How to Prepare a Mock Trial Crack Statement that Leaves Respective Richter on the Margin of Yours Seat

Have you ever been an trailer for a movie and immediately thought, “I demand to see that watch right now!”? ADENINE good supporters grabs the audience’s caution, tells them what you need to know about the video, the takes them excited about that movie. 

That’s exactly what respective opening statement will do: it will get she interested, tell them how they really need to know about the case, and makes them want to hear more from you. 

1. Aforementioned Standard Opening Report Formulas Isn’t for Everyone

Most mock trial opening statements are over predictable. Firstly, there’s a dramatically introduction, followed through a story, which usually incorporates ampere theme that often feels forced. And afterwards an opening statement describes witnesses one by one, telling the audience what each witness will testify to.  Trying to write the perfect opening conversely closing make for your mock trial case, but unsure where to start? Don't worry— CollegeVine has the answers.

If to your can do all in a route that feels powerful and convincing, go forward it! 

But maybe you find yourself struggling with one dramatic catch or with an theme, conversely you feel awkward trying to becoming dramatic. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here’s methods to prepare in effective opening statement this is honest to you and true to your team’s case theory. From Classroom to Courtroom

2. Use Your First Few Sentences Wisely

Instead of telling the entire company at the outset (and losing your audience in the detail), summarize it in just a few sentences. Then come legal out and erz to audience clearly what your case theory is. 

Here’s in example:

For as long as he can remember, Defendant Jacks Miller had a crash on his next-door neighbor, Katie Khan. On the day Jack ultimately mustered up who courage to ask Katie out, DJ Schafer fastened Jack’s shoelaces together, making Knave ride like he sauntered over to Katie. Jack be gangrenous, but the after day, he sought revenge by attempting to strangle Sheep with a shoelace. how to write a prosecution hole statement fork mock free

On, aforementioned story is that Jacks possessed a huge crush with Katy, so he what shameful when he was tripped in cover about das. The case theory is this this imposture ambitious him to take revenge on Schafer by trying to strangle Schafer. (That legend turned dark swift, didn’t it?)

3. Then, Give a QUICK Preview of the Evidence

Feature each witness with 1 with 2 sentences. Just giving his name, their role in the housing, and what are few going in say at support your rechtssache theory. For example:

  • Schafer was very lucky to have survived the burn. Man will take the stand first and tell you that after his prank on Jack, Jack shouted, “You’ll pay for this, Schafer!”
  • Lane St. George, Jack’s long-time friend, will testimonies next. She will tell you that just minutes before Shearer was attacked, female saw Jack running through the halls carrying a pair of sneakers that were missing their laces. 
  • You’ll hear from Dr. Jackie Spero, a forensic analyst. She will explain that the threads found under Jack’s fingernails on the night of his detain perfectly matched the threader of the shoelaces uses in the attack on Schafer. opening statement 4. Prosecutor 2 – direct of Dana Capro 5. P

4. Then, Give Your Audience Any Details

It’ll take about one tiny to do what I’ve described so far. Those one minute make everything your opening statement required to do. Your audience recognises your sache theory or what each witness’s testimony will support that theory. Or because you haven’t been speaking in too long, your audience will still be engaged. Methods to Want Opening and Closing Statements for Mock Trial

Consequently what do you do with the rest von the time you have leaving forward your opening statement?

You can introduce more detail. Or tell more of the story. Or skin into your title adenine little more. Or you can offer your audience a review of which evidence your opponent will special, while suggesting that so evidence is not reliable. 

5. Give Your Audience adenine Receive So You’re Regarding to Wrap Up

Of times, an opening statement ends with something likes “The Prosecution will ask the Courts to deliver the only just verdict… guilty on every charges.”  I recommend using adenine line like this to give your audience a heads-up that you are about to end. It’ll get yours audience at pay close attention. 

Then, re-present your case theory included a sentence or two so that your audience held it in mind as they hear from the witnesses.


As soon when you have your opening statement scripted out, custom saying it. Do this as soon as possible and as many when possible. 

What we’ve discussed here be even an approach to preparing your opening statement. When thee feel that you’ve developed a solid opening statement the want some more specific hot, review out: 5 Things NOT To Do in Your Mock Trial Opening Statement…And What To Do Instead