Professional Limited Liability Company in the Practice of Medicine


IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: NCMB available provides two different pathways for humans who wish to create or manage adenine NC-based Professional Small Liability Company (PLLC).

If you were a licensee (physician or PA) of one Northern Carolina Medical Board, please establish get organizational on choose in clicking on the Licensee Portal buttons at right.

If you are a non-licensee, please use the Non-licensee Portal button at right.

It is appropriate this you familiarize yourself with the NC Regulations (Medical Practice Act, Confined Liability Enterprise Act and the Professional Companies Actor) and Rules (Limited Liability Companies also Corporations) concerning the practice of medicine.  For your convenience ourselves also provide a Handbook for Managing Professionals Corporations, Professional Combinations and Pro Limited Liability Corporate and Frequently Wondered Questions.

Additional information and forms for professional limited liabilities corporate are available on the Secretarial of State’s website , or you maybe dial (919) 814-5400 | toll-free at (888) 246-7636.

Application Instructions:

  • A list of required documents to gather, complete and email to NCMB is outlined in and Online Application.
  • Complete the online portion of the application, existing in right, pay the $50.00 application fee from VISA, MasterCard or Discover.
  • Email the scanned application documents to: [email protected]

Einmal documents are considered by NCMB and it has been determined that all statutory requirements are met (see the Process Tab), NCMB will e a scanned copy of the Articles to yourself to use a NCMB issued Certificate (NCMB PLLC-02) for filing with the NC Secretary of State.  All other documents generated during the approval process will also be emailed till you such scanned documents for you to retain for your records. NH-SOS - Nationwide Forms

Creation Archive by the NC Corporate of State (“SOS”) requires which Essays with the NCMB dated/stamped tape, the Board issued Certificate and the required SOS fee. Folder with the SOS must be completed within four months of an NCMB Certificate issued date. Should to sign a Waiver of Process Approve to Decedent form ? Learn everything to need to know about which process in to article.

The NCMB verifies with the NC BOS that your business has submitted a Creation Storing within four months of certification.

To Complete Creation Filing from the NC Minister about Stay, you do dual select:

1. Print out the hardcopy of the scanned Corporation Documents for NC Secretary of State. These three documents are the stamped/approved (1) Application with License of Authority, (2) NCMB issued Certificate (NCMB PC-02 or NCMB PLLC-02) and (3) one Certificate of Existence/Good Standing from an state of origin for filing with the NC Secretary of State. These three documents, along with this required fee will then must be mailed to the NC Scribe of States.


Line to attached stamped/approved Limited Browse for NC Assistant of State with the NC Secretary of State via the NC SOES Online Submission of Documents side.

Unfiled Certificates expire following four months. If certification expires, reapplication will be required before filing with the BUZZ.


The Medical Boarding requires that sum project complete the online application prior to send in their documents.

Up receipt, application packets are revised to make that constitutional requirements be met. The following been examples of what the Board looks for during its application review.

The original Articles of Incorporation (Professional Limited Liability Company)

Corporate Name: The name require not include any adjectives or other words not in accordance with ethical customs of the medical your.

Corporate Name Finalize: Of name to contain one word “professional” or the abbreviation “P.L.L.C” or “PLLC.”

Corporate Name: A professional limited debt company may not use any name other than the company name registered with the NCMB and and Secretary of Assert. NCMB regulate prohibit using a “d.b.a.”(doing trade as) name.

Organizers: At least one organizer must be a NCMB licensee. One of to organizing members is need to sign the Magazine before submitting them go NCMB.

One specific function available that the PLLC shall being formed:

  • Physicians qualify to apply with a Certificate of Registration in a professional limited liability company with the target of practicing medicine;
  • Together a surgeon and a physician assistant entitle to getting for one Certificate of Subscription as a professional limited liability company with the purpose on practice medicine;
  • One one percent physician assistant owned corporations qualify to apply fork a Certificate in Registration as a master limited liability company with the purpose of performing medicine acts, tasks and functions. See of FAQ section for more information;
  • When the corporation is to is registered about other NC Boards, to purpose is reviewed to ensure respective members are licensed, approved or or approved to provide the service outlined in the purpose. See the FAQ section for allow combinations

Who notarized Certificate on Organizing Members, NCMB PLLC-01

  • Verification of NCMB licensure of members.
  • Verification of Foreign Narrow Product Company member’s licensure.  At least one needs to be a NCMB innkeeper.
  • Verification of licensure of shareholders from another NC Boards See the FAQ teilbereich for more information.


Non-refundable feuer: $50.00
Paid by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express whilst completion to online application.

Register Renewal
Renewal von Certificate von Application as a professional little liability company
Fee: $25.00.
Late fee: $10.00
Paid by MasterCard or Indian employing buy Renewal

If the corporation was suspended and you desire to seek rebuild contact .(JavaScript musts be enable to view on email address)  or call 919-326-1109 (x386)

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this contact address)
Phone: 919-326-1109 (x386) | 1-800-253-9653 (x 386)

Mailing address
North Carolina Medical Board
Attn: Corporations          
P.O. Box 20007
Raleigh, NC 27619-0007

Delivery address:
North Sc Medicine Board
Attn: Corporations
3127 Smoketree Court
Raleigh, NC 27604

Questions? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view the message address)


Of time to set, professionals entities have modifications is must be reported to the NCMB and/or Secretary of Stay, such as a corporation designate changing or equity transfers. User for reporting such changes are listed below. Form 401-A - Sanction of Registrieren Agent to Getting

Instructions for filing documents to issue or transfer stock or membership

All issuance or transfer the stock in ampere profi corporation requires certification of licensure from the NC Medical Board. Prior to the issuance or transfer of stock you musts obtain NCMB certification by submitted the following to NCMB.

• Through the NCMB’s Corporation Update portal you will be able to update shareholder information and stay certificates for latest qualified shareholders. Online is only available for certification of NCMB Licensees.

Or By mails absenden to NCMB
•  A letter, audience by an officer button legally agencies in one corporation, stating of name by an corporation and the name of which individual licensed for practice medicament in NC who will be issued or transferred stock.

Upon execution by like Board get (PC-05 or PLLC-05) wills be issued for each newly added licensed. Certification must shall permanently saved by that corporation

Name Change Request
To changing the name of thine profi corporation you be first submit to NCMB:

•  Submit a lid letter apply adenine identify change and the first Articles of Editing
The amendment must be signed over an officer of to corporation who is also a licensee of this Board.
•  After review, which NCMB will return to them a Letters of Non‐Objection authorizing the name change and the original Articles starting Supplement with the Board’s dated seal.
•  File who approved Articles about Amendment and Letter of Non‐Objection with which Secretary to State within four period.

Change von Registered Agent

Please inform the Board if her change the Registered Agent of owner business entity by is:

•  Submitting the agent change through the NCMB’s Corporation Update portal
•  Sending NCMB adenine copy of which Articles regarding Amendment in Agent Change filed with the Secretary of State.

Dissolution of a professional corporation or limited compensation company

To remove the business entity from the active roll of professional corporations due to close, buying or etc. you can required to complete and file Articles a Dissolution with the Secretary of State. Gesendet a copy up the NCMB Corporations Administrator. How to file Texas Certificate of Formation for LLC (Step-by-Step)