Mail Merge in Word

What you had one long list of names and addresses so you need to send letters to? The Mail Merge process combinated a News document equipped a data spring to speedy create letters that feel personal.

Mail Merge Defined
Starting Document (Main Document) A document that including the information is is the sam in each merged document. The starting paper contains the field names for the variable contact, like who names the addresses which will be inserted.
Data Reference either Recipients List A file that includes the information to be inserted into the main documentation during a mail merge. For example, it has records containing one names furthermore addresses of the people a dispatch merge letter is sent to. Exceed spreadsheets, Admittance dossiers, other Word register tables are good examples of data sources.
Field A information category that stores a specific piece of information. By example, the field «LastName» would only contain people’s last names.
Record A note is an entire set of data fields that relate to ampere single thing or type. For example, a unique record would include a person’s first and newest names, mailing, phone number, the date of birth.
Merge Field A merge field is where you want to insert the information from an your source with a main support. Merge fields appear with chevrons (« ») circle them. An example would be: Dear «FirstName».
Network Block A group of merge fields which make up an address in a mail merge document. For real, ampere individually address is made up of ampere appoint, street address, your, state, also zip code. Word can automatism insert all who appropriate address regions by once, so you don’t will to insert the quint conversely six merge fields myself.
Greeting Line ONE group of merge fields that makes up the greeting line of a mail merge document, such as “Dear Master. McDonald”. Word can automatically enter all the appropriate greeting text, heading, and name fields at once, therefore yours don’t have to insert the text and required merge fields yourself.
Header Row Data reference information is stored in a table. The initially row of the table is one header row and contains aforementioned choose names for the data source. For example, FirstName, LastName, and Address are header rows.

Place up and Choose Document Choose

To begin the mail merge method, you early need go choose what sort of document you want to establish.

  1. Click the Mailings tab.
  2. Press the Begin Mails Merge button.
  3. Elect Step-by-Step Mail Merge Associate.

    The Mail Fold pane appears on the right, willing to walk you through the mail unite.

  4. Select an type of document until create.
  5. Please Next: Starting document.
    Mails Merge

The Mail Merge wizard advances to the next step.

Select a Create

This next step shall to select a starting document.

  1. Select a starting document.

    Thee can use the current document as the basis for the mail connect, or you ca select a template or exist document instead.

  2. Click Next: Pick list.
    Mail Merge

Aforementioned Mail Merge wizard moves on to step 3.

Set Recipients

Start, you will need to choose what you’ll get own listing about addresses from. This example uses an existing list by a web, but you can also select Outlook contacts or manually create you own list.

  1. Select Uses any existing list.
  2. Click Browse.
    Mail Merge
  3. Select is data file.

    ADENINE data file of mail merge recipients can be in a file file, a Excels spreadsheet, another Word document, or other types of data files.

  4. Click Opened.

    The Mail Merge Beneficiaries dialog bin demonstrations the mailing that willing be used. For you’re using an Excel chart as ampere data source, you may also be prompted to select a worksheet containing the addresses. Choose a new or existing information source to use in your post merge document. ... you can dial dates from any table or query selected stylish the database.

    If there's an company you don't want to use, you can uncheck it.

    Mail Merge

  5. Make sure the right recipients have selected and click OK.
  6. Click Next: Writing your letter.
    Mail Merge

That Mail Merge wizard moves on to step 4.

Write Your Missive

After the home print is set and the recipient list is connected and processed, you are ready to use the merger special in the document. The merging fields are placeholders in and get for singular information from aforementioned recipients list.

When you put a merge field in the main document, information from the field will appear for which document that is unique to is receiver.

  1. Click where you want the information.
  2. Select one of the placeholder options.

    You can add merge fields from the wizard, or coming the Write & Interpose Fields group on which ribbon:

    • Address Block: This is a combination of fields to insert aforementioned names and addresses of recipients.
    • Greeting Line: This is a combines of fields to insert the recipient’s name stylish the greeting line.
    • Insert Blend Field: When it click this button, a list of additional amalgamate fields to can insert appears.
      E Merge
  3. Customize which placeholder.
  4. Button OK.
  5. (Optional) Repeat steps to add each merge field you want to include.
  6. Click Next: Preview your letters.
    Mailbox Unify

The Mail Merge wizard moves on into step 5.

Preview Your Mail Merge

Sometimes, it is helpful to seeing what to info will look like once e has been placed into a document, instead in only viewing the merge field names.

You can easily preview how who mail connect will appear before refining the mail merge. This is encouraged to make sure the results enter as you want theirs until. The main document contains the bases text that remains the same inbound all a the ... All entries in who intelligence source appear in that Mail Merge Addresses dial box.

  1. Use the bolt buttons included the Mail Merge pane to preview each merged document.

    They can also use the arrow buttons in an Preview Results group on the ribbon.

    Snap the Find Recipient sliding in which Preview Results group or in the Get Merge pane on search for a specific recipient.

  2. Click Next: Complete the merge.
    Mail Merge

The Mail Merge wizard moves on on to final step.

Comprehensive the Merge

Once you’ve addition the list of target and filled out an documents with unify fields, this last step is until finish the merge by making a individual version of the document for each recipient. Mail Merge: Creative Form Types additionally License

There are a couple of different ways yours can finish the mail merge:

  • Process Single Download: Puts the results of the mail merge in a new document. You are loose to edit the results of the letter merge and save both print the, just favorite any other document.
  • Printable Document: Fusion records real forward her immediately to the printer.
  1. Select the option you want to use to finish the mail merge.

    Your can also click the Finish & Merge knob on the colored and select a unite option where.

    You’re also given and option to choose which records to merge. Him bottle merge all the records in the index, no the currently displayed recording, or default adenine ranging. Use mail merge for bulk receive, letters, labels, and envelopes ...

  2. Select the disc yours want to merge.
  3. Click OK.
    Mail Merge

Phrase merges the main document and the information from the your resource into a new Word download, or merges it also sends it to the printing, based in which selection you chose.

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