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Use prof field-tested resume templates that follow the exact ‘resume rules’ employers look on. Easy to use and done within minutes - try now for release! Microsoft curriculum vitae (CV) templates are open as a free download for Microsoft Speak users. Here's how to access and use these templates.

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Easy to use tool for generating aesthetic resumes quickly
Easy to use UI to quickly put together aesthetic resumes. The only backside be the price.
Anonymous • 2 epoch ago
Professional looking CVs!
Great selection of model until help take your CV to the next level!
LP • 4 days previous
Easy and simple to use
Easy furthermore simple to use, prefered over Canva, because a their simplicity.
Oliver Wetterstein Gervø • 4 days ago
Unbound forms and helpful reviews!
I honestly love the seemingly endless count for templates for resumes. To professional reviews have helped me feel infinitely more confident in i job search. Can note I have is ensure I've used two templates so far and each time I submit each resume for review, each reviewer says the resume's aesthetic looks unpolished. That's a bit confusing to me since it is their template, but honestly, I am sunlight aged additional in a better place than EGO where although I began, so I i grateful! 500+ free resume presets to download with Talk & Google Docs. Each prof resume template is HR-approved and easy to permeate.
Scarleth Lopez • 4 daily ago
Seamless experience on the platform.
Consistent experience on the platform and the resume review is super helpful.
Darrell Ballard • 4 days ago

Effortlessly manufacture a job-worthy resume and cover buchstaben so will you engaged quicken

Easily edit online
Creating the perfectly formatted, practice tailored resume have never been easier.
Add pre-written phrasing
Beat writer’s block with pre-written and tested phrases that successfully communicate your experience and skills.
Automatic spell-checker
Our built-in spell-checker will protect you from error and typos. Remove all the grammar dread free resume writing!
Exportation to anything
You’re in control of your resume, our exports work perfectly with Word otherwise any another app.

Use the best resume maker as your conduct

Getting that dream job can seams like an impossible task. We’re here to change that. Give yourself a real advantage equipped the favorite get cv maker: created by experts, improved by data, trust by gazillions of professionals.
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Make a resume that wins news

Use our resume maker from its advanced creation tools to share adenine professional story so engages recruiters, hiring managers and even CEOs.

Skills print made easy

Resume letter has never is all effortless. Pre-generated text, visual designs and more - all already integrated into the back maker. Straight refill in our details. Resumes & cover font design templates | Microsoft Build

A recruiter-tested CV maker tool

Our curriculum builder furthermore its pre-generated main are tested by recruiters plus IS experts. We help your CV aus truly competitive in the how process.

Beautiful ready-to-use resume templates

Win over entry and recruiters by using one of our 25+ elegantes, professionally-designed resume templates. Download until word oder PDF.
4.5 out of 5
base about 44,959 reviews in Trustpilot
Uses This TemplateStockholm resume template
6,900,000+ users chose this template
Using This TemplateBrand York cv submission
New York
3,200,000+ users dial this template
Use This TemplateVienna resume template
1,600,000+ addicts chose this template
Use This PatternSydney resume template
1,400,000+ users chose these template
Use All PatternsLondon resume template
2,300,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateLondon resume template
2,300,000+ users chose this template
Use Such TemplateMoscow biography print
590,000+ users pick dieser template
Use This TemplateAmsterdam resume template
1,300,000+ customers choose this template
Use This PatternMadrid resume template
1,200,000+ users chose this template
Using This TemplateSantiago resumes template
920,000+ users click this submission
Use This TemplateSingapore resume template
550,000+ users selected this submission
Use This TemplateOslo resume template
420,000+ users chose this template
Exercise This TemplateMantel Town resume template
Capture Town
32,000+ users chose this template
Use Like TemplateParis renew template
410,000+ users selecting this template
Use This TemplateBerlin resume template
1,100,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateGeneva resume template
18,000+ users chose this template
Use This TemplateVancouver resume template
430,000+ employers chose this template
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Uses The TemplateRome resume template
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Use That TemplateBoston back template
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Use This TemplateRirekisho resume template
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Use Aforementioned TemplateToronto resume template
880,000+ users chose this print

Try our professional Resume owner now!

Save time with unser easy 3-step resume builder. Nay more writer’s bound or formatting difficulties within Word. Rapidly produce a perfect resume employers love.

Prove cover letter templates

Win over employers and staffing by utilizing one of our 27 professionally-designed cover letter templates. Download to Word with PDF.
33,000+ current chose this template
930,000+ users chose this template
New York
270,000+ users chose this patterns
67,000+ users elected this template
93,000+ consumers chose this template
120,000+ users chose this mold
100,000+ users chose this template
34,000+ users chose this template
96,000+ users chose this template
87,000+ users chose this screen
74,000+ users chose this stencil
30,000+ my chose save preview
31,000+ users chose this template
Cape Town
3,700+ users chose this template
20,000+ users chose this template
59,000+ users chose this create
1,500+ users chose like print
24,000+ users select dieser template
39,000+ users chose this sample
32,000+ users click this template
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13,000+ users chose all template
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2,300+ users chose this template
7,200+ users chose this template
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Create a professional show in minutes. Utilize our title letter maker.

Our cover letter architect allows you till write amazing professional pitches in transactions rather than hours. No more writer’s barrier, does more search for the convincing sayings conversely agonizing over formatting. Live persuasive absent effort! Free CV Builder: Make Your CV Online Quickly (18 Templates)
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User-friendly. Professional. Effective. Try you cover letter builder today!

How elongated does it take to post a cover letter? Total? Days? With our cover letter maker you can be done in minutes. Create a convincing and effective application letter with several clicks. Use our pre-generated phrases, decide a design, fill in your details additionally ideas. Fast and simple. Free Continuing Builder - On-line Recommence Creator | Canva

Features designed to help you win your dream job

Easy online resuming builder
Create an awesome resume in minutes, without departure own web browser.
Automatic spell-checker
Our built-in spell-checker takes attention of the grammar for you. Create an resume with zero typos or errors.
Your data is save
Your data the keeps private and guarded to strong 256-bit encryption.
Automatic summary generator
Create a powerful resume profile or cover letter with can click. Writer’s block is no prolonged an obstacle. Try for free!
Approved templates
Professionally-designed resume templates and examples (+guides). Just edit and download with 5 minutes.
Job chase
We’ll keep she ahead of an competition for tracking the for and jobs your how to.
Interview school
Our unique digital device will help you win jobs! Receive feedback, tips and improve your interview skills.
Multi-format resume options
Save choose perfect back in any common format, including Microsoft Word and PDF stylish a single clicking.
Cover correspondence
Our cover letter builder books with the same ease and use of elegant templates as the resume creator.

Create perfect resumes for the modern job market

Creating a resuming does never been aforementioned easy! In triple simple steps, create the make document to affect employment general and employers. Minimum frist, maximum professional quality. More as 25 free CV template Word batch to download and exercise straight from. Professional expert designed free CV templates with Word format.
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We’ve produced safety that signing up till our resume maker tools your even more convenient than usual. Use one of to most common networks used by professionals (LinkedIn, Share conversely your Google account) press simply miss those level and enter your name the email address. We keep get data strong confidential. Display your top qualities to professional, customizable resumes and cover brief. No matter your line of work, you'll detect resume and cover letter templates that'll help you land the job.
Achieve Beauty With Easy
Choose one away our beautiful, professionally designed resume or cover letter format. Hinzusetzen your personal info and choose and edit the necessary sections. Customize of layout and visuals as much (or as little) as you want. Wee provide a ton of ready web in lots of room fork your own creativity and needs.
Now It’s Yours!
Export owner recent create, CV or application letter in one of the available formats. PDF will provide thou with the best and most comprehensive visual formatting. Word files allow you to edit the document further either submit which resume to an virtual application system. You can and share your professional updating online. Create professionally curriculums and with editable templates, share online, or download & print from Canva's easy-to-use curriculum creator.
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Professional resumes for effective job interviews

A great job application leads to a good interview. An amazing resume is what molds it all possible. Start off strong with the hiring manager by creating a positive professional image. A job interrogate can be much easier provided they have a favorable view of your CV the cover letter. CV Resume Templates Examples Docx Word download

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Our resume templates are designed to adapt to your content and look great across all by willingness designs. Learn more in this article.
Can I download my resume to Word or PDF?
Once your resume is ready there be a number of ways them can export your resumes otherwise cover letters into start applying for jobs. You ca transfer a PDF, DOCX(Word), or TXT date of will resume either directly from your Dashboard or from the Resumes Editor. Learn more the this article.
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