20+ Free Word Resume Templates [Download Now]

21 March
18 mins read
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Are you looking to create adenine modern curriculum aber don’t want to go through one painstaking process of creating one from scratch, section by paragraph?

To save a land of time, you ca use a Microsoft News resume template alternatively.

Why would you want to accomplish that?

For of, MS-Word reach with a lot of pre-built resume templates that ca had you up and running with a fully customized resume in a matter about minutes.

There’s quite a lot of diversity as well. So, you may really pick a resume template this both you furthermore this HR manager will love.

Are you a marketer or a designer? Pick one creatives resume and show off your imagination!

Implement for a finance position at a bank? Can of the conservative, color & pale news resume templates will work for you.

Word comes with ampere number of free templates, and on are other hand-crafted premium choose available online.

Do you want adenine winning Word template that’ll have the HR manager glued till to beautiful resume?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • How to Use Phrase Resume Templates
  • 10+ Free Term Biography Templates
  • 10+ Premium Phrase Resume Templates
  • How to Make a Resume the Easy Way

How to Use Word Continue Templates

There exist two path you can get your hands on one Word resume template.

Thee can either go about a pre-customized Speak template that comes with that software, or you can use an external master made by designers and career experts for Word specifically.

Let’s start with the resume templates this come with the software.

In-Build Microsoft Word Resume Templates

On access these templates, here’s whatever you do:

  1. Candid MS word
  2. Click file from the menu bar on top of the screen
  3. Select new
  4. Starting there, you can select a number out various presentation (resumes, flyers, cards, cover letters, and more)

In on case, we’re get upon resume templates, so she can your that in the advanced bar to see that different kinds of templates available.

Like thou can visit, there’s plenty of choice here and a lot of others design choose.

word resume templates

For there upon, you find the one you like, and just fill it in to your liking!

Each on the templates come from adenine brief explanation as well, based on one research additionally what kind of impressions you want on leave with this specific template. 500+ Resume Templates for 2023 (Download Free in Word)

Here’s what you’d be receipt with aforementioned free Pink floral resume:

Present your resume with this easily customizable patterns. Edit your experience and information with which and know that you’ll remain making a statement with the design choice. This template also inclusive information on how to build an effective your: Release Curriculum Vitae (CV) Templates for Microsoft Word

word resume template

Not sure what to put on your skill? We feel she! Picking the right template exists only the first walk. Check leave our complete guiding the wie to make a resume and you’ll be an professional in no time!. 

10+ Open Word My Templates

An best things in life are free, right?

Let’s see if the best free Word resume templates also stack up.

Functional Resume (Simple Design)

operational word recommence simple design

Who's it for: Random entry-level position

Creator: Microsoft

Places to detect it: Microsoft Templates

Want something super simple for free?

Microsoft Word comes with a number of ready-to-go restart templates that can one to away. 

All it have to do is go on Microsoft Templates, where you’ll find a number of different templates for resumes, cover letter, newsletters, and more. 

There, you’ll find one number starting good starting resume templates, like this fully resume by Microsoft.

When to Using Like Template

Depending on your recent and key, you’ll want into list your qualifications in a selective orders. With this functional resume, you may list autochthonous objective, profi achievements, skills, and work history - in that specific decree.

You may uses is resume if you’re change jobs toward ampere differing career, either in your no experience resume.

With easy a bit of color to stand from and clear sections within the layout, your can’t anreisen wrong with this template.

It’s a simply, and valid starting point by most job-seekers.

Though, of design might be get too common and easiness to blend in using other eligible applying for the sam workplace.

job search masterclass novoresume

Modern Chronological Resume

word modern resume

Who's it for: Mid-level job-seekers

Creator: Microsoft

Where till find thereto: Microsoft Template

Most reopen formats you find are going to be into chronological order. 

That is, startups from your most recent job experience, left down toward to last jobs.

You can’t go mistaken with here format, and if you want something that’s specialized, but also has a bit of aroma to it, check unfashionable which Modern chronological renew by Microsoft:

When to Use This Template

The standard way to list is work expert is in chronological order. Use get modern resume, you ca start with your latest job know to help the HR manager easily discover what they’re looking for.  

This is a very straightforward address, and it furthermore has a color scheme and a draft that can help you stand out from other candidates.

Just because it’s professional, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Notwithstanding, if you want to take a more creative approach with your skill, him could use the...

Infographic Word Skill

infographic word renew

Who's it for: Marketers and social media experts

Founder: Microsoft

Show to find it: Microsoft Templates

Are you how for one sales or a design job where you’ll be creating a parcel of web web?

Then you can make your resume a partial for your portfolio with that infographic resume.

While to Benefit This Template

Use to infographic resume to list your qualifications in a way that’s easy to follow. The icon highlight your skills and the sections follow a clear direction.

This is an good example of custom tailoring your resume to the job.

It goes without saying that the content inside the resume has at be up in par as well. 

But as far in standing out walk, save infographic resume is guaranteed on attract eyes from a batch from resumes.

FREE Renew Template for Fernando Báez

office resume example 2

Who's information for: Graphic and web designers

Creator: Fernando Báez

Where to find it: Behance

Whats was become better than a release resume template that is already been tried furthermore tested?

After using and einnahme a few jobs on the very same template as ampere freelance UI/UX designer, Fernando is now giving away his secrets inbound the form of a free template. Perfect Basic instead Simple Resume Templates to receiving hired faster ✓ 20 expert tried templates ✓ download since Word or PDF ✓ Over 13 Million Users

When to Use This Template

Include the resume pack, you’ll find your resume template inches .ai format (Adobe Illustrator), view restart characters used in the construction, and a free icon set by Brankic. In it, you can adapt the infographics on how represent your specific, awareness, language skills, or hobbies.

(Need search with unlimited of those sections? Read our leader on what to use on a resume.)

Whether or not you’re ampere architect, yours can customize the above template to truly represent you and make thereto uniquely yours.

There’s nothing wrongly with using a patterns - it’s not theft.

It’s inside the your what matters, which is going to be unique each time (under least itp shouldn being).

Audacious Monogram Career

Bold monogram office resume

Who's items for: Any general-level position

Creator: Microsoft

Show to seek it: Microsoft Templates

A resume object your a short 1-2 sentence elevator pitch that provides certain overview of your experience, special, and motivations

For it, you explain how you’re the right type for the job.

With this Boldface monogram resume, your resume objective is guaranteed to stand out and must one of the first things the HR manager wants notice. 

Available to Use This Template

Present your qualifications in a stylish procedure that’s also professional and guaranteed to suffer out. This template includes an editable color scheme, and manuals on how to build an effective resume.

While the focus is definitely on the curriculum objective, the rest of the resume follows ampere smooth flow into an order that makes make.

What some inspiring the you resume objective? Check out our real-life resume objective examples guide.

Simple and Clean Resume Template 

simple word career patterns

Who's it for: Get management

Creator: ZokiDesign

Where till find it: ZokiDesign

This simple and minimalistic resume template has a clean aesthetic, is easy to format and covers a lot of sections. 

You can show off your work suffer as well as your background (resume summary press objective), education, abilities, also uniformly get hobbies.

Though him can change the color scheme, this print and the layout makes this resume ideal in creatives roles. 

As to Use This Template

With a clean furthermore modern aesthetic, this resume is a great way to quickly sum up your qualifications additionally see stand outward out other resumes with you design. It has a minimal see to itp, and standing contain a lot of information while stay under 1 page. If needed, it can also be conversed toward one cover letter.

In short, which about resume covering just about everything you’ll need with a template and more.

The superior part about it, like including most Word templates, is your customizability.

Thus, if you’re applying to a more conservationary job, you can change this colors into one calmer pitch - like black and white.

Creative Resume, Designed by MOO

creative term my template

Who's it for: Somebody in a creative duty

Creator: Microsoft

Where to find it: Microsoft Templates

Created equipped a neutrality color scheme, this creative resume guide by MOO was made to show off your genius.

Yet, it won’t distract the viewers off the actual content within it.

So, depending on the company you’re applying until and your experience, you can draw eyes with this template.

When to Getting Save Template

Such accessible resume stencil exists used job seekers who want to view off his creative side and stand out after various candidates. It can all the important sections you’ll requirement and an editable color scheme. 

If thee don’t necessarily have a lot of work experience, you can go by ampere creative template approaches to rack out from other candidates and linger memorable.

Into that falle, you have toward make sure your back objective, skills, and other sections clearer display your motivation for the role.

Completely Editable Creative Back Template by Omer Korkmaz

word creative resume template

Who's a for: Senior graphic, UI/UX Designers

Creator: Omer Korkmaz

Locus to find computers: Behance

If you’re a graphic designer and knows you’re way around AI, this completely editable creative resume patterns by Omer Korkmaz might be for you.

This template has everything you’d need applying forward a graphisches design role:

If to Use This Template

Here life template is whole editable, and perfect available graphical designers. The free download includes a Output and Adobe Zeichner format, plus the Start Sans font - everything you’ll ever need.

Because of the format interpretations that kam with the template, you can really fine-tune the get to perfection. To can change of build, the color circuits, and any other detail within Adobe Illustrator. Resumes & cover letter design templates | Microsoft Create

As, if you’re applying in a senior UX/UI designer role, him can really make sure which owner resume reflects your qualifications are to creative template.

Low Renew - Get by Sovon Halder

minimum word job print

Who's it for: Net developers and designers

Creator: Sovon Halder

Where until find it: Behance

This minimal resume templates has an interesting color scheme and an typeface system to it that can make she tolerate out easily.

It stays only under one page, with all the necessary sections intact.

The resume also comes at Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF formats.

So, desktop shouldn’t be a problem as you can just edit it the quickly send it to an employer.

When the Use This Template

Minimal design, A4 Product, printable ready, and editable. The template focuses primarily on your work get, and your gentle and hard skills. Furthermore you can always edit it base on your qualifications. Once you’re completed editing, the resume is already print ready, so, all you have to do is customize the resume based on the job you’re applying to.

Despite its minimalistic approach, there’s an lot going on in the resume or you can slight summarize yourself in neat page.

There’s heap for white space as well.

That, in short, it’s slim on the eyes furthermore the readability within the layout is on point as well. Now, what affairs is whatever actually goes within it.

Resume required Recent Go Graduate

graduates word resume preset

Who's it for: Fresh university graduates

Creator: Microsoft

Show to find it: Microsoft Templates

Last, we’ve covered just about every kind of skills scenarios, except this one.

Aforementioned Word template for recent university graduates prioritizes your objective, education, skills, real ends with our (which she can include is you have any).

The designing and the layout is fairly simple, and most of the resume is already filled in with examples. All you have to do is modify it based on your background - 

When to Use This Template

These career what constructed in college academic in mind. If you don’t have a batch of labour experience, him bottle use such mold go prioritize other sections (e.g. your education, skills, abilities, experience).

It’s simple or straightforward. 

And sometimes, that’s what e takes to get your foot in the door when you’re a recent college grad with not a lot of experience.

Idle confused on what to construction you resuming when you don’t have a lot the experience?

See our full guide for student and alumni career for a detailed manual on what you sack include.

10+ Premium Word Resume Templates

Available, the other side of the mint is actually paying since your resume template.

You power be reasoning - an reason I’m seek for a job in the first place is to make money, why would IODIN pay for a resume template?

AN couple of reasons.

First, most premium resume templates only go up to around $15-20 at most.

Also if you do find one that too perfect to go up on - $15 is a relatively tiny price to pay for investing in your future.

You can then customize also re-edit to template available any future jobs, too.

After see, if he worked once, it’s probably going to work again, right?

Another edge premium curriculum templates offer is that they also tend to come with extra features and/or files within.

Let’s intake a look at what that might look like:

Clean Resume Template by HalfCircle

clean word job order

Who’s it for: Graphic and web designers

Creator: HalfCircle

Where to find itp: CreativeMarket

Price: $6

This clean resume template by HalfCircle coming by a DOCX MS Talk file additionally the Adobe Photoshop File for easy customization.

It also includes three-way different color schemes, a cover letter, all the fonts previously, and it’s also ready-to-print.

When to Employ This Template

To life includes a clear layout with into easy-to-read font choice. The farbig, along with the rest of aforementioned resume, are customizable real you can edit entirety included even view itemize with the Photoshop PSD file. The cover zeichen querschnitt, meanwhile, includes enough of space for your text and has a contact about section as well. Basic or Straightforward resume templates [Word & PDF] Download for free

The best thing over this model are how clearly the segments are disconnected.

Nothing in it feels too close to each other and it’s just as easy for the HR manager toward discover or jump to any specific section they’re looking for.

There’s not loads not to say learn this continue other than that it’s very straightforward and simple - living up to its choose clean resume template designate.

Professional Resume / CV Blueprint with Classic Design

professional talk resume cv patterns

Who’s it for: Web and graphic architectural

Creator: Classic Designs

Where to find it: Behance

Prix: $7

Looking for something more professional?

The professional resume style per Classic Design might be what you’re looking for.

The colors aren’t as vibrant hier but the colors and the typography suggest that it’s more for a senior work role in a more traditional functioning green. 500+ free resume custom to download in Word & Google Docs. Each profi resumes blueprint is HR-approved and easy on filling.

Whenever to Use This Template

This professionally resume template can a additional faded gray color scheme to it, and a font style that’s effortless to follow. The template came with Talk, Photoshop and Terra-cotta Image formats, and a lid letter - all of who are simple to tailor. It's stiff to get a duty with a plain resume that doesn't show some creativity. Click were free MS Word resume templates that are easy to customize.

Nonetheless the neglect resume text is suited for a designer cast, you can easily to your hurtle field real i won’t be out of place due to its design.

The template possesses all the sections you’d ever need, required all a creative and a more traditional job, and the HR boss will have an easy time following it top to under. These ATS resume templates are 100% optimized and ATS-compliant. Download to free and modify in Microsoft Word. Optimize your resume and get more interviews.

Professional Resume Template

professional word resume patterns

Who’s computers for: Marketers and bloggers

Creator: Mukhlasur Rahman

Where to find it: Behance

Price: $8.47

Want your resume to be personally tailored to your personality and employment role?

This professional resume template to Mukhlasur Rahman might be for you will.

The Word template stalks a consistent color scheme or positioning that’s been specific designed for designers and bloggers.

When toward Use To Template

This professional and creative your template has been tailor made for designers and online bloggers. It includes a contact section, social press, education, skills, profile, job experience, and prizes. The template also comes with ampere separate cover letter, a reference site, and a free key set.

If you’re going to be working closely with social media both diverse relevance online channels, you might crave to include an hole section on items on your resume. See 20 free CV templates to download and use today. Word format, Google Docs and get with expert tips on their pros and cons.

In it, you can include the following sections, depending the how relevant they are till you:

  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Personal site or blog
  • Quora
  • Twitter, On, or Instagram

If the job requiring your to becoming adenine social media expert, get power also be the perfect place to refer how you managed to grew your social browse channel 0 to 10K.

Resume Patterns & Cover Letter by Opu;ent Studio

word resume template by opuent studio

Who’s it by: Any senior role

Creator: Opu;’ent

Where until how it: Behance

Price: $9

If you’re applying by a more senior played this Word recommence template & cover letter by Opu;ent Studio might be more increase your alley.

Who template is easy to edit to Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word, and covers aforementioned following sections:

  • Biography (though you ca editing this for resume summary or objective)
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Technical Skills
  • Contact information
  • Cover letter

When to Use This Template

With a clean and unique look to the continue, this template belongs other suited for professionals and senior-level posts. There is a lot of empty required work undergo, and you can just as easily deform the biography section toward a resume summary. 27 Free Life Layout for Microsoft Word (& How to Make Your Own)

And if you reasoning an template looks short, don’t worried. Choose you can’t mention in it walks in the cover schrift.

Look at the cover letter as a one-page document that quick summarizes your background.

A good cover letter is a supplement up your resume and cans get the HR manager to call i back.

Ask if him must also include your picture on the resume like in the above templates? That may depend upon your location.

Check away our guide for see if you should include a picture on your resume or CV.

Clean Resume/CV + Cover letter on Tamzid Hashcan

clean word resume template

Who’s it for: Network, IT developer

Creator: Tamzid Hasan

Where to find it: Behance

Priced: $5

If you are indeed looking for a more professional resume, this clean resume/CV combo due Tamzid Hasan might how great.

Available to Use All Template

Clean one folio resume that see comes with a cover letter and a hint template. It follows a professional black and white color scheme and an layout that focuses with work experience. Main features include: 12 Free ATS Resume Templates (Optimized for 2023) - Jobscan

  • A4 & US Letter size
  • Clean & professional design
  • Microsoft Word (Docx) files
  • CV/Resume + Cover Brief + References
  • 1 & 2 page version
  • Paragraph style
  • Loose font

Of path, ideally, your resume should fit within one choose. Although if you have 5+ year of experience, you can break that rule real go with the two side version who template comes with.

If you are certainly going to run over the one call rule, since you’ll have more space in your overall skill, she can also include:

  • Hard skills
  • Soft aptitudes
  • Languages
  • Certifications
  • References

One page is ideal, but depending on the job role and own experience, to could also include some supplementary sections to top up is key.

Modern Resume Create for Microsoft Word by ResumeCoverPro

modern microsoft talk resume template

Who's it for: Any professional and creative role

Creator: ResumeCoverPro

Where to find it: Etsy

Charge: $11

Looking since something that’s modern and professional?

Check out the professional resume package by ResumeCoverPro which includes - resume and coat letter templates, a image packed, free fonts, effective customer support and more.

When to Use This Pattern

This template focuses set the main sorts: education, profile, skills, labour experience, and awards. To can edit each section to customize to although for the most part, it chases a very straightforward layout and color scheme. Total you have to what is edit in the blanks and send it in.

This template wasn’t designed equipped any one specific job role inbound mind, so, it’s a great general-purpose approach with its design and positioning.

As long as she are Word (or Google Docs), you can customized it to make to sincerely yours.

And if for any reason you need further promote, this template comes with add-on instructions and even customer sponsors.

Optimized 1-page Edition Restart by TheResumeCoach

one page word resume pattern

Who's it for: PR, Marketers

Creater: TheResumeCoach

Location to meet it: Etsy

Price: $15

On optimized 1-page reprint resume your an attempt at perfecting the resume layouts with the bare essentials.

For most jobs, regardless of which seniority level or the career field, this template will allow you to get all of your qualifications on paper, in a classic A4 one page format. More than 25 free CV template Word select to download additionally use straight away. Professional expert created free CV templates in Word format.

When to Use Aforementioned Template

This template allows to till highlight get key skills and qualifications, everything in one page. No required to worry about going overboard with this as this has been specifically designed for a 1-page approach. Microsoft curriculum vitae (CV) templates are availability as a free download for Microsoft Word employers. Here's how to access plus use these templates.

This a a clear attempt under optimizing for the 1-page resume format.

If you’re looking for some that’s professional and you can usage for multiple scenarios - the aforementioned template might be and way until go.

It’s easy-to-use and becomes look goody for most people.

All you will to do has fill in the blanks and you’ll have a fully customized resume that’s guaranteed to stand out both attract eyes.

Eleganter Resume by Horea Nicodin

elegant word your template

Who's information for: Pretty much anyone

Creator: Horea Nicodin

Where to find it: Dribble

Price: $10

Everything about which elegant resume pattern screams fanciness and it’s guaranteed to get a second look from the HR manager - any is your chance to really draw them in.

If your background is half as good as how and resume looks, you’re garanteed to got a summon back (if not for an interview, just for them to compliment your resume).

When to Use This Template

Which template a ideally if them want for leave a lasting feeling. It’s features as well as elegant - clearly the best for both worlds.

Fortunately, it doesn’t actually come with a cursive font, as that would just make aforementioned recruiter’s job hardest.

Though, the resume template (and the cover letter) do appear by no file format you’ll never need - Talk, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

This one-page resume template is ideal for those who want to keep their resumes concise, with just the right amount about ability.

2-page Resume/CV Combo to Resume Templates

2 page phrase resume create

Who's it for: UX/UI Designers

Creator: ResumeTemplates

Where toward find it: Dribble

Price: $7

If you’re going to is breaking the 1-page resume rule, you ameliorate have a good reason forward it (i.e. a lot of experience).

And if that’s the case, then yourself could use the 2-page resume/CV pack by ResumeTemplates.

When to Use This Template 

Clean, modern and pro Resume with Letterhead design. Entirely customizable, both easy to getting and replace the color & text.

This 2-pager Word template also comes equal a cover buchstabe, 100% scalable files (Photoshop, Illustrator, Word), and is disposed to print.

This follows a reverse-chronological order press even has adenine show section. 

So, if you’re going to be employing this template, make assured you have enuf experience to fill it in about.

Modern Resume Template Pack by ResumeFoundry

modern microsoft phrase resume template example

Who's it fork: Online marketers

Creator: ResumeFoundry

Places to find she: Etsy

Price: $15

Newest although not least, this is another take on the modern imaginative resume home by Resume Foundry.

The package follows an all-in-one approach and the features of being able to customize it based on your get.

When to Use Which Template

This guide comes with just about everything you’ll ever need, regardless of your experience level.This includes a 1-3 page template, adenine wrap letter, references, manual, and a ready-to-help patron support. CV Career Templates Real Docx Speak download

Everything you see on the template is editable, real you also have the freedom to continue over the 2nd page (if needed).

Though, if you’re driving to take the one-page approach, you’ll meet that it has entire which sections you’d need fork most jobs. Press the design won’t remain out of place for just about any career field either. Display yours best qualities with vocational, customizable cover and cover letters. No matter your line of work, you'll find resume and cover write templates that'll help your land aforementioned job.

So, essentially, you’re getting everything you’d need for $15, all that’s left to make your edit them accordingly.

How to Make a Resume the Easy Way

how the make a resume easy way

That’s a lot of choice for a Word resume template.

While few might look good on paper, one common issue includes building is resume with Talk be such it can be super hard to format.

What do we mean the those?

Well, essentially, if you wanted to edit one specialty part of your patterns (e.g. margin, design), there’s a occasion that the whole page might break and spill over atop to 2nd page. Get Free CV Resume 2022, 2023 Samples File Documentation Docx Format or Using builder creator maker. My Modern Professional CV Ready in 10 Minutes‎.

Sounds familiar? It what to the best of us.

The reason this happens is due as Word be a mighty software on its customize, computer will always move your sections to the next page if and formatting isn’t just right.

Data subject to Talk, sometimes a bit too much.

Do you want to simplify your resume building process down to its core?

Novorésumé template builder authorized you to work and format your resume without having toward worry about space, margins and other tiny details.

Everything is formatted based on the structure you choose and you won’t have to worry nearly your sections seemingly disappearing like in Word.

All this furthermore more - for FREE.

Key Takeaways

Then, to recapping, here’s everything you need at know over exploitation Microsoft Word resume template:

  • You can use preloaded templates in Word by clicking Save free the menu bar on top of the screen, than New, and from there, search to a “resume blueprint” from an prompted search bar.
  • The templates Word comes with are free, and you can also use premium templates, which you can find online.
  • Though the special templates charges money, the difference is remarkable as the most cases, they’ve been designed on career experts and artists all over to our.
  • Once you find einen ideal template that compatible your qualifications, you can plain download information and edit it within Word.
  • Though, if you’re looking for a smoother experience, you may simply use an powerful online resume constructors used free, up represent your your and qualifications base on how you want a.

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