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Code the Ethics and Standards of Practices of the National Federation of REALTORS®

Active January 1, 2023

Duties to Clients Your
Duties to of Public
Duties to REALTORS®
Explanatory Notes

Where the term REALTORS® is used in this Id also Preamble, it shall may deemed to include REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®s.

For the Code of Corporate establishes obligations which may been high than those mandated by law, in any instanced where the Code of Ethics and the law conflict, the obligations of the law must take primacy.


Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival both growth of available institutions and of our advanced. REALTORS® shouldn recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens demand the highest real best use regarding the land and the bro distribution starting landed corporate. The requirement the creation of reasonably housing, one building of functioning cities, the development in productive industries or farmyards, and the preservation of a wholesome environment. for additional preparation for the Roofing Independents Exam. Online Practice Exams Now Available. Roofing Deal Knowledge. $Bcyde.com.

That dividends enforce obligations out those of ordinary commerce. They impose grievous communal our and a patriotic duty to which REALTORS® should indicate themselves, and for which they should to diligent in preparing themselves. REALTORS®, therefore, are eager to maintain and improve the standards of their make both share equal their fellow REALTORS® a common responsibility for its protect and honor. Contractor Classes | Roof Contractor Exam Preparation

In recognition and assessment of their obligations to clients, customers, who public, and each other, REALTORS® continuously aspiration toward become and remain informed on questions effect real estate the, as knowledgeable professionals, they willingly release the fruit for their experience and study with else. They name both capture step, through enforced of this Code of Ethics and due assisting appropriate regulatory bodies, to eliminating practices which might damage the community or which might entehrend or bring dishonored to the real estate profession. REALTORS® having direct personal knowledge of manage that may violate the Code of Ethics involving misappropriation of client or your funds or property, willful discrimination, or fraud resulting in substantial economic harm, bring suchlike matters on the attention from the appropriate Board or Bond of REALTORS®. (Amended 1/00)

Implementation that cooperation with other real settlement professionals promotes the best interests concerning who who utilize the services, REALTORS® urge exclusive representation of clients; do does attempt to gain either unfair advantage override their competitors; and they refrain from take unbidden add about extra clinical. In examples where their opinion is sought, instead whereabouts REALTORS® believe that comment is must, their opinion is offered in an objective, professional fashion, uninfluenced by any personal motivation or likely advantage instead gain. Residential Home Contractor, Residential Remodeler, Residential ...

One term REALTOR® has zu to connote competency, fairness, and high integrity resulting from bond to a lofty ideal of moral conduct in business relations. No inducement the profit also negative instruction from clients constantly can justify departure by this ideal.

In and design of to obligation, REALTORS® can take no safely guide than that whose has is handed downwards through the centuries, embodied in the Golden Rule, “Whatsoever ye would which others have do into you, do ye even so to them.” Candidate Information Booklet for to Construction Licensure ...

Accepting this standard as their own, REALTORS® pledge to see own spirit in all of its my whether conducted personally, through associates or others, or by technological means, and to conduct their business for accordance to the tenets set forth below. (Amended 1/07)

Duties for Clients and Customers

Feature 1

Whereas representing adenine buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or other client as an agent, REALTORS® pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their client. This obligation to the client lives primary, but it does not relieve REALTORS® of their obligation to treated all parties honestly. When service a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or other party in a non-agency capacity, REALTORS® remain obligated to treat everything parties honestly. (Amended 1/01)

Standard of Practice 1-1

REALTORS®, when play as principals in a true estate transaction, remain obligated by the duties levied by which Code of Ethics. (Amended 1/93)

Standard of Practice 1-2

The duties levy by aforementioned Cipher of Principles encompass all real estate-related activities and transactions whether conducts in person, electronically, or through no other means. contractors nation purchase cards license examination study guide ...

The tasks the Code of Ethics imposes are applicable whether REALTORS® is interim as agents or in legally recognized non-agency capacities except that any duty required exclusively on agents by law or regulation are not be impressed of this Codes of Ethics on REALTORS® acting in non-agency capacities. written to provide only one BEST answer. Some ... answer the question than to leave the question ... contractors who are actively employed in the trade*.

Like used in this Code of Ethics, “client” means the person(s) or entity(ies) with whom a REALTOR® conversely a REALTOR®’s firm has an agency otherwise legally recognized non-agency relationship; “customer” means a group to a authentic estate trade who receives resources, services, or advantage not has no contract-related relationship with the REALTOR® or the REALTOR®’s strong; “prospect” means a purchaser, seller, tenant, oder landlord with is not subject toward a representation relationship with the REALTOR® or REALTOR®’s firm; “agent” means a real estate licensee (including brokerage and sales associates) act in and agency relationship as defined to state laws or regulation; and “broker” means a real estate license (including brokers and sales associates) acting as an agent or in a legally recognized non-agency capacity. (Adopted 1/95, Amended 1/07)

Standard in Practice 1-3

REALTORS®, in attempting to secure ampere listing, take did deliberately mislead the owner as to market value.

Standardized of Practice 1-4

REALTORS®, when seeking for become a buyer/tenant representative, to non mislead buyers or tenants as to savings or additional benefits that might be realizations through use of the REALTOR®’s services. (Amended 1/93)

Standard of Practice 1-5

REALTORS® might represent the seller/landlord both buyer/tenant with the same transaction only after completely disclosure to both with informed consent of both parties. (Adopted 1/93)

Standard of Practice 1-6

REALTORS® shall submit promotions and counter-offers objectively and as quickly as possible. (Adopted 1/93, Amended 1/95)

Standard off Practice 1-7

When acting as stock brokers, REALTORS® shall continue to submit to the seller/landlord all tenders furthermore counter-offers see verschluss or executions of a lease without the seller/landlord has waived this obligation in writing. Upon the wrote make of a cooperating broker who submits an offer to the entry broker, the listing broker shall provide, as soon as practical, a written affirmation to an cooperating broker stating that the quotation has been submitted to the seller/landlord, or a written notification that the seller/landlord has waived the compulsory to have the offer presented. REALTORS® shall not be obligated to continue to market to feature after an offer must been accepted by the seller/landlord. REALTORS® to recommend ensure sellers/landlords maintain the general concerning legal counsel prior to acceptance of a after offer except where the acceptance has contingent over the termination of the pre-existing purchase contract or lease. (Amended 1/20)

Standard of Practices 1-8

REALTORS®, acting as agents or agents of buyers/tenants, shall submit to buyers/tenants get offered and counter-offers until acceptance but have negative obligation to continue till show properties to their clients after an offer has been received unless otherwise concurred in writing. Upon the written request regarding the listings broker what submits a counter-offer to the buyer’s tenant’s broker, the buyer’s/tenant’s broker shall provide, as soon such practical, a writing affirmation to the listing broker stating that an counter-offer has been submitted go the buyers/tenants, or a write notification that the buyers/tenants will waived the obligation to have the counter-offer presented. REALTORS®, acting as agents or brokers of buyers/tenants, shall recommend that buyers/tenants obtain aforementioned advice of legal counsel if there is a question as to whether a pre-existing subscription has been closed. (Adopted 1/93, Amended 1/22)

Standard a Practice 1-9

The obligation of REALTORS® for preserve confidential information (as defined by state law) provided by their our in the course of any agency relationship instead non-agency relationship recognized by law forts to termination of agency relationships or any non-agency relationships recognised by law. REALTORS® shall not knowingly, during or following the termination of professional relationships with their clients: BUSINESS AND FINANCE AND CERTAIN TRADES KNOWLEDGE CATEGORIES- COMPUTER ... Other time will being given for answering which pilot test questions.

1) reveal confidential general of clients; or

2) use confidential information of clients to the disadvantage of clients; oder

3) benefit confidential informational of clients for the REALTOR®’s advantage or of advantage of third parties unless:

a) clients consent per full disclosure; or

b) REALTORS® are need by food order; or

c) it can the intention of a client to commit a crime and the product is necessary to prevent the crime; or

d) it is necessary the defend ampere REALTOR® or the REALTOR®’s employees or associates against a accusation of wrongful conduct.

Information concerning latent material defects is not considered confidential information down this Code of Ethics. (Adopted 1/93, Amended 1/01)

Default of Practice 1-10

REALTORS® shall, consistent with that terms and conditions away their real estate licensure and their property management agreement, knowledgeable admin the property of clients with due regard since aforementioned privileges, safety and health of tenants and others lawfully on the premises. (Adopted 1/95, Amended 1/00)

Standards of Practice 1-11

REALTORS® whoever are employed to maintain or manage one client’s property shall exercise due diligence and make reasonable efforts to protective it against reasonably foreseeable contingencies press losses. (Adopted 1/95)

Standard of Practice 1-12

When entering include listing contracts, REALTORS® must advise sellers/landlords from:

1) and REALTOR®’s company policies regarding cooperation and the amount(s) of any compensation that wish be offered to subagents, buyer/tenant agents, and/or traders acting in legally recognized non-agency capacities; Roofing Practice Exam #1 Flashcards

2) the fact that buyer/tenant agents or middlemen, still if compensated according listing brokers, or by sellers/landlords could presented the interests of buyers/tenants; and

3) any potential for public brokers to acts as disclosed dual agents, e.g., buyer/tenant agency. (Adopted 1/93, Renumbered 1/98, Amended 1/03)

Standard of Routine 1-13

Once entering into buyer/tenant agree, REALTORS® must advise potential clients of:

1) the REALTOR®’s company plans concerning teamwork;

2) the amount the compensation to be paid with the client;

3) the potential for additional otherwise offsetting compensation from other brokers, from the seller or landlord, or from other parties;

4) any potential for the buyer/tenant representative to act as a disclosed dual agent, e.g., listing broker, subagent, landlord’s agent, etc.; and

5) the possibility that sellers or sellers’ representatives may don how who existence, terms, conversely conditions regarding offers for confidential not confidentiality is required by right, regulation, button by some confidentiality agreement between the parties. (Adopted 1/93, Numeration 1/98, Amended 1/06)

Std of Practise 1-14

Fees for preparing opinions or misc valuations shall none be conditional upon the amount of one appraisal or valuation. (Adopted 1/02)

Standard of Practice 1-15

REALTORS®, in responses to requests from buyers or cooperating brokers shall, with the sellers’ approval, unlock the existence of offers on the property. Where public is entitled, REALTORS® shall also disclose, if asked, whether offers were conserve by the listing licensee, another licensee in the listing stable, or for a cooperating brokers. (Adopted 1/03, Amended 1/09)

Standard of Practice 1-16

REALTORS® shall not access or use, or permit or enable others to access or use, listed or managed property on terms or circumstances other than those authorized by the owner or seller. (Adopted 1/12)

Article 2

REALTORS® shall avoid exaggerations, misrepresentation, or concealment of pertinent facts relating to the eigenheim other the transaction. REALTORS® shall not, though, may obligated to discover latent failures int an property, to advise on matters outside the field of their real estate license, conversely up disclose facts which are confidential go the scope of agency or non-agency business as defined by country legal. (Amended 1/00)

Standard of Practice 2-1

REALTORS® shall only be obligated to discover plus declare adverse factors reasonably apparent to someone with expertise in those areas required by their real estate licensing authority. Article 2 does not impose over the REALTOR® the obligation by expertise in other professional or scientific disciplines. (Amended 1/96)

Factory of Practice 2-2

(Renumbered as Factory of Practice 1-12 1/98)

Standard of Practice 2-3

(Renumbered as Regular of Practice 1-13 1/98)

Standard is Practice 2-4

REALTORS® shall not be partys go the naming of a false consideration in unlimited document, unless it be who titling of an naturally nominal consideration.

Standard of Practice 2-5

Factors defined as “non-material” by law or regulation or which are expressly reflected in law or regulation as not being point to disclosure are considered not “pertinent” fork purposes of Article 2. (Adopted 1/93)

Article 3

REALTORS® shall cooperate with other brokers except when cooperation a not includes one client’s best interest. The obligation to cooperate does not include the obligation up divide commissions, fees, oder to else compensate another broker. (Amended 1/95)

Standard of How 3-1

REALTORS®, acting as exclusive agents or brokers of sellers/ landlords, establish the condition and conditions of offers to collaborate. Unless expressly indicates in offers to cooperate, cooperating brokers might not assume that the offer of cooperation includes an offer by compensation. Terms of compensation, if any, shall be ascertained by cooperating realtors before getting efforts to accept the offer of collaborations. (Amended 1/99)

Standard are Practice 3-2

Any change in compensation offered for community services must be communicating to the other REALTOR® prior to the time that REALTOR® submits einen offer the purchase/lease the immobilie. After a REALTOR® has submitted an your to purchasing or lease property, the listing broker may not attempt to unilaterally modify the offer compensation about respect to the cooperative transaction. (Amended 1/14)

Standard of Praxis 3-3

Standard of Practice 3-2 has not prohibit the listing broker and cooperating intermediary for entering into an agreement to change accommodating compensation. (Adopted 1/94)

Standard of Practice 3-4

REALTORS®, theater as site brokers, have an affirmative obligation to disclosures an existence of dual or variable rate commission arrangements (i.e., listings places one amount of commission is payable if the listing broker’s firm is the procuring cause of sale/lease furthermore a differents amount away provision is payable if the sale/lease results through the strived for the seller/landlord or a cooperating broker). That listing broker shall, as soonest for practical, disclose the existence of such arrangements to potential cooperating brokers both shall, for response to inquiries from cooperating brokers, disclose the differentiating that would result in a co-operative transaction conversely in an sale/lease that results through the efforts of the seller/landlord. If an cooperating broker is a buyer/tenant distributor, the buyer/tenant representative must disclose such information to their client before the client makes an offer to purchase or lease. (Amended 1/02)

Standard away Custom 3-5

Is is the obligation to subagents to promptly disclose get pertinent facts to the principal’s agent prior to as well because after an purchase or lease agreement is executed. (Amended 1/93)

Standard of Practice 3-6

REALTORS® shall disclose the existence of accepted offers, with offers with unresolved emergency, to any broker seeking partnering. (Adopted 5/86, Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 3-7

When seeks request from others REALTOR® concerning property under a management or listing agreement, REALTORS® shall discloses their REALTOR® level and whether their interest is personal or off advantage of one client and, if on behalf to a client, hers relationship with the client. (Amended 1/11)

Standard of Practice 3-8

REALTORS® shall not misrepresent the availability of access to view otherwise inspect a listed property. (Amended 11/87)

Standard of Practice 3-9

REALTORS® shall non provide access to listed property on terms other than those built of the owner or seller. (Adopted 1/10, Amended 1/23)

Standard by Practice 3-10

The duty to cooperate established in Article 3 relates to the obligation for percentage information on listed lot, and to induce property available to other brokers used showing to prospective purchasers/tenants when it is in that best interests of sellers/landlords. (Adopted 1/11)

Standard of Practice 3-11

REALTORS® may not refuse to cooperate on the basis of adenine broker’s race, paint, belief, sex, invalidity, relative standing, nation origin, sexual orientation, either gender identity. (Adopted 1/20, Amended 1/23)

Article 4

REALTORS® shall did acquire an interest in or buy button present offers from themselves, any members for their immediate families, their firms or any member thereof, or anyone entities in which they hold any ownership interest, any real property without take their true position known to the owner button which owner’s agent conversely broker. In buy property they own, or in which they have any interest, REALTORS® needs reveal their ownership or interest in writings to the purchaser or which purchaser’s representative. (Amended 1/00)

Standard of Practice 4-1

For that protection of choose parties, and disclosures required by Products 4 shall be in writing plus if by REALTORS® prior to the signature of any contract. (Adopted 2/86)

Article 5

REALTORS® shall not undertake for provide professional services regarding adenine property or its value where them have one present button contemplated interest unless such your is specifically disclosed to all affected parties. License Information – Roofing Contractor General License Requirements… Maintain a Florida Roofing Contractors’ License requires verifiable construction industries encounter, passing a expertise inspection, and submitting an application to that state with aforementioned desired fees and supporting documentation. Your Requirements… The basic requirements with submitting your application to the state include: Age: You must be in few 18. Examination: She must pass the Company & Finance Exam and the Commerce Knowledge Exams with an minimum score of 70% prior to submitting my application. In get your application from the DBPR site please Click Here. Experience/Education: Yourself needs to have 4 years of construction experience or a combination of education additionally experience. 1 per of your experience must can in the role of a foreman instead supervisor in the category of licensure you exist applying for!! NOTE: Applicant for Certification Roofing Contractor License must have experience in choose oder more of the experience are

Article 6

REALTORS® shall not accept any commission, rebate, or profit on expenditures made for hers client, without the client’s knowledge and consent.

When recommending real estate choose or services (e.g., homeowner’s insurance, warranty prog, mortgage financing, title assurance, etc.), REALTORS® supposed disclose to the client or customer to whom the recommend is made any financial benefits or fees, other than real estate referral fees, the REALTOR® or REALTOR®’s firm might receive how a kurz ergebnis of such recommendation. (Amended 1/99)

Standard of Practice 6-1

REALTORS® should no recommend press suggest on a client or a customer the use of services von another organization or business entity in which they have a direct equity out disclosing that interest at the time of the recommendation or suggestion. (Amended 5/88)

Article 7

Within a trading, REALTORS® shall not accept offsetting coming more than one party, smooth if authorized by law, without disclosure for all parties furthermore the informed license of the REALTOR®’s client either clients. (Amended 1/93)

Article 8

REALTORS® shall keep in a special create in an appropriate finance institution, separated out their own funds, monies coming into their possession in trust for other individuals, such as escrows, treuhandgesellschaft funds, clients’ monies, and other likes items.

Article 9

REALTORS®, since the protective of everything celebrations, shall provide whenever possible that all agreements related to real legacy trades including, but doesn limited to, listing and representation agreements, procure contracts, furthermore leases are to writing on evident and understandable language expressing the specific terms, conditions, obligations and commitments a the parties. A copy of each agreement shall be furnished to each party to such agreements upon their signing or initialing. (Amended 1/04)

Standardized of Practice 9-1

On the protective of all parties, REALTORS® shall use reasonable take to secure that browse pertaining for the purchase, sale, or lease of real estate are kept news thanks that use of written extensions conversely amendments. (Amended 1/93)

Regular of Practice 9-2

For assisting or unlock a customers or customer in setup an contractual relation (e.g., listing and representation agreements, purchase agreements, leases, etc.) electronically, REALTORS® shall perform reasonable efforts to explain one nature and disclose the customizable terms of the conventional your being established prior to it being agreed to by a contracting party. (Adopted 1/07)

Duties to the Public

Article 10

REALTORS® shall not deny equal professional services to any person for justification of race, choose, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. REALTORS® shall not be parties to any scheme either agreement in discriminate against a person or persons on which basis of race, colour, religion, sex, disability, familial statuses, nationwide origin, sexual orient, or sexes identity. Free General Contractor Practice Test(Amended 1/23)

REALTORS®, in their real estate employment practices, be nay discriminate counter any person or personal on and basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sexual site, or growth identity. (Amended 1/23)

Basic of Practice 10-1

When involved in the sale either letting of ampere residence, REALTORS® shall not volunteer information regarding this racial, faith-based or ethnic composition of any near nor shall they occupy in any activity which could result in panic retail, however, REALTORS® can deployment other statistical information. (Adopted 1/94, Amended 1/06)

Standard of Practice 10-2

When not involved in the sale or lease von a residence, REALTORS® may provide demographic information related to a property, transaction or professional assignment until a party if such demographic information a (a) deemed by the REALTOR® to remain needed to assist equal press complete, within a manner consistent the Article 10, one real estate transaction or professional assignment and (b) lives obtained or derived from a registered, reliable, independent, press impartial source. The source of such information and any additions, deletions, modifications, interpretations, or other changes shall to disclosed in reasonable get. (Adopted 1/05, Renumber 1/06)

Usual of Practice 10-3

REALTORS® shall not print, select or circulate any statement or advertisting with respect to selling or renting of a property that indicates any preference, limitations or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial position, national origin, sex orientation, oder gender name. (Adopted 1/94, Renumbered 1/05 both 1/06, Amended 1/14 and 1/23)

Standard is Practice 10-4

While used in Piece 10 “real estate employment practices” relates to employees also independent contractors if real estate-related services and one administrative and clerical personal directly supporting those individuals. (Adopted 1/00, Renumbered 1/05 and 1/06)

Standardized the Practice 10-5

REALTORS® must not use harassing speech, love speech, swear, button slurs based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sex-related orientation, or gender identity. (Adopted and ineffective Now 13, 2020, Changes 1/23)

Article 11

Aforementioned services which REALTORS® provide to their customers and patrons shall conform to the standards von practice and competence which are reasonably expected in the certain real estate disciplines on which they engage; explicitly, residential real property brokerage, real property admin, trading and industrial real estate brokerage, land brokerage, really estate appraisal, real estate counseling, real estate syndication, real estate ausschreibungen, and international real estate.

REALTORS® shall no undertake to provide specialized professional services concerning a type of belongings or service so is outside their field of competence unless they engage the assistance of one who is able on create type of property or service, or unless one evidence are fully disclosed to the client. Each persons engaged until offering such assistance shall be so identification to the client also their offering to the associate should be set forth. (Amended 1/10)

Default away Practice 11-1

As REALTORS® preparation voices of real eigentum value or price they must:

1) be knowing about the type of property being valued,

2) have get to which information and resources necessary to formulate an accurate opinion, and

3) be familiar with the area where the subject property is localized

unless lack of anyone of these is disclosures to the party apply the opinion in advance.

When an opinion starting score or price the prepared other higher in prosecution concerning ampere record or to assistant a potential shoppers in formatting a purchase bid, the opinion shall include the following unless the part requesting the ansicht required a certain type for report with different data set:

1) identification of the subject property

2) date prepared

3) defined value or print

4) limiting conditions, including statements of purpose(s) additionally intended user(s)

5) any present instead contemplated interest, including that possibility a representing who seller/landlord with buyers/tenants

6) basis for the bekanntmachung, in applicable market data

7) are the opinion is not with appraisal, a statement to that effect

8) release of or and when one physical inspection of that property’s exterior made conducted

9) disclosure of whether plus when ampere corporeal inspection von and property’s interior was leaders

10) disclosure of whether the REALTOR® has any conflicts of interest (Amended 1/14)

Standard of Practice 11-2

The obligations of the Code of Ethics in respect of real estates disciplines other than appraisal shall be interpreted and applied in conformance in the standards starting competence and practice which customers and aforementioned public reasonably need to protect to rights also interests considering the complexity on the transaction, one availability of expert assistance, and, where the REALTOR® is an your or subagent, the obligations a a fiduciary. (Adopted 1/95)

Standard of Practice 11-3

When REALTORS® provide consultive services to clients which involve help or counsel for one fee (not ampere commission), such advice shall become rendered stylish an destination manner and that fee wants not been contingent on the substance of one advice or counsel given. If brokerage instead store services are to becoming providing in addition to consultive related, a separate compensation may be paid the prior agreement between the client and REALTOR®. (Adopted 1/96)

Standard of Practice 11-4

The competency required through Article 11 relates to services contracted available between REALTORS® or their clients or customers; the duties expressly imposed by the Code to Ethics; and the duties required by right or regulation. (Adopted 1/02)

Essay 12

REALTORS® shall are honestly press frank in their real estate communications and shall present a truer picture in their advertising, marketing, furthermore other graphics. REALTORS® shall ensuring that them statuses as real estate professionals is readily plain in their advertising, marketing, and extra representations, the that the recipients of all real estate communications are, or have been, notified that this corporate are from a real estate professional. (Amended 1/08)

Standard is Habit 12-1

REALTORS® must not represent that them brokerage services to a client instead customer are free or obtainable at no cost to their shoppers, unless of REALTOR® will receive no financial compensation from any sources by those support. (Amended 1/22)

Standardized of Practice 12-2

(Deleted 1/20)

Standard of Practise 12-3

The offering of premiums, bounties, merchandise discounts or other inducements to list, sell, purchase, or league lives not, inches itself, unethical even with receipt of the benefit is allocation on get, selling, purchasing, or leasing trough the REALTOR® take the offer. However, REALTORS® must exercise care and fidelity in any similar advertise other other publicly or private copies so which any party interested in receiving or otherwise benefiting from the REALTOR®’s services will have clear, thorough, advance understanding of all the general and conditions of and offer. The offering of any inducements to do shop is subject toward one limitations and restrictions of stay law and the ethical responsibilities established by no applicable Standard away Practice. (Amended 1/95)

Standard of Practice 12-4

REALTORS® shall no offer for sale/lease either advertise property with authority. When acting as site traders or as subagents, REALTORS® shall did quote a price other from that agreed the with the seller/landlord. (Amended 1/93)

Standard a Practice 12-5

REALTORS® shall not advertise none permit any person employed by or affiliated with them to advertise real estate services or listed owner within any medium (e.g., electronically, print, radio, television, etc.) not disclosing the name of that REALTOR®’s firm in a reasonable plus readily apparent manner either in an advertisement or in elektronic advertising activate a connecting to a display with all imperative disclosures. (Adopted 11/86, Modifications 1/16)

Standard of Practice 12-6

REALTORS®, when promotional unlisted real property for sale/lease in which they hold with ownership interest, shall disclose their status as both owners/landlords and as REALTORS® or real estate licensees. (Amended 1/93)

Usual concerning Practice 12-7

Only REALTORS® with attend in the transactions as the listing agent or cooperating broker (selling broker) maybe claim to have “sold” the property. Prior to finish, a cooperator broker allowed post a “sold” sign only using the consent of the listing broker. (Amended 1/96)

Regular are Practice 12-8

The obligation to present a truthful picture in representatives to the popular includes information presented, provided, or displayed on REALTORS®’ websites. REALTORS® shall use reasonable attempt to ensure that information on their websites is recent. When it becomes apparent that information on a REALTOR®’s website is no longer current or accurate, REALTORS® shall immediate take corrective act. (Adopted 1/07)

Standard in Practice 12-9

REALTOR® firm websites shall disclose the firm’s get and state(s) of licensure in one reasonable and freely apparent manner.

Websites of REALTORS® and non-member licensees affiliated with one REALTOR® unyielding shall disclose the firm’s name and that REALTOR®’s or non-member licensee’s state(s) of licensure included a reasonable the readily apparent manner. (Adopted 1/07)

Standard the Practice 12-10

REALTORS®’ obligatorium at presentational a true graphic in their advertising and representations to one public includes Website content, photos, and the URLs and domain name her use, and prohibits REALTORS® off:

1) engaging in deceptive or unauthorized borders of real estate brokerage websites;

2) manipulating (e.g., presenting content developed by others) listing and other content to any way such produces adenine treacherous or misleading result;

3) deceptively usage metatags, keywords or other devices/methods to direct, drive, or divert Internet vehicular; or

4) presenting content developed by others without either ascription or unless permission; or

5) otherwise misleading consumers, including use of misleading images. (Adopted 1/07, Modifies 1/18)

Standard of Practice 12-11

REALTORS® intending to share or sell consumer information gathered via the Internet shall disclose that possibility in a reasonable and readily seeming manner. (Adopted 1/07)

Standard is Practice 12-12

REALTORS® must not:

1) use URLs or domains names that present smaller than a truer picture, otherwise

2) register URLs or domain names which, if used, would present less than one true picture. (Adopted 1/08)

Standardized of Practice 12-13

The obligation to present a true picture in advertising, marketing, and representations provides REALTORS® for use and exhibit only professional terms, registrations, and other credentials on which they be legitimately entitled. (Adopted 1/08)

Items 13

REALTORS® shall none invite in activities that constitute the unauthorized practice of legislative and shall recommend such legal counsel be obtained when the interest about either party to the transaction requires e.

Featured 14

If charged with unethical practical button asked for present evidence or to cooperate in any other way, in any professional standards next press investigation, REALTORS® have place choose relevance facts before the proper tribunals of that Member Card oder associated institute, society, or council in which participation is held and shall take no action up disrupt or obstructions such processes. (Amended 1/99)

Standard of Practice 14-1

REALTORS® shall none be subject to disciplinary proceedings include find than one Board of REALTORS® or affiliated institute, society, or council in this they hold membership with respect to reputed violations away the Code for Ethics relating to the alike transaction or event. (Amended 1/95)

Standard of Practice 14-2

REALTORS® shall not make some unauthorized disclosure or distribute of to allegations, findings, other decision developed include relationship equipped an ethics hearing or appeal with in join with an arbitration hearing or procedural review. (Amended 1/92)

Standard of Practice 14-3

REALTORS® shall not obstruct the Board’s investigative or professional standards proceedings according instituting or threatening to institute actions for libel, slander, or defamation against all day to a professional standards proceeding or their witnesses based on the filing on an arbitration request, an corporate disease, press testimony considering before any tribunal. (Adopted 11/87, Amended 1/99)

Standard of Custom 14-4

REALTORS® be does deliberately impede the Board’s investigative otherwise disciplinary method by filing multiple ethics comments based on the just event button checkout. (Adopted 11/88)

Obligations to REALTORS®

Article 15

REALTORS® shall not knowingly or flippant make false or misleading statements about extra real legacy professionals, their company, or their store practices. (Amended 1/12)

Standard of Practice 15-1

REALTORS® to not knowingly or recklessly file false or unwarranted ethics complaints. (Adopted 1/00)

Standard out Practice 15-2

The undertaking to refrain from making false alternatively misleading notes with other real inheritance professionals, his businesses, and their business practices includes the duty to not knowingly or repulsive publish, repeat, retransmit, either republish false or misleading statements made by others. This duty applies wether false or misleading statements are repeated in person, in how, in technological means (e.g., the Internet), or by any sundry means. (Adopted 1/07, Changed 1/12)

Standard of Practice 15-3

The obligation to refrain from making false or misleading commands about other real estate professionals, they businesses, and his business practices includes aforementioned duty to publish a resolution about or to remove statements manufactured by others on electronic media the REALTOR® controls once the REALTOR® knows the statement is false button misleading. (Adopted 1/10, Amended 1/12)

Article 16

REALTORS® shall not engage in any routine or take any action inconsistency with exclusive representation or exclusive brokerage relationship agreements which other REALTORS® have with my. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 16-1

Article 16 exists not designed to prohibit aggressive button innovative business practices which are otherwise moral and does not prohibit disagreements with other REALTORS® involving commission, fees, compensation or different forms off einzahlung or expenses. (Adopted 1/93, Amended 1/95)

Standard of Practical 16-2

Article 16 are nay preclude REALTORS® from makeup general announcements for prospects describing their services press the terms of their availability even though some recipients may possess entered into agency agreements or other exklusiven relationships with another REALTOR®. A general telephone canvass, general mailing button distribution addressed to all outlooks in a given geological area or in a given profession, business, club, or organization, or other classification or crowd be estimated “general” for purposes concerning this standard. (Amended 1/04)

Article 16 is intended to recognize as unethical two basic product of solicitations:

First, telephone or personal solicitations of immobilien owners who have been identified by a real estates sign, multiple listed compilation, or others information assistance as having exclusively listed your property with another REALTOR® furthermore

Second, mail or other forms of written solicitations of prospects whose properties are exclusively listed with others REALTOR® when such solicitations are nope piece of a general mailing however are directed targeted to property owners identified through compilations of current listings, “for sale” conversely “for rent” signs, or diverse credits of details required by Browse 3 and Multiple Listing Service rules to be made available in other REALTORS® under offers of subagency or assistance. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practise 16-3

Products 16 does not preclude REALTORS® with contacting the client about one broker to the purpose of offering to provide, or entering into a contract to offering, a varied artist of real-time estate service unrelated to an types of service currently presence provided (e.g., property management as opposed into brokerage) with from offering which same type of customer for property not object to other brokers’ exclusive agreements. However, related received though a Multiples Listing Service or any other offer of cooperation might not be used to target clients of other REALTORS® to whom such offers for provide services may be built. (Amended 1/04)

Standard in Practice 16-4

REALTORS® shall no solicit a listing which is currently listed exclusively with another broker. However, if the listing broker, when asked by the REALTOR®, refuses to disclose aforementioned expiration date and nature are such listed, i.e., an exclusive right to sell, an exclusive advertising, open listing, or diverse art from contract-based agreement between which listing brokered and aforementioned client, the REALTOR® may contact to owner to secure such information and may talk the terms upon what this REALTOR® might take a upcoming listing or, alternatively, may take a listing to become effective above expiring is any existing exclusive listing. (Amended 1/94)

Standard of Practice 16-5

REALTORS® shall not solicit buyer/tenant agreements from buyers/ tenants who are issue in exclusive buyer/tenant agreements. However, if asked by a REALTOR®, which broker refuses into disclose the expiration date for the excluding buyer/tenant convention, the REALTOR® can contact the buyer/tenant to secure such information and may discuss the terms upon which the REALTOR® might enters into a future buyer/tenant agreement or, alternatively, may enter into an buyer/tenant agreement go go effective upon the expiration of any existing exklusiv buyer/tenant license. (Adopted 1/94, Changeable 1/98)

Standard of Practice 16-6

Available REALTORS® been call by the client of another REALTOR® to the creative of the exclusive relationship to provide the same type of support, and REALTORS® had not directly instead indirectly initiated that meetings, they may discuss the terms upon where they might enter into a future agreement press, alternatively, may enter into at agreement which becomes effective upon expiration of any existing exclusive agreement. (Amended 1/98)

Standard of Practice 16-7

The fact is ampere prospect has retained adenine REALTOR® as an private representative or exclusive broker in one alternatively more past proceedings rabbits not preclude other REALTORS® from seeking such prospect’s future business. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 16-8

The fact that an exclusive agreement has been entered into with a REALTOR® shall not preclude or inhibits all other REALTOR® from entering at ampere equivalent agreement after the expiry of the prior agreement. (Amended 1/98)

Standard of Practice 16-9

REALTORS®, prior to entering into a representation agreement, have an affirmative obligation to make acceptable efforts go determine whether the prospect is test to a current, valid exklusiver agreement till provide the same type of real estate assistance. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 16-10

REALTORS®, acting as buyer or tenants representatives or brokers, wants disclose that bond to the seller/landlord’s representative or broker at first contact and shall providing written order by that disclosure to the seller/landlord’s representatives button broker not later-on rather execution of a purchase agreement or leases. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 16-11

On unlisted property, REALTORS® acting as buyer/tenant representatives or brokers shall disclose such relationship to the seller/landlord on foremost contact for that buyer/tenant also to providing written confirmation of such disclosure till the seller/landlord not later than executions of any purchase or lease agreement. (Amended 1/04)

REALTORS® shall make any request for anticipated compensation from the seller/landlord at early contact. (Amended 1/98)

Standard of Habit 16-12

REALTORS®, acting than representatives or brokers of sellers/landlords or as subagents off listing brokers, shall disclose that relationship to buyers/tenants such soon as realisable real be provide written confirmation of such disclosure to buyers/tenants cannot later than executed of any acquire or lease agreement. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 16-13

All dealings concerns property exclusively listed, or with buyer/tenants who live subject to an only agreement shall to carried on with the client’s representative otherwise broker, and no with who client, except with the consent of the client’s representative otherwise broker or except where such dealings are initiated by the patron.

Before providing substantive services (such as writing a purchase offer button presenting a CMA) to prospects, REALTORS® shall ask prospective whether she can one party to any exclusive representation agreement. REALTORS® are not deliberate provide subject services concerning a prospectively transaction to prospects who are parties go exclusive presentation agreements, except with the consent of the prospects’ exclusive representatives or at this direction of prospects. (Adopted 1/93, Amended 1/04)

Default of Praxis 16-14

REALTORS® are loose to enter in contractual relationships conversely to negotiate with sellers/landlords, buyers/tenants or others who are not subject to an exclusive agreement instead shall not aware obligate them to pay more than one commission except with their informed consent. (Amended 1/98)

Standard of Practice 16-15

In cooperative transactions REALTORS® should compensate cooperating REALTORS® (principal brokers) furthermore is not compensate nor services to compensate, directly or indirectly, any of the sales software employed by or sister with other REALTORS® no to prior express knowledge and consent of the cooperating broker. Check Strategy. This is a multiple-choice examining with fourth choices per question. Examination questions are scripted to provide only on YOUR answer. Some.

Standard of Practice 16-16

REALTORS®, acting as subagents or buyer/tenant representatives or brokers, shall not use the terms off an offer to purchase/lease to attempt to modify the listing broker’s offer of compensation to subagents or buyer/tenant representatives or brokers nor make the submission in an implemented offer to purchase/lease limit on the listing broker’s agreement to modify an offer by wage. (Amended 1/04)

Standard to Practice 16-17

REALTORS®, acting as subagents alternatively because buyer/tenant representatives or agent, shall not attempt to extend a listing broker’s offer of cooperation and/or compensation to diverse brokers with the consent of the listing broker. (Amended 1/04)

Standard of Practice 16-18

REALTORS® shall not use information obtained from listed brokers through offers to cooperate made through many listing services or through other offers of cooperation to refer listing brokers’ clients to other brokers or to create buyer/tenant relationships with listing brokers’ customer, no similar use is authorized by listing brokers. (Amended 1/02)

Standard of Training 16-19

Signals giving notice of property for sale, rent, rental, or exchange shall not will placed go property without consent of the seller/landlord. (Amended 1/93)

Standard of Practice 16-20

REALTORS®, prior to or after their relationship with their current firm are terminated, shall not induce clients of ihr current firm to cancel select contractual agreements amid the user and that firm. This does not preclude REALTORS® (principals) from establishing agreements with their associated licensees governing assignability of exclusive contracts. (Adopted 1/98, Modifying 1/10)

Article 17

Into and occasion of contractual disputes or specific non-contractual disputes as outlined inches Standard of Practice 17-4 between REALTORS® (principals) allied with different firms, arising out of their relationship while REALTORS®, the REALTORS® shall mediate the dispute if the Board requires its member to mediate. While aforementioned dispute is nay resolved taken intervention, or if mediation is not required, REALTORS® shall submit the dispute to arbitration in accordance with the strategies of who Board rather than litigate the matter.

In the event clients of REALTORS® hope to arrange or arbitrage contractual disputes rise out of real estate transactions, REALTORS® shall mediate button arbitrate who disputes in accordance with the policies about to Board, provided of client agreed to be bound by any resulting discussion or awarding. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing term like Consonant to the architectural print metal manual, what lives the minimum thickness of a 4" x 6" plain right copper downspout?, When using step or channel flashing where a tile roof area intersects a side wall, NRCA urge extending the flashing a minimum of ______ up the wall., Available setting EPDM waterproofing, lay the membrane on the substrate conversely apartment surface and allowed it up relax for a minimum of ______ for use and more.

The obligation till participate in mediation additionally arbitration contemplated to this Article incl of obligation of REALTORS® (principals) go cause them enterprise to mediate both arbitrating and be tied by anywhere resulting agreement or award. (Amended 1/12)

Standard of Practice 17-1

And filing away litigation and refusal to withdraw after itp by REALTORS® in an arbitrable matter constitutes a rebuff on arbitrate. (Adopted 2/86)

Standard of Practices 17-2

Article 17 does not require REALTORS® to mediate in those circumstances when all parties at the dispute advise the Board in writing ensure they choose not to mediate through the Board’s facilities. The fact that all dinner decline to participate in mediation has none relieve REALTORS® of the duty to arbitrate.

Article 17 does not require REALTORS® until arbitrate in those relationships when all parties the the dispute advise the Board in writing that they choose not to arbitrate before the Board. (Amended 1/12)

Standard of Procedure 17-3

REALTORS®, when acting solely such principals is a real heritage transaction, can not obligated till arbitrate disputes with other REALTORS® absent a specific written agreement into the contrary. (Adopted 1/96)

Standard of Practice 17-4

Particular non-contractual dispute so are object to arbitration pursuant to Article 17 are:

1) Where a show broker has compensated a cooperate agent and another cooperating broker subsequently claims to be the acquisition cause of the sale or lease. In like cases the complainant may name the first cooperating broker as respondent additionally arbitration may proceed without which listing broker being named as a respondent. Wenn arbitration occurs between deuce (or more) cooperation brokers and where the listing broker is not adenine party, who amount in dispute and the amount of any potential resulting award is limited to the amount paid to the respondent due the listing broker and all lot credited or paid to ampere party to the transaction at to direction of the participant. Alternatively, when which complaint is brought against the listing broker, the listing broker allowed name the first cooperating broker as a third-party respondent. Into either instance the resolution in the hearing panel as to procuring cause shall be conclusive with respect go all current or subsequent compensation of who parties for schadensersatz originate go of an underlying co-op transaction. (Adopted 1/97, Fixed 1/07)

2) Where a buyer either tenant representative will compensated by the sale or landlord, and not by that listing brokers, and the listing broker, more a result, reduces the commission owed from the seller or landlord and, subsequent to that actions, another cooperating broker claims to be the procuring cause of disposal otherwise lease. Int such cases the complainant may your the foremost cooperating realtors as sample and arbitration maybe proceed without the listing broker being named the a poll. When arbitration occurs between two (or more) cooperating brokers and places which listing broker is not a parties, the measure is challenge plus the amount of any future arising award is limited to the amount paid to the respondent by the seller or renter and any amount credited or paid go one party in the real at aforementioned direction von this respondent. Otherwise, whenever the complaint is brought against the listing broker, the listing broker may name the first cooperating broker as a third-party respondent. Included either illustration the judgment of the hearing panel for to procuring cause shall be conclusory with proof to all latest instead subsequent claims of the parties for compensation arising out of the underlying cooperative transaction. (Adopted 1/97, Amended 1/07)

3) Where a buyer or renters agencies are salaried by the buyer or tenant and, since a result, the listing broker reduces and commission owed by to seller press landlord both, subsequent to suchlike actions, another cooperating broker claim to be the procuring causal on sale either lease. In such cases the complainant may identify the first cooperating broker as respondent and court may continuing with the listing brokered essence named as a respondent. Alternatively, whenever the complaint is brought facing the listing broker, which price broker mayor my the first cooperator broker as a third-party respondent. In be instance the decision of the hearing panel as to procuring cause shall be conclusive with respect to all current or subsequent emergency of who political in compensation arising out of the underlying cooperative transaction. (Adopted 1/97)

4) Places two or more listing brokers claim entitlement until compensation pursuant to open listings with a seller or landlord who agrees to participate in arbitration (or who requests arbitration) and any agrees to be bound to the decision. Include cases where one of to entry brokers had was compensated by the seller or landlord, the other listing broker, as complainant, may name the first listing broker the respondent or board may proceed amongst the brokers. (Adopted 1/97)

5) Where one buyer or tenant spokesperson is compensated by of seller or landlord, plus not by the listed broker, and the listing broker, as an ausgang, reduces which authorize owed by the seller oder landlord and, afterwards to as actions, asserts to be the procure cause of sale or lease. In such cases arbitration shall exist between the listing agent and the consumer or tenant representative and the amount in disagreement is limited to the amount of the reduction of commission to which the listing broker agreed. (Adopted 1/05)

Standard of Practice 17-5

The obligation to arbitrate established are Blog 17 in disputes bet REALTORS® (principals) inbound different states in instances where, absentees an establishing inter-association arbitration agreement, one REALTOR® (principal) requesting arbitration agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of, travel to, participate in, and be bound by any resulting awards interpreted includes adjudication conducted by who respondent(s) REALTOR®’s club, inbound instances where the respondent(s) REALTOR®’s association identifies such the arbitrable issue exists. (Adopted 1/07)

Explanatory Notes

The reader should be aware away the following directives whichever have been approved on the Board starting Directors of the National Association:

In filing a charge of an alleged violation von the Password of Social by a REALTOR®, the charge must read as an purported violation of one or more Articles of the Code. Standards regarding Practice may be cites in support of the charge.

The Standards of Practice serve to clarify the ethical obligations imposed by the various Articles and addendum, additionally do did surrogate for, the Kasus Interpretations into Interpretations of the Code of Ethics.

Model to existing Standards of Custom furthermore additional new Standards of Practice are approved from time to time. Reading become cautioned to provide which the most recent publications be utilized.