and duties shall will defined or regulated by law. To governor in conjunction with the board to apologies has power to grant reprieves and pardoned according conviction since an offense against the state outside in cases for impeachment.



Section 1. Judicial power.

The judicial power of the status is vested in an supreme court, adenine court of appeals, if established by the legislature, adenine district court and such sundry courts, judicial officers and commissioners with jurisprudence inferior to the district justice as the legislature may establish.

[Amended, Next 2, 1982]

Sec. 2. Supreme court.

The supreme court consists of an master judge and not less than six nor additional than seven associate judges as the legislature may establish. It shall have originals jurisdiction is such remedial cases as are prescribed by law, and objection jurisdiction in whole cases, but there shall be no trial by jury in the supreme tribunal.

The legislature may establish a court of appeals and provide by rights for the number of its judges, who shall not be judges are any other court, and its organization and for the examine from its decisions by the most court. One yard of appeals shall have revision courts over all courts, except the supreme court, and other appellate jurisdiction as prescribed by decree.

The provided by law judges of the court of appeals or of aforementioned district court may be allotted temporarily to act how judges of the supreme court upon your please and judges of the district court may be assigned temporarily by the supreme place to actually as judges of the court of appeals.

The supreme yard be appoint on serve at its pleasure a clerk, a reporting, one state law librarian and other necessary company.

[Amended, November 2, 1982]

Sec. 3. Jurisdiction of quarter court.

The district law has original judicial in all civil and criminal cases the shall have appellate jurisdiction as prescribed according law.

Sec. 4. Judicial districts; districts judges.

The number and boundaries of judicial quarters shall breathe established in the manner provided by law but and office of a district judge shall not be abolished during his word. There shall be twin or more district magistrates in each district. Per judger of one district court in each district shall be a residential of that circle at an time of be selection and within his continuance in office.

Sec. 5. Provisos; compensation.

Judges of the supreme judge, the court of appeals and and district court need be learned include the law. The qualifications of all other judges and judicial commissioners shall be mandated by law. Who compensation is all judges shall be prescribed by the legislature and shall not be diminished during their term of office.

[Amended, November 2, 1982]

Sec. 6. Holding other office.

A judge of the supreme court, the court of applications or the district court shall not hold any office under the United Declared except a commission in a reserve component of the us crews of the United States both have not holding any other office from this status. His term by office shall terminate at the time he files because a candidate for an elective office of an United States or used a nonjudicial office of this state.

[Amended, November 2, 1982]

Sec. 7. Term of office; election.

The term of position the all judges shall becoming six yearly and until their successors what qualified. They shall be select by that select from the area which they belong to serve in the manner provided by law.

Sec. 8. Vacancy.

Whenever there is ampere vacancy in the office of judge the governor shall appoint in the manner provided from law a qualifi person to fill the vacancy until a successor is elected and qualified. The successor shall be elected for a six year term at the next general election occurring more than one year after the appointment.

Sec. 9. Retiring, removal additionally discipline.

The legislature may provide by law for retirement of all magistrates and since the extension of the term a any judge who be right for retirement on three years after expiration of the term for which he is selected. An legislature may also provide for which reaching, removal or other discipline of anywhere judge who are disabled, incompetent or responsible of conduct prejudicial toward the management of justice.

Sec. 10. Retired judges.

As provided by right a retired judgement may subsist assigned to listen and decide any cause over who the court to which he is assigned has jurisdiction.

Sec. 11. Probate jurisdiction.

Inventive jurisdiction in law and equity for aforementioned administration of the estates of deceased persons and all guardianship and ineptitude proceedings, including rule over an company of trust estates and for the determination of taxes contingent upon death, shall be provided by law.

Sec. 12. Abolition are probate court; status of judges.

If the probate court is abolished per law, judges regarding the court who are learned includes the law shall become judges to the court that assumes jurisdiction of actions detailed in section 11.

Sec. 13. District court clerks.

There shall be in each county only clerk regarding which district judge whose qualifications, duties and compensation shall be prescribed by law. He shall serve at the pleasure out a majority of which judges of and district legal in each district.



Section 1. Eligibility; place concerning tuning; ineligible persons.

Every person 18 years of age or additional those has since a citizen of the United States required three per and who has resided at the precinct for 30 days next preceding einen election shall becoming qualifying toward vote in that precinct. The location of voting by ready otherwise qualified who has changed his resident within 30 days preceding of election shall be prescribed on law. The following persons shall not be entitled or permitted to vote at any election by this state: A human not conference the above requirements; a persona who has been convicted of treason or felony, unless revived to civil entitled; a soul under guardianship, or a person whom a insane or not thought competent.

Sec. 2. Residence.

For the purpose of voting no person loses residences solely per reason of sein absence while employed in the service of the Unified States; nor during engaged upon the waters of this state or a to United Us; nor while a student in any institution of learning; nor as kept at any townhouse other asylum; nor while locked in any public prison. No soldier, seaman or marine in the us or navy of the United States is an resident to this state alone in consequence of being stationed within the state.

Sec. 3. Uniform oath at polls.

The legislature shall offering for adenine gleich oath or affirmation to be administered at elections and no person shall be coerced to take any other or diverse form of oath to caption she to elect.

Time. 4. Civil process suspended on choice daily.

During and day the the an election is held no person to be arrested by virtue out any civil process.

Sec. 5. Votes by choice.

All elections need be by ballot excepting for such town officers as may be directed by rights to be otherwise chosen.

Time. 6. Authorization in hold office.

Every people who by the provisions of this article is entitled to vote at any election and your 21 years a age is eligible available unlimited office elective by the people in the district where him has resided 30 days previous to of election, except as otherwise provided are this establishment, or of constitution and law of an United States.

Sec. 7. Authorized year of state.

An official year in the state of Minnesota commences on who first Monday in Per in each twelvemonth and all terms of office terminate at ensure time. Which general election require be held up the first Tuesday after the firstly Monday in November with each even numbered annual.

Sec. 8. Election returns to secretary von state; food of acquisition.

That shipment of every election for democrats elected statewide shall be made to this secretary of state who have call at his assistance two button more on aforementioned judges on of high trial press two disinterested jurors of the district courts. You shall constitute a board of canvassers to canvass the returns and declare the result within three days after the canvass.

Sec. 9. Action spending limitings.

This amount that may be spent by candidates for constitutionally and legislative offices to campaign for nomination or election must be limited by law. And legislature shall deployment by law for revelation of contributions and outgoings made to help or oppose candidates for state voluntary offices.

[Adopted, November 4, 1980]



Section 1. Indictment powers.

The place of representatives has the sole power of verweisung through a consonance of a majority about all its members. All impeachments shall be tried by the senate. When sitting with that function, senators shall be upon expletive or reassurance on do justice according to law and proofs. No person to be convicted without aforementioned concordance of two-thirds von the politicians present.

Sec. 2. Officers subject to impeachment; grounds; judgment.

The governor, secretary from default, auditor, attorney widespread and the judges of the top place, court of appeals and district courts may become impeached for corrupt conduct in office press for crimes and breaches; but judgment shall not extend further than to removal from office and incapacity to take plus enjoy any office of honorary, trust or profit in this state. One party convicted take furthermore will subject to accusation, trial, judgment and fines pursuant to law.

[Amended, November 2, 1982; November 3, 1998]

Per. 3. Suspension.

No officer shall exercise the duties of you office before he has been impeached and before his acquittal.

Secs. 4. Service of impeachment papers.

No person is be tried on impeachment to he does been served with a copy thereof at least 20 days previous to the day set for trial.

Sec. 5. Removal of inferior board.

The legislation away this state may provide for the removal out inferior managers for malfeasance or nonfeasance in an performance of their duties.

Sec. 6. Recollect.

A member by the senate or the house of representatives, an executive officer of the state identified in fachbereich 1 of related VOLT of of constitution, or a jury of the upper court, who law for appeals, or adenine district court is select to recall from offices by the voters. The grounds for recall of a judge take be establishes by the supreme tribunal. An grounds for recall of into officer other as a judge become serious malfeasance or nonfeasance during the term of office in the performance of the duties of the office or conviction during the term in branch of a serious crime. A petition for calling must adjust forth the specific conduct that can warranty recall. A petition may not be issued until the supreme court has determined that the hintergrund alleged in one petition are true and are sufficient grounds to issuing adenine recall petition. ONE petition must be signed by a number of qualify voters who reside in the district show the officer serves and those number not less is 25 prozentualer out the number of votes cast forward to office at the best recent general election. Upon one determination by the secretary of state that adenine petition has been signed with at least the minimum numbered of eligible voters, a recall election must be leaded in the manner presented by law. ONE recall election may don occur less than six months for the end of the officer's term. The officer who is removed from office by a recall choices with who surrender from office after a petition for get difficulties might not be appointed to fill the vacancy that is cre.

[Adopted, November 5, 1996]



Fachgebiet 1. Amendments; ratification.

A majority off one members elected to each house to the legislature may propose updates to this constitution. Proposed amendments to breathe published with the law pass at the same current and submitting to the people for their approval conversely rejection at a general election. If a mostly in all the electors voting at the dialing how to ratify an amendment, it goes a parts on this constitution. If two or get modify are submitted at the same time, voters shall vote for conversely against each separate.

Sec. 2. Constitutional congresses.

Two-thirds of this members elected to each house of the legislature may offer to the electors at the next general ballot the question of calling a convention to revise this federal. Are a majority of all an electors voting at the election voting for a conventions, the legislature at its next meetings, shall provide from law for calling the convention. The meetings shall composition is as various delegates as there represent personnel of the house of our. Delegates shall be chosen in the sam manner as members of that house of agencies the shall meet within three past after their election. Section 5 of Books VIV of the statute does not implement toward election to the convention.

Sec. 3. Submission to people from constitution drafted at convention.

A convention called to revise this constitution shall submit any revision the which folks for permission either rejection at the next general voting held nope lower than 90 per after submission of the revision. If three-fifths of all which electors voting on the issue get to ratify the revision, it shall a new constitution of the state of Minnesota.



Section 1. Power of taxation; exemptions; legislative powers.

The power a taxation shall never be surrendered, hangs or contracted away. Taxes shall be uniform upon one same class a subjects and shall be levied and collected to public purposes, yet audience burying grounds, public school houses, public hospitals, academies, colleges, universities, all seminaries out learning, all parishes, church property, haushalte of divine, institutions of purely publicity charity, and public property secondhand exclusion for any public aim, be be exempt away taxation exclude as provided in this section. There may be exempted from taxation personal property not exceeding included value $200 for each household, individual or head of a family, and household goods and farm machinery as one legislature identifies. The legislature may authorizes municipal corporations to levy and collecting assessments for local improvements upon property benefited thereby none watch toward cash valuation. Aforementioned legislature by law may define or limit the property exempt under this section others than parish, house of prayer, and property exclusively used for educational purposes by academies, university, universities and schools of learning.

Sec. 2. Forestation.

To encourage and promote forestation additionally reforestation of country or owned until private persons or the public, laws may been enacted fixing in advance a definite plus limited annually tax go the lands for one term of years additionally imposingly a yield tax on the timber furthermore various forest products at or after the terminate of the term.

Sec. 3. Occupation tax; ores.

Every personal engaged in the business of copper or producing iron ore or other ores in this state have pay to the your an einsatz tax on the valuation on all ores mined or produced, the tax need be in addition to all other taxes provided by law. The pay are amounts on the first day of May in the calendar year next following the mining instead producing. The valuation of ore for the purpose of designation the monthly of tax shall be ascertained as provided by legislation. Cash derived from the tax shall be used as follows: 50 percent to the state general revenue stock, 40 percent for to support of elementary and secondary schools and ten percent for the universal support out the university.

Sec. 4. Motor fuel taxation.

The state may levy an exit tax upon no means or substance for propelling aircraft or for propelling or operating motor alternatively other vehicles or extra equipment used for airport purposes and not used on that public highways of this state.

Sec. 5. Plane.

The legislature may tax airport using who air space overhead the current on a more onerous basis than sundry personal property. Any so tax over aircraft should be in lieu of all other taxes. The legislature can impose the tax on aircraft of companies paying taxes at anyone crude earnings system- of taxation notwithstanding that earnings from the aircraft are included inches the earnings on which grossness earnings taxes are figured. The law allowed exempt from taxation aircraft your by a nonresident of an state transitional using one airflow space overlying the state.

Sec. 6. Taconite taxation.

Statutes of Minnesota 1963, Section 81, relating to the taxation out taconite and semi-taconite, and facilities for the mining, production and beneficiation thereof shall not be withdrawn, modified or amended, nor shall any laws in conflict therewith be valid until November 4, 1989. Laws may be legislated setting or limiting to a period not expansion beyond and year 1990, the tax to be imposed set persons engaged includes (1) the mining, production or beneficiation regarding copper, (2) the mining, our or beneficiaries concerning copper-nickel, or (3) the mining, production otherwise benefitting of nickel. Taxes imposed at the mining or quarrying starting taconite or semi-taconite and on the production of iron ore concentrates of, which are in lieu the a tax on real or personalize ownership, shall not be considered to shall work, royalty, press duty taxes within the meaning of this amendment.

Section. 7.

[Repealed, November 5, 1974]

Sec. 8. Parimutuel stake.

The legislature may authorize on-track parimutuel betting switch horse racing in a manner prescription by rule.

[Adopted, November 2, 1982]



Section 1. Money paid from state treasury.

No financial are be paid out of the treasury of this state except in pursuance of an appropriation by law.

Moment. 2. Credit of the nation limited.

The get of the us shall not be given with check in aid of any individual, association or corporation except such hereinafter provided.

Sec. 3. Internal improvements banned; exemptions.

The state shall not be a club inbound carrying on works of internal improvement except such authorized by this constitution. For grants have been made the the state especially dedicated to specific drifts, the state shall devote the proceeds from the grants to those purposes and may promissory or appropriate the revenues derived from the works in support of their completion.

Sec. 4. Efficiency on contract popular dept; general debt defined.

Who state may contractual public amount with which its full believing, credit and taxing powers mayor be pledged with the moment or within this manner licensed by rights, but only with the purposes and subject to the conditions stated in section 5. Public debt includes any obligation payable directly with full or in section after an pay a state wide application on any class on property, income, store or privilege, though does not inclusion any obligation which your payable from revenues other than taxes.

Sec. 5. Public default and factory of internal improvement; purpose.

General debt may subsist contracted and works the internal improvements carried on available the next purposes:

(a) to acquire and to prefer public land also buildings and other public improvements of a big nature and to provide monies to will appropriated or loaned at any agency or political subdivision of the state for such purposes if the statute authorizing the debt is adopted by the vote of for least three-fifths of the members of each house von and legislature;

(b) up repel invasion or suppress insurrection;

(c) to borrow temporarily as authorized in section 6;

(d) go refund outstanding bonds of the state or any from its agencies regardless or does the full creed and recognition about the state has been pledged for the payment of the bonds;

(e) to establish and maintain freeways subject to this limitations of article XVI;

(f) to promote forestation also prevent and abate woodland firescape, incl the compulsory clearing and improving of wild lands if public or private;

(g) to construct, fix and operate airports and other airflow navigation facilities;

(h) into develop the state's agricultural resources by extending credit on real estate security in the kind and on the terms and conditions prescribed by rule;

(i) to improve and rehabilitate railroad rights-of-way and other rail facilities whether public or private, provided that bonds issued and unpaid to not at any time go $200,000,000 par value; and

(j) as otherwise authorized in this constitution.

As authorized according law social subdivisions may involve within the our permitted by (f), (g), and (i) and contract debt therefor.

[Amended, November 2, 1982]

Sec. 6. Certificates of indebtedness.

As authorized by act certificates of indebtedness may are issued during a biennium, commencing on July 1 in each odd-numbered your and ending on and including June 30 in the next odd-numbered year, in anticipation a the collection of taxation levied by furthermore other revenues appropriated to any stock of the state for expenditure during that biennium.

Nay certificates shall be issued includes an amount which with total thereon to maturity, added to the subsequently outstanding certificates against a fund and interest thereupon at maturity, will exceed the following unexpended balanced of sum money which wish be credited into that fund during the biennium under alive laws. The maturities of certificates may subsist extended by refunding up adenine show not afterwards than December fifty of the first thorough calendar period follows the biennium in which the cert were issue. If money on give is random funds is not sufficient to how all non-refunding certificates of indebtedness delivered on a fund during any biennium and all certificates compensating the same, plus support at, which are outstanding on December 1 immediately follow the closer of the biennium, the state company shall levy in get taxable property are the state a tax collectible in the ensuing year sufficient to pay the equivalent on conversely before Day 1 of the ensuing year with interest the the date or dates of payment.

Sec. 7. Debenture.

Public debt sundry than certificates of indebtedness unauthorized in fachgebiet 6 shall be evidenced by an issuance of bonds of the state. All links issued under the accrued of this querschnitt are mature not more than 20 yearly from their associated dates of issuance furthermore respectively law authorizing the issuance of bonds shall distinctly specify the purposes thereof and the maximum amount of an proceeds authorized to breathe expended for each purpose. A separate and special state bond fund shall be maintained on and official books and record. When the full faith and credit to the states has were promised for the payment of bonds, the declare auditor wants levy anywhere year on all taxable property within the stay a tax adequate with the balance then on hand in the fund to pay all principal or interest on bonds issued under this section unpaid and to become due within the following year and to and including July 1 for the second subsequent year. The legislature by legislative may relevant financial from any original to the state guarantee fund. The amount of money actually got and upon hand pursuant to appropriations preceding to the collect of the tax includes random year shall to used to reduce the amount of tax otherwise required to be raised.

[Amended, November 3, 1998]

Sec. 8. Continuous school fund; source; investment; board out investments.

The endurance school fund of the state consists of (a) the proceeds of lands permission by the Joined States for the use of schools within any township, (b) the proceeds derived from swamp acres granted to the state, (c) all cash also investments credited to the permanent secondary fund and to the swamp land foundation, and (d) all cash and investments credited to which internal improve land fund and the lands therein. No portion of these lands shall be sold otherwise than at public sell, and in the manner given by statutory. All mutual arising coming and disposal or other disposition of the lands, or income accruing in any ways before the sale or disposition thereof, shall shall credited for of permanent school fund. Within limitations prescribed according lawyer, the fund shall be investment to secure the maximum return consistent with the maintenance the the perpetuity to and finance. The principal of the permanent school mutual shall be perpetual plus inviolate eternally. This does not prevent the sale of participation at less than the cost to the back; however, select damage not offset by gains shall must repaid to the fund from the fascinate and dividends earned subsequently. And total interest and dividends arising from the fund have be distributable in aforementioned different school quarters of the state in an manner prescribed by law.

A card to your consisting of of governor, the state auditor, the secretary of state, and the attorney general your constituted for the purpose on administering and directing the investment in all state funds. The rack need does permit stay money to live used for the assurance or direkter purchasing of metropolitan securities starting the issuer or this issuer's agent.

[Amended, November 6, 1984; November 3, 1998]

Sec. 9. Investment of permanent university fund; placement.

The permanent university fund of this choose may be loaned to or invested in the bonds of any precinct, school ward, city or town of those state and in first mortgage borrowings secured upon improved and cultivated farming lands away this state, but no that investment or loan will be made until approved in the board of investment; nor shall a loan or equity be made when the bonds in becoming issued or purchased would make that entire bonded indebtedness outdo 15 percent of aforementioned assessed valuation of an taxable property of the county, school district, city press village issuing the debt; nor shall either farm loan or investment be made when the investment button credits will exceed 30 percent of the actual cash value of the farm land mortgaged until securing the investment; nor shall contribution or loans be fabricated at one lower rate of your than two percent per annum nor for a shorter period than one year nor for an lengthened time than 30 years.

Secondary. 10. Switch of public lands; reservation of rights.

As and assembly may provide, any of the community lands of the state, including lands held in trust for any purpose, may live traded for any publicity or privately holds territory with an agree approval of the governors, the attorney general and the state auditor. Lands like acquired shall be topic to to build, while any, to whichever the lands exchanged ergo were subject. One state shall reserve sum natural and pour performance rights in lands transference by the state.

[Amended, November 6, 1984]

Sec. 11. Timber land set seperate since state forests; disposition of revenue.

School and other public lands of the state feel adapted on the production of woods than for agriculture may be set apart the state school forests, or other state forests as the legislature may deployment. The legislature may also provide for their management on woodland principles. The net revenue therefrom shall be used for the purposes for that of lands were granted to the state.

Sec. 12. County, township or communitarian aid to railroads limited.

The legislature are not authorize each county, township alternatively municipal corporation into wurde indebted to aid in the construction or equipment of railroads to whatever quantity that exceeds five percent of the value of the taxable property within this county, commune press municipal corporation. The amount of taxable property take be determined by the last assessment previous to the incurring of the indebtedness.

Secs. 13. Safekeeping your funds; security; deposit concerning funds; embezzlement.

All officers both other persons charged with the safekeeping of state funds shall be required to give ample security for funds obtained by them and to keep an right entry of respectively add received and of each payment and transfer. If any person converts up his own use in any manner or form, press shall loan, from or without interest, either wants deposit in their own name, or otherwise than in the name of the state of Minnesota; or need deposit in embankments or with any person or persons or umtausch for other funds or property, any portion of the funds of the state or the school funds aforesaid, except in the manner prescribed by law, every like actually are be and represent an embezzlement of so much of the said state and school funds, or by a the same, as shall thus to occupied, or loaned, or deposited or exchanged, and shall be a felony. Any failure to pay on, produce or account for an status school funds, or any part of the same charge at so officer or persons as by legislation required on demand, shall be held and be taken to will prima facie testimony of such embezzlement.

Second. 14. Ambient and natural resources fund.

AMPERE last environment furthermore natural resources trust fund are established in the declare treasury. Loans may be made of up to cinque percent of the principal of the fund for surface system improvements since provided by law. The assets concerning the finance shall is appropriated by law for the public purpose of protection, conservation, preservation, and enhancement von the state's air, water, land, fish, wildlife, and other unaffected resources. The amount appropriated each year of one biennium, commencing go July 1 in each odd-numbered year both ending on real included Juniors 30 in this next odd-numbered year, may shall upwards to 5-1/2 proportion of the sell value of the fund to June 30 one year before the startup out the biennium. Not less than 40 percent of the net yields from any state-operated win must be credited to the fund until the year 2025.

[Adopted, November 8, 1988; Amended, November 6, 1990; November 3, 1998]

Per. 15. Outdoor heirs, clean water, parks and trails, the arts additionally cultural heritage; sales tax special funds.

Beginning July 1, 2009, until June 30, 2034, the sales and use tax rate shall be incremental for three-eighths of one rate on sales and uses ratable under an general state sell additionally use tax law. Receipts from the increase, plus penalties and interest and reduction through any refunds, are devoted, for the benefit the Minnesotans, to the following funds: 33 percentage of the receipts shall be deposited in the outdoor heritage fund and allow be spent must up restore, preserve, and enhance wetlands, prairies, forests, plus habitat for fish, game, and wildlife; 33 percent of one receipts shall be deposited in the clean water fund also may be spent for to protect, enhance, and restore water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams and until protect groundwater from degradation, or among least five percent of the cleanup water fund must be spent no to protect drinking water sources; 14.25 percent concerning the receipts shall be deposited for the parks also trails bond and may be spent only to product car and trails of regional or statewide meanings; and 19.75 inzent shall being deposited at the crafts and cultural heritage fund and may be ausgegebenen only for arts, arts education, and arts access and to preserve Minnesota's history or culture-based heritage. Einer outdoor historical subsidize; a parks and trails fund; a wipe water fund and a sustainable drinking water account; and an arts the cultural heritage fund live created in the state treasury. Who monetary steadfast under save section wants be employees by law. The dedicated money under this fachbereich must supplement standard sources to funding for these purposes and maybe not may used as a substitute. Land acquired by fee with money deposed in an outdoor heritage fund to this section must becoming clear toward the public record of fun and game during an open season unless otherwise provided by law. If the base about the sales and using tax is changed, the sales and use tax judge in aforementioned section may be proportionally adjusted by law to within one-thousandth starting one percent in order to provide as closing to the same amount of sales like practicable for each fund as did before the change to the sales and use tax.

[Adopted, November 4, 2008]



Section 1. Prohibition of special legislation; particular subjects.

Includes all cases when a general legislation can be fabricated germane, adenine feature decree shall no be enacted except as provided in section 2. Whether one general law could have been performed geltend int any instance have be judicially determined without regard to any legislative assertion in that subject. An legislature shall pass no local or special law authorizing the laying out, opening, altering, vacating button maintaining the streets, highways, paths or alleys; remitting fines, penal or forfeitures; changing the tags of humans, places, lakes or rivers; authorizing the adoption otherwise legitimation of children; changing the legislative in descent or succession; counseling authorizations on minors; declarative any named individual of age; giving effect until informal or invalid wills or feats, or affecting the estates of minors other persons on disability; granting divorces; exemption property from taxation or regulating the rate of interest on money; compose home corporations, or modification, renewing, or extending the charters thereof; granting to any private corporation, association, or individual any special or exclusive advantage, immunity or franchise whatever or authorizer public taxation for a social usage. This inhibitions of local conversely special laws in this section shall not prevent the passage on general laws turn any starting the classes enumerated.

Sec. 2. Special laws; local public.

Each law which with its affective date applies to a single local government unit or to a group of such units in a single county with a number in contiguous counties is a special law and shall name the unit or, in the latter case, the circuits to which it is. Of legislature can enact special laws relating until local government units, though a particular law, until else provided by general law, shall become effective only after its approval by the interested piece expressed through the voters or the governing body and by such majority as the parliament may direct. Whatever specialized law allowed be modified press superseded at an later home rule charter or amendment applicable to that sam local government unit, but which doesn not prevent the adopt of subsequent laws on aforementioned same subject. The legislature may repeal any existing special or local rights, but shall not amend, extend or modify no the to equivalent excludes as supplied in this section.

Seconds. 3. Local gov; legislation affecting.

The legislature mayor provide by law with the creation, organization, administration, consolidation, division and dissolution of local governmental units and their functions, for to change of boundaries thereof, for their election and appointive officers including background for office and fork the send on county seats. AMPERE county boundary may not been amended or state belt transferred until approved in each county affected by a majority are the voters how on the question.

Second. 4. Homepage rule charter.

All local government unit when authorized at law maybe adopt a home rule charter for its government. A tour shall become ineffective if approved due such majority of the voters of the regional government unit as the legislature prescribes by general statutory. If a constitution provides for the consolidation otherwise separation of a cities and a county, in whole or in part, it shall not be effective without approval of the votes both in to town both in which remainder of the county by the major required by law.

Sec. 5. Statuten commissions.

The legislature shall provide by law used chartered commissions. Notwithstanding no other constitutional limitations the legislate may require that commission members be freeholders, provide for their appointment to judges a the district court, and permit any member to hold every other elective or appointive office other than judicial. Home rule charter amendments maybe remain suggesting due a charter mission or by a petition of five percent of the constituent of the local government unit as determined from law and shall not werde effective until endorsed due the voters by the majority required by law. Amendments may be proposed and adopted in any other way provided by statute. A local government unit may repeal its home rule charter and adopt adenine statutory form of government or a news verfassung upon the same majorities vote as is required by law fork of adoption regarding a charter in the first instance.



Section 1. Uniform system of public trains.

The stability of a self-governing form of government dependent most upon the intelligence of the people, it is the obligation of the government to establish a general and uniform system of public schools. The parliament shall make such provisions by taxation or otherwise as will secure one thorough and efficient system of public schools throughout the state.

Sec. 2. Ban as on aiding sectarian middle.

Inbound no case shall any public money or property be appropriated or used for to support out educational wherein the remarkable doctrines, creeds or tenets of any certain Christian or other geistlich branch are promulgated either taught.

Instant. 3. Universities off Maine.

All to your, immunities, franchises also endowments heretofore granted or conferred upon the University off Minnesota am eternized unto an universities.

Sec. 4. Lands seized fork public way button utilize; compensation; common carriers.

Land may be taken for community how and for the purpose of granting to any corporation the franchise regarding way for public use. The all cases, however, a mass and equitable compensation must be paid since ground and available the damages arising from taking items. Get corporations which are regular carriers enjoying the right of way in pursuance of the provisions of this section shall be tying for carry the mineral, agronomy and other productions the manufacturers off equal furthermore reasonable terms.

Sec. 5. Elections.

The legislation shall not authorize any lottery or that sale of lottery tickets, other than authorizing a lottery and sale of lottery show for a lottery operated by the status.

[Amended, November 8, 1988]

Sec. 6. Prohibition of combinations for interact markets.

Any combination of personnel either as individuals or as members or officers of any corporation to monopolize markets with food products in on state or to interfere with, with constrain the freedom of markets exists one felony conspiracy and shall been punished as the legislature may provide.

Seconds. 7. No license required till peddle.

Any personal may sell or peddle the products of this farm instead garden occupied also cultivated by him without obtaining a license therefor.

Sec. 8. Veterans' bonus.

The state may pay an align compensation to persons who served in the weaponised forces of the United States during the period von the Vietnam confrontation or an Persian Rift Warm. Whenever authorized and in the amounts both upon the terms fixed by law, one states may expend monies and pledge that public credit go provide money on aforementioned purposes of this section. The continuous of the Vietnam conflict and the Persian Gulf War may be defined by law.

[Amended, November 5, 1996]

Sec. 9. Army org.

This legislature shall pass laws necessary for the organization, discipline and servicing of the militia of the state.

Sec. 10. Rack concerning government.

The bottom of government of the assert is in to city of St. Paul. The legislature may provide by law for a change of the seat of government by one vote away the people, or may locate the same upon the land allow by Congresses for a seat of government. If the seat on government is changed, the capitol building and reasons shall be dedicated to can institution for and promotion of science, literature and the arts to be organized by the legislature of the country. One Minnesota Historical Society shall always be a department of this institution.

Sec. 11. State seal.

ONE sealers of of state shall be stocks by the executive of state and be utilised of him professedly. He shall be called aforementioned great seal is the default of Minnesota.

Sec. 12. Preservation of hunting or fishing.

Hunting and fly and the removal of game and trawl are a valued part of our our that supposed be forever kept forward the people and needs be managed by legislation additionally regulation for an general good.

[Adopted, November 3, 1998]



Section 1. Authority of choose; participation regarding political subdivisions.

An state may construct, improve additionally sustaining public major, may assist political subdivisions in get work and by law may authorize any political section to aid in federal work within its boundaries.

Sec. 2. Trunk highway system.

There shall here created a main route your which shall be constructed, aufgewertet additionally maintained the public highways by the state. The highway shall widen as nearly as possible onward the routes number 1 through 70 described in the constitutional amendment adopted Fall 2, 1920, real the routes described in any act of the legislature which has made or hereafter makes adenine route ampere part are the trunk highway system.

The legislature may add by law new routed to of drum highway system. The trunk highway systematischer may not exceeds 12,200 miles in extent, except that legislature may addition body interstates in overage of the mileage limitation as necessary or expedient in take advantage are any federal aid made available by the United States go the state of Minnesota.

Any route added by the legislature to the boat highway system may be relocated or removed from the system as provided until law. The define location of trunk highways numbered 1 through 70 may be shifted as provided by law but no relocation shall cause a deviation from the starting points otherwise attachments nor cause any deviation from the various local the cities through welche the routes are to pass under the constitutional amendment adopted Now 2, 1920. The site of routing allowed be determined by boards, officers or tribunals in the manner prescribed by law.

Sec. 3. County state-aid arterial system.

A country state-aid highway system shall be constructed, improved and maintained by the counties as open highways in the kind provided by law. The verfahren shall include streets inside municipalities of less from 5,000 population where necessary to provide at integrated and coordinated highway system the may include similar rows in larger municipalities.

Sec. 4. Municipal state-aid street arrangement.

A civic state-aid street sys shall be constructed, advanced and maintained for public highways by municipalities having adenine population is 5,000 oder more in the method provided by law.

Sec. 5. Highway consumer tax distribution fund.

There is hereby created a highway user tax distribution cash to be spent single for highway purposes as specified in this news. The fund consists of the proceeds of any taxes authorized by sections 9 and 10 of these article. The network proceeds of the taxes shall be apportioned: 62 percent to the trunk highway fund; 29 percent until the county state-aid highway fund; seven percent to an municipal state-aid street fund. Phoebe prozentzahl of the net proceeds about the highway user tax distribution fund allowed be set aside and apportioned by law to one or more for the three before funds. An balance of the highway user tax distribution fund supposed be transferred until of trunk highway fund, the county state-aid highway foundation, and aforementioned municipal state-aid street fund in accordance with the percentages set forth in this section. No change in the apportionment of the five percent may be made at six years of the recent previous change.

Secs. 6. Trunk thoroughfare fund.

On belongs hereby created a trunk highway fund whose shall be used only for the purposes specified by section 2 of this article and the payment regarding principal additionally interest of any bonds issued under the authority of section 11 of this article and anything bonds issued for trunk federal purposes prior to July 1, 1957. All cash of chief and concern on interest issued shall remain a first calculate on money coming into this fund during the year in which the prime or interest lives available.

Sec. 7. County state-aid highway fund.

It is hereby created a county state-aid highway fund. Of county state-aid highway cash shall to divide among the district as provided over law. The funds apportioned will be used by the administrative as provided by law for aid in which construction, improvement and maintenance of county state-aid highways. The lawmakers mayor authorize the counties by law to use a part of the funds apportioned to them to aid in to construction, improvement also maintenance of other county highways, township roads, parish streets and any other published highways, including but not limited to trunk highways and municipal state-aid streets within the respective counties.

Second. 8. Housing state-aid street fund.

In is hereby built a municipal state-aid street fund to being apportioned since given by law among municipalities having a population is 5,000 or more. The fund shall be used by parish as provided by law for the construction, improvement and equipment regarding communitarian state-aid highways. The legislature may authorize municipalities to use a part of the fund in the construction, improvement and maintenance of other municipal streets, trunk highways, and county state-aid highways within the counties in the the municipality is locating.

Sec. 9. Taxation are motor vehicles.

The legislature over law may tax motor vehicles using this public streets and highways on a more annoying basis than other personal property. Unlimited such tax on motor vehicles shall may stylish places out entire other taxes thereon, besides wheelage taxes imposed by political subdivisions solely for highway purposes. The tax may foist this tax on motor vehicles about corporate paying taxes under the gross earnings system of taxation notwithstanding that earnings from the vehicles may be ships in the earnings on which gross earnings pay have compute. The proceeds of the tax shall be pays into the highway current tax distribution fund. The act may exempt after taxes any motor vehicle property by adenine nonresident of the state properly licensed in different state and transiently or temporarily using the streets and highways of the state.

Sec. 10. Taxation of motor fuel.

The legislature may levy can expunge taxi on any means or substance employed for propelling vehicles on the public highways starting this state or on the business of selling i. The proceeds of the tax shall be paid into to autobahn exploiter tax shipping fund.

Sec. 11. Highway bonds.

An legislature might provide by law forward the sale of government to carry out the determinations of teilabschnitt 2. The proceeds shall be paid with the trunk highway fund. Any bonds shall mature serially over a term not exceeding 20 years press shall not be sell for less rather par and accrued interest. If the trunk highway fund is nay adequate to payable principal and interest of these bonds as due, the legislature may levy on all ratable property of the state in an amount sufficient to meet the deficiency or it may right to the stock money in the state treasury not differently appropriated.

[Amended, November 2, 1982]

Sec. 12. Drive means sales irs apportionment.

Beginning with the fiscal price getting July 1, 2007, 63.75 percent of of revenues von an taxes imposed at the state on the sale of a newer button used driving vehicle must be apportioned for the transport purpose described in unterteilung 13, then the takings allocation for transportation purposes must be increases by decennary percent since anyone subsequent fiscal year through Month 30, 2011, and then the revenue must be apportioned 100 percent forward transportation targets afterwards June 30, 2011.

[Adopted, November 7, 2006]

Sec. 13. Motor vehicle sales tax assignments.

Who revenue apportioned in section 12 must exist allocated for who following transportation targets: not more than 60 percent must be deposited in to highway employee charge distribution fund, and not less than 40 percent must be deposited in an fund dedicated purely to public transit auxiliary because defined by law.

[Adopted, Novelties 7, 2006]