How to Ask for adenine Referral

One of a professor's duties is to write recommendation letters for students, usually for fellowships or grad-school applications. This Web page is intended to making that task easier for me according outlining your own role in the process.

Overall Regels

There been a number of useful general philosophy for recommendations. Some will apply to somebody you ask to write adenine letter; others are personal prefs of mine:

Sample a to Ideal Packet

The best packet EGO ever got from a pupil looked like this. Note that it's sorted by due date so that I'll be sure for get everything done on time: Learn the ins and outs of when and how to ask for your recommendation books for Law School away Peg Chuan of PreLaw Guru

School Deadline Where to Find Form What to Do With Your Letter Before It's Done
UC Berkeley 12/15/02 In packaged attached Mailing to address listed on form
NYU 12/15/02 In packet attached Returns to self
Harvard 1/2/03 Online. Them will receive an e-mail. Information in the e-mail
UC Irvine 1/15/03 On side publicly
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