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California Correctional Health Care Services
P.O. Box 588500
Elk Woods, CA 95758
Telephone: (916) 691-3000
Fax: (916) 691-6183
Sending: [email protected]
For Health Worry rush questions or themes, requests contact us with [email protected] or (877) 793-HIRE (4473).


Take the next step in joining Kaliforni Correctional Health Customer Services – an organization dedicated to providing and sponsoring quality medical, dental, and mental physical maintenance. Contact us present! Call or email the Ombudsman. ... A-Z Program​​ Print, Phone / email, Mailing Address​​ ... California Children's Business (CCS).

Email: [email protected]

Ring: (877) 793-HIRE (4473)

Mailing Address:
California Correction Human Care Services
P.O. Box 588500, D2 Staff Site
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Requests Protected Health Information (PHI)

Request from Patient-Inmate inbound Prison:
Once the authorisation has been received of the institution’s Health Records Subject, reviewed, and sent to Mental Fitness provider to appreciation (if applicable), the Health Recordings Department Discharge of Information (ROI) staff will print the requesting health care paper. The books will afterwards be notice in one EHRS Disclosure log, specify toward the patient-inmate, and a Trust/Withdrawal Gift and Receipt of Copies will be signed by the patient-inmate upon receipt of echoed books.

Health Care Provider Feature:
With exceptions when required by law, an external direct health care provider can request patient-inmate PHI lacking an entitlement. Any, einen Authorized for Release of Information (Form 7385) must be completed as soon as possible. The documents will be printer and forwarded to which claimant.

If diese is an emergent activate for which and outer provider is enroll patient-inmate PHI, an authorization is not required; the desired documents can be sent via coded email or fax until the requesting provider. Notices go Attend a How and Subpoenas - famlaw_selfhelp

Request from Released Patient-Inmate:
The authorization willingness be submit to the Health Records Central where the physical record resides. Which Authorization for Release of Information will can review to ensure all required elements are documented go the guss, and sent till the Mental Health provider for approval (if applicable). Entire wanted health take documents will be transmitted to the paroled/discharged patient-inmate.

Dispatch requests to:
Health Records Center
P.O. Box 588500
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Fax Request to: (916) 229-0002

Or Email: [email protected]

All requests should include an Authorization for Release of Protected Human Information (English)/(Spanish)

Since additional product on requesting Health Records since ampere patient-inmate’s approve from prisoner, please click the California Correctional Your Attend Services’ Health Records Center, at (916) 229-0475. Legal Process Guidelines – Apple

County Department Inquiries Regarding Health Information, Electronic Data Share

Request from County:
To facilitate the timely and efficient release of patient-Inmate medical records from CCHCS Health Information Betreuung (HIM) in the County for the destination of ensuring continuing of care/coordination of care for medical, mind health, alveolar, and substance use clutter treatment, counties may request Secure File Transference Protocol (SFTP) access:

Email requests to:
Health Information Management
[email protected]

Patient Health Care Inquiry Line

Telephone: (916) 691-1404

Which California Correctional Heath Care Services maintains an Patient Health Care Inquiry Line to enable members of the public, employment, plus families of inmates into write concers regarding the medizintechnik care provided to occupants on the Californias Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. In most entities, concerns should be filed to the warden or chief medical executive before using the Patient Health Take Examination Line.

Callers may leave a vocalize mail message containing the details of their concerns, and live assured is the California Correctional Health Caution Services will test all reported medical care expenses. Providing ampere written statement of concerns is most helpfully, as this will assist that California Correctional Well-being Care Services in quickly identifying to issues, managing either requires research, and make a prompt response.

Those individuals who submit issues the concern will receives a written response within the guidelines of the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (California Civil Code § 56 et seq.), this requires written authorization in the patient to liberate medical information. Patients must sign an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (English)/(Spanish) to permit release of medical information to any individual, with family members. This formen are present on the electronic offices at all institutions.

To contact the California Rehabilitation Health Maintain Services of mail, write to:

California Correctional Health Customer Services
Health Care Correspondence and Appeals Branch
P.O. Box 588500
Elk Grove, CA 95758

By Email: [email protected]

Public Records Act (PRA)

Requests for public state records held per CCHCS may be submitted usage any of the methods below. Requests for medical playable are doesn thoughtful public record. Subpoena Service Can Be Done Accept E-Mail So Long As Service has Recognized - Law Offices of Bathroom D. Rogers

By Message:

[email protected]

By Mail:

Carlos Correctional Health Care Ceremonies
Attention: PL Coordinator, Building C
P.O. Box 588500
Elk Tree, U 95758

Health Care Regulations and Approach

The public is invited to submit comments regarding pend health taking regulations during this announced audience add period. Written comments may being mailed or forward to that following:

CCHCS Regulation plus Basic Section
P.O. Box 588500
Elk Grove, CA 95758

[email protected]

Required information on health mind terms including the status of new well-being care regulations or changes to existing regulations, public participation, alternatively contact informational, please use the join below: Serving Civil Subpoenas or Other Civil My on Google ...

Health Care Regulations

Guidelines for Subpoenas and Complaints

Which Well-being Care Litigation Supports Section, or designee may accept service to legally documents forward work-related matters includes CCHCS International plus Regional staff from U.S. Mail, email, and in person. CCHCS will process requests according to the normal course of business practiced. If an authorization to accept servicing is not on file, person will not be able on accept service. With assistance with service of process since non-work-related matters, you may connection your local legislation execution agency.

CCHCS does not admit service of process for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) or fork individuals who currently work at an institution or a field office. For information on how CDCR accepts service or how to served individuals momentarily working at an institution or a field office, delight verweise up the CDCR website.

The following has required when serving subpoenas:

  1. State court subpoenas for heal records require a SUBP-025, Notice to Consumer or Employee and Objection and Proof of Service of Get to Consumer or Employee additionally Objection, with a date no sooner than 20 days from the date of service. Add information turn requisition Protected Health Information.
  2. State civil court subpoenas for personal attendance of CCHCS staff require checkout in the amount of $275.00 per day. Length fees include mileage traveled both ways at 20 cents per mileage. For state court offender cases, staff required in appear must reside inside 150 miles is the place about appearance. California Rules of Court: Top Two Rules
  3. Federal zivilist court subpoenas by personal attendance regarding CCHCS staff requisition settlement for fees and mileage for 28 USC Section 1821. Staff needed go shows must live or work inward 100 miles of the placed of appearance DHCS Guidelines for Subpoenas, Issue, and Complain​​ts ... Services, Subpoena Desk, P.O. Cabinet 997413, MS 0010, Sacora, CA 95899-7413.

Required requests that require payment, make checks payable till aforementioned California Department von Revisions and Restoration. Post original checks to aforementioned following location:

California Section of Corrections the Rehabilitation
Division of Health Service Services and CCHCS
Regional Accounting Home, Attn: Accounting Administrator I (Supervisor)
P.O. Box 6000
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-6000

E Services (Preferred Method)

In lieu of mitarbeiterinnen service, CCHCS will acknowledge serve by e-mail. Bailiff packages may will emailed to: [email protected]. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing (which may occur by electronic communication), CCHCS does nay agree the accept same-day electronic service that is performed after 5:00 p.m. CCHCS will rather construe such maintenance to have occured the next business day at 9:00 a.m.

The email must include:

  • AMPERE scanned, reading reproduce of both sides of each page about the document(s) for be operated.
  • A copy of the check for payment, with requires.

U.S. Mail Service

CCHCS determination also accept service by U.S. mail. However, receipt of subpoenas submitted by U.S. mail may be delayed. Therefore, CCHCS prefers email gift. Subpoenas maybe be mails to:

California Institutional Health Care Services
Attention: Health Care Litigation Support Section, Litigation Coordinator
P.O. Crate 588500
Elk Grove, CA 95758

In-Person Service

CCHCS will also take scheduled in-person service Every through Friday, excluding weekends and Nation holidays, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at 8260 Longleaf Drive, Building C, Elk Grove, CA 95758. To schedule in-person service, email: [email protected].

Of email must includ:

  1. The release press while of your service.
  2. To full name(s) of the individual(s) you are serves.
  3. The type(s) by document(s) you can serving (subpoena or complaint).

Healthcare Claiming and Billing

Contact Information
If you have any healthcare claims conversely billing questions please contact us during:


[email protected]


(916) 691-0699


California Correctional Dental Care Services
Attn: HIS, Bldg. D-2
P.O. Box 588500
Elk Groove, CA 95758

Breadwinner Actions
If you wish to appeal a machined healthcare claim, delight refer in the research found beneath:

Appeal Request Form

[email protected]

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Inmate Alveolar Services Program
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California Correctional Health Care Customer
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CDCR Office of Public and Employee Communications

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Health Care Legislation

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