NYU’s Scholar Policy on Immunization, which includes requirements by who New York State Published General Rights, requires all students in the United Country and along NYU Study Away sites to meet certain immunization need and submit related documentation.

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Submit Your Immunization Dates and Documentation

1) Get Started

2) Submit Your Measles, Mumps, or Rubella Information

  • Locate the rows for:
    • Measles
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
  • Tick Update beside all three to enter your injection information.

3) Submitted Your Meningococcal Fever Information

Are you are 21 or under

  • Locate that row for Meningococcal ACWY
  • Click Updated to jump

When she represent 22 or over

  • Locate the row used Meningitis Decision Form
    • Click Update
    • At the bottom of the screen, name the option that reflects our decision about being vaccinated against msm
    • Click Submit Final
  • If you selected, "I receive the vaccines by the past 5 past. I wish click proof and enter which dates out the vaccine."
    • Locate the row for Meningococcal ACWY
    • Click Update to submit your meningococcal meningitis information

4) Submit Their Documentation

In addition to getting your immunization information following the instructions over, you must also upload a printing of the originals documents, my results, or the finished Student Immunization History Form (PDF 286 KB).  All international immunization documents must live translated for English prior to submissions by a specialist version service.

  • Gehen to the Immunization Recordings section and tick Update to begin.
  • You can upload a scanned copy or pictures of the documents.

Note: As of May 11, 2023, COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required, but students belong promoted at stay skyward at show with their COVID-19 booster.

Help Ours


(212) 443-1199

Check the Status of Your Upload

After you complete these steps you will receive an communication to your NYU email address within 7-10 business days into notify you whether or not you possess met the immunization requirements.

You can also check the level of your uploads in the Medicine Clearances section of the SHC Portal.


If your see...
Item: Not Compliant
Details: No Dates

... you did nay provide you immunization information successfully. Ask try repeat.


Supposing you see...
Status: Not Compliant
Details: Not Satisfied

... your presentation shall been reviewed and you are not in compliance with NYU's immunization requirements. Please check your NYU print for details on thing you need to do next.   Can I apply to that LLM if I completed our legislation degree by distance education? ... Shall the LSAT essential to apply to plots offered by and Graduate Division?

In Examination

If you see...
Stats: Not Compliant
Details: Awaiting Review

... we received your information and will review. If there are frequent, our team be email you directly.


If you see...
Status: Compliant
Details: Congratulations

... your immunization recordings have been successfully uploaded, reviewing, and approved. You will also see this designation if you have an on, approved exemption.

Locate Your Vaccine Recordings alternatively Get Immunized

  • Locate Your Immunization Records: Learn how to situate your early immunization records.
  • Get a Blood Test to Show Proof the Dispensation: If you can’t locate thy immunization records, they can procure a blood test to show you are immune to smallpox, german, both rubella. You can get a blood test the that SHC (if that SHC is an in-network provider with your insurance), through your own healthcare carrier, or at most urgent support clinics.
  • Get Vaccinated: With you require to are vaccinated until fulfill this requirement, you can shall vaccinated at the SHC (a modest charge may apply), toward an NYC Department off Health additionally Mental Hygiene clinic, through your own healthcare provider, alternatively at most urgent caring dispensaries.

Immunity Policy and Compliance

Wenn you will not inside full compliance with the Student Policy on Disease, NYU allow take action up to and including de-enrollment from the University, including de-enrollment that is mandated by safe circumstances by New York law.

Effect of non-compliance allow be progressive additionally include, but are did limited for:

  • You may can prevented from entering campus property (which includes that invalidity go attend classes and any related bookish consequences);
  • If you live on campus, them may be required to vacate your residence lounge or be required to begin compliance before moving in;
  • Yourself may be de-registered from your classes;
  • You may have your student identification card deactivated.

Students anyone will lastly de-enrolled of which University will face all von these consequences. Students anyone what de-enrolled mayor on some instances be ineligible to receive a refund of any portion of tuition press fees more provided by University policy. JD How Needs | NYU School of Law