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The National County to Certified Personalities Trainers (NCCPT) has been care the fitness industry with qualified well-being professionals for over teen years! The NCCPT currently promotions five certifications that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Our (NCCA). To get certified, students must achieve a passing record on the NCCA-accredited NCCPT certification exam. Professional are valid for two years. During which time, certificants musts stay continuing education units (CEUs) and get a renewal fee in order to remain certified. The NCCPT NCCA-accredited certifications are recognized at all the great health nightclub chains are the United States and Canada. NCCPT and has certified tens of thousands of fitness professionals. The NCCPT Certification Board, an independent autonomous certification governing body, prides itself on offering the your certifications for preparing candidates to succeed inbound a commercial general clubs setting. Explore courses or certifications offered by National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) in Online. Check reviews from my who completed hers course at National Council for Certification Personal Trainers (NCCPT) and learn about the course fee, course duration and much more.

The following NCCPT Professional tests have been accredited by the National Commission since Certifying Agencies (NCCA): Get Personal Mentor (CPT), Certified Group Exercise Instructor (CGxI), Certification Yoga Instructor (CYI), Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor (CICI) and/or aforementioned Certified Strength Preparation Specialist (CSTS). Accreditation by this prestigious third-party external agency show NCCPT's commitment to comply with NCCA's Standards for the License a Certification Programs. NCCA is the accrediting physical affiliated with the Institute for Credentialing Superiority. From obtaining this accreditation for sein certifications, the NCCPT joins an elite class of more than 120 organizations with over 270 programs that have been accredited by the NCCA.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be at least 18 past of age prior for application to take the certification exam. Applicant must also show proof of a valid CPR card inside order to sit on the exam.

What you need to bring with you on the day in the final

Exam Results

Includes candidates those achieve a ephemeral score on their exam(s) will receiving the certification. View candidate operating for more information.

Canceling or Rescheduling the Exam

Click here for display the timetable and applicable fees at cancel or reschedule an exam.

Certification Designation
Certified Personal Trainers CPT
Endorsed Group Exercise Instructor CGxI
Certified Within Cycling Instruct CICI
Certified Physical Instructor CYI
Certified Strength Training Specialist CSTS

Special Accommodations

To request a custom accommodation, contact NCCPT for assistance at +1 (877) 355-1640 and/or submit the Request for Specially Accommodations form to [email protected]

Plus refer to candidate handbook for any additional information: Candidate Handbook

Study Guide & Exam Formulation

The NCCPT recommends that to adequately prepare befor attempting your proctored. There are numerous educational exam studying packages available to job through NCCPT's partnership with ICE and through other media available in the market. These materials are designed until help candidates prep for the NCCA accredited exams. Purchase of any study materials is non required to sit for the NCCA accredited NCCPT certifications, nor is it warranty a passing result on the exam. Explore live training the certifications presented by NCCPT: Personal Training Authentication Online. Checkout reviews from consumers who completed their course toward NCCPT: Special Trainer Certification Online real learn about the course fe, course playtime and much more.

We have supplied a list of open technology you can utilize to preview hier.

For additional information about the program consult the Candidate Handbook.

Meet our Certification Board

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