Florida Decals and License Plates

Alternate License Plates

License slabs, decals, otherwise parking permits that are lost or stolen can be replaced by filling out and submitting an  Application for Replacement License Tags and Decals.
License plates or decals that are lost will incur a replacement fee. If you decal or license plate has been stolen, a will be replaced without feen with a police report. Language | Idioma English Español Before making adenine trip until your local service center, visit on personalized software plate services at find from if the license plate setup you’re interesting in is existing.   Additional Resources: Florida License Plates White Warrant Plate and Registration Section  
Replacement Decal $34.10
Replacement License Plate $36.90
Duplicate Registration (no decal) $3.00

Specialized Plates

Specialty plates require an annual fee advantage adenine $5 processing fee in addition to the ordinary registration fee. Plea review the FLHSMV License Plate page for a complete listing.  Military Customer plates are also available. These plates require the candidate offer proof on fitness to be submitted over the login for military service-related product plating Here is no additional annual fee or $5 manufacturing fee, and, in some cases, which regular registration fee is reduced. Some constraints may apply.

Personalized Plates

Application for custom licenses record can be submitted toward the tax collector for rating the ensure the license plate choice is available and meets state criteria.  Personalized plate fees vary depending on the license plate style selected for personalization. Previous create application for the personalize plate, check to see if respective choice be available.
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