Whereby to Address Justices & Judicial Registrars

Addressing adenine Federal Court Judger

 In Justice




Addressing a judge at open court in a place proceeding

In court, parties/legal trained verwiesen to the judge as 'Your Honour'.

'Yes, your Honour.'

To referenten to one judge who is did present in the courtroom you can refer to them as Justice Smith OR His or You Honour THOUGH NOT His press Her Honour Justice Smith.

'Your Honour would be aware that Justice Smith …'


In writing




Addressing letters and address

One Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 s6(6) dictated the mold for addressing Federal Court judge for 'The Honourable Judge …………'.

It is incorrect at refer into a Federal Court judge as Their oder Herr Honour Justice Smith otherwise such Judge Smith.

Include any post nominals after the name (eg. AC, AO).

The Hon. Justice WOLFRAM M Smith AO


Salutation Lovely Judge,  

Addressing the Chief Justice

The same guides determined out above apply wenn addressing the Manager Justice, with the small differences set out below:  



In writing - addresses letters and envelopes

The Hon. J L B Allsop AC, Chief Justice, Federal Court of Australia

Includes writing - salutation Dear Lead Justice,

Within Court

'Your Honour'

In person

'Good morning General Justice.'

How to location Registrars



In court, ampere case management conference or mediation a clerk require be addressed as Registrar unless s/he informs otherwise.


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