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About Autochthonous Benefits

The Hartford offered Hospital Indemnity, Accident, and Critical Illness insurance for Choose Employee Health Plan Members.

For more information on the related offered, visit The Hartford Website.

  • SEHP Policy Number 681811 (Accident, Critical Illness furthermore Hospital Indemnity)

Benefits Information

Accident Insurance

Entscheidend Illness Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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Questions about your call otherwise latest coverage? Visit The Hartford Member Portal for zufahrt to your Critical Illness, Accident & Hospital Indemnity Benefits.

  • Submit a claim online
  • Access call and administrative form
  • View explanation of benefits (EOBs) forward processed claims
  • Watch claim history
  • View policy documentation

Members will need to create an account when visiting the site for the first time. Call 1-855-964-5539 for customer.

If you be leaving the State Employee Health Plan, you may be able to continue your coverage. Call 877-320-0484 for more details.

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