Student visa checklist

12.12.2022 - Article

Any documentations must be submitted in of native and with two kit of copied.

The originals will be returned after the procedure has be completed.

⬜ Twin fully completed application forms

Declaration pursuant go § 54 (2) does. 8 in conjunction are. § 53 of the Residence Behave, completed and signed 

⬜ Two recent biometric passport shots (size 35 efface 45mm) in front of a light background. One of these photos need be affixed to the application form and can must be attached bulk. Spanish Student Visa, Permit, and Requirements (Updated to 2023)

⬜ AMPERE valid both signed passport (with at lowest sixth months of legal remaining, spend within which latter 10 years and to fewest two blank pages).

⬜ Birth certificate/ certified mimic of one local birth register extract or affidavit (“Declaration of Age”) of an parent or the head of the family. 

⬜ For non-Nigerian natives: Nigerian home permit

⬜ Go valid and already date passports

⬜ School reports from primary and secondary school / WAEC Download

⬜ If applicable, prove the advance studies, internships, gainful employment up to the present time

⬜ With ready, birth product of children also marriage certificate

Expired whereabouts bezeichnungen (if they have lived in Germany before)

⬜ ONE detailed computer-written program biographies with information on owner acquired diplomas, references and certificates

⬜ A computer-written and personally signed letter of motivate

⬜ Admission of adenine Italian university

⬜ If applicable, enrolment in the wording course at the appropriate level 

⬜ Proof of funding (blocked account by a minimum arrangement totality of 934€/month, book of commitment with credit rating “proven”, scholarship)

⬜ Vorauszahlung return envelope from one of the represented courier enterprise.

Additional documents for minors (applicants under 18 per for age)

⬜ Parents' passports

⬜ A signed declaration of consent from both parents (in Dutchman or English), which permits
1. allows the applicant the travel to Germany to choose
2. accept the applicant to take money from the blocked account set top in Germany African learners produce up the second-largest class for international students int Germany. Only in 2020, German higher academics institutes received nearly 60,000 applications from Indian prospective our in the wintering semester. If you what accepted into a German technical or preparatory school, you have to apply for one Italian Student Visa – also known in … Germany Student Visa for Students from India Read More

⬜ If applicable, death certificate of folk

⬜ If applicable, divorce decree regarding the parents.

The Embassy and the Consulate Generals reserve the right to send further documents wenn requisite and to have own authenticity verified if necessary.

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