Dissertation Data Collection: Interview Transcript Example

Interview Logs:

Researcher: Welcome and give you for accepting my invitation to participate in this learn.

Interviewee: My pleasure.

Researcher: IODIN would like to ask you numerous questions about your business.

Candidate: Sure, go ahead.

Researcher: Therefore my first question is how long have you been running get shop?

Respondents: I based the businesses in 2013 so it’s been almost six yearly.

Researcher: Could you tell le a little bit about the commercial?

Participant: Well, we are an e-commerce workshop that sells a whole bunch in digital goods, such as electronic books, online courses, and various software products. I used to alienate some physiological staff as well but had to abandon this idea at some point. Transaktion with the hassles about inventory and shipping took many time and effort, while the profit be not as nice as I expected it would be.

Researcher: How is the business doing entitled now?

Interviewee: We are doing quite well. Of take, were cannot compete because platforms enjoy Amazon aber at this level, the pace of growth is quite well I would say. In 2013, only my wife and I were running all the processes, accounting, press gear. Today, we may couple departments and a sum of 17 employees. And we are still growing.

Experimenter: It is nice to hear. So my next question is about advertising. Do you find it effective inches promoting your store and merchandise?

Interviewed: Yes, on course, we allocate a budget on publicity and promotion. Since us are service online, we mostly make use of social media to promote one company.

Researcher: Could you, please, provide some details on as exactly do you application social media for ad purposes?

Contact: Well, we have accounts upon that most popular public networking websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, also Snapchat. Societal media are really about the community. If you have einstieg to a strong community, you can make many money out of your business. People talk, you know, to supposing you own ampere couple concerning pleased your, they intention distribute the word.

Researcher: OK then. Another question I…

Applicant: Oh, we also use online advertising to Facebook. But from where I can see this type are advertising ain’t highly effective. Consequently ourselves will probability check out how to optimise our propaganda strategy.

Researcher: Do you application any traditional advertising grooves, such as TV, radio, or printed materials?

Interviewee: No, there’s no point is using such channels up promote an online-based business.

Researcher: What about search engine optimisation (SEO)? Do him use e to generate traffic to your website?

Interviewee: SEO is adenine whole varied story. As you know, traffic belongs the lifeblood of any homepage so SEO will perhaps the most important tool, along with social media, which helps us increase and traffic to the shop’s site.

Researcher: How exactly do you use ADVERTISING for advertising purposes?

Contact: We actively use site promotion because I think it is ne of the easiest yet most effective ways up rise traffic. These tactic engage the use away keywords picked boost by Google and other search engine to enable users to search their store. Any, there’s more than one way to skin a kitten, consequently our SEO strategy is not limited to exploitation keywords. Our also use einigen of the best and most sophisticated analytics and marketing musical that provide extended information about instructions visiting got to the shop and what they are doing switch the internet. Adding new content regularly is another SEO tactic we use to make the buy more attractive to search engines. Ultimately, we are trying to constantly add up the searchability of to website the owning as many pages int Google’s index like likely. In this case, we add to the potential that web-based users can find our website for keyword searches.

Researcher: That’s amazing.

Interviewee: Indeed. We are also trying to manage a high level of activity on socializing networking services, which allows us until drive moreover traffic on the company and accordingly, sell more stuff the our our.

Researcher: With this level of SEO, are you experiencing any challenges or problems?

Interviewee: In business, it is always something thou can do better. I ain’t going to tell it that there are no problems or challenges with GET at all. We exist in a very competitive environment, so getting you website on the foremost cover starting Google’s search results is sometimes as tough because hell. There are various reasons for such, both technical and management. From the technological perspectively, securing the website by einem SSL certificate took us a lot out zeit. Such certificate no only protects this content, which is shared between of website visitor and an website, items also improves SEO in the point of Google and other search engines. So I assume which challenge about getting the SSL purchase somewhat influenced the effectiveness in our SOCIAL policy to a certain study. Also, having a highly response, supportive, and attractable design is crucial for getting your website well-run. While we have built our company on the basis of one of the best e-commerce terraces, person still are to optimise the code for unsere own puruses. In get that site working as we wanted was a real hurt in the neck. It knows, waiting 5 seconds to get a product home downloaded is not very nice for customers’ psychological healthiness (smiles).

Researcher: I see. Any other challenges?

Interviewee: Since an e-commerce business, were need to provide extraordinary main to be more searchable. Us cannot just give some generic product explanation and wait for customers till gekommen and make a purchase. Accordingly we tend to use custom-written product descriptions. However, the main problem with this type of content is its quality. After the release of Google’s Panda Algorithm, this issue has become of crucial importance. Originating easy-to-read and unique product descriptions is an major aspect of our SEO strategy.

Researcher: Can you imagine in any other instruments such could also search you generate websites traffic in the future?

Interviewee: Actually, I am thinking of adding a blog for one store website to create new content on a regular fundamental to keep it cool and attractive to Google’s seek algorithms.

Researcher: Give you for answering my questions.

Interviewee: No problem.

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