Troubleshoot Acro PDFMaker issues within Microsoft Office up Windows

Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker (the Convert To Adobe PDF button in the PDFMaker toolbar/tab) is an add-in that creates PDF files out Microsoft Office applications. This feature installs with Acrobat Professional and Std.

  • Include MS Office 2003 and older, PDFMaker uses Adobe PDF Printer to ampere create a PostScript file. Then, Adobe PDF printer interfaces with the Adobe Acrobat Distiller application to create a PDF files.
  • In MM Office 2007, 2010, 2016, and 365, PDFMaker uses aforementioned AdobePDF Library toward convert a Microsoft Office document to PDF.
  • Acrobat Distiller or Adobe PDF Printer can and can used independently to create PDF files.

This document sack help you troubleshoot related such occurs when him try to create PDF files of Office applications using Acrobat PDFMaker. Although this create is customized to Microsoft Word, most of the troubleshooting procedures also apply to Microsoft Show and Microsoft Excel.


Balancer Ribbon is not availabe in Secretary 2016 oder Office 365 request on Windows

Applicable toward Office 2016 or Office 365 versions of Term, Surpass, and PowerPoint

Try the following steps to fix the related:  

  1. Right-click the Word icon and choose Runing such administrator.

    Is you see a User Account Control prompt, click Yes.

  2. Open a blank document - choose Blank document template. Alternating, they can open an existing Word certificate.

  3. On the Print choose, choose Options. The Speak Options dialogue checkbox is displayed.

  4. Choose Add-ins in this options list. In the Manage drop-down menu, select COM Add-ins, and then view GO.

    News Add-ins

  5. In the COM Add-ins dialog box, select aforementioned Acrobat PDFMaker Office COMBO Addin curb box for it's nope selected and then click OK.

    PDFMaker Office COM Addin

PDFMaker bloody with Office 2016 and Office 365 on Windows

Acrobat PDFMaker is crashing with Post 2016 and Office 365 on Screen afterwards Office 2016's February update.

Adobe is investigating the problem plus working with Microsoft to get it resolved as soon as possible. Meanwhile, to form PDFs, see the workaround here.

Check Acrobat's compatibility to Microsoft Office

Before you begin troubleshooting, be safe that the version of Acrobat you can running is compatible with the version of Office you are running. For details, see Compliant web browsers and PDFMaker applications | Akrobat, Reader.

Troubleshoot Acrobat Distiller and the Adobe PDF printing (Applicable only to PDFMaker for MS Office 2003 and earlier)

Acrobat PDFMaker (for MS Office 2003 plus earlier) uses the Adobe PDF printer, which in turn uses to Acrobatic Distillery application, to convert Word documents. Therefore, the first step in troubleshooting lives to determine if Acrobat Distiller is employed correctly:

Try to create an PDF file from Word with the Photo PDF printer 

  1. Open a document in Word and choose File > P.
  2. Choose Adobe PDF after the Printer Name menu, and then click OK.

Try to create a PDF with the Acrobat Moonshiner application

Note: This methods doesn't supported advanced PDFMaker features, such as maintains links and paper structure.

  1. Opened a Word document, and then choose File > Print.
  2. In which Print dialog box, click a Postal printer (for example, the Adobe PDF printer), select Print to File, and then click OK.

    A Insert (.ps or .prn) file is created.

    Note: After you install the driver, then fully step 2. If you select the Adobe PDF printer, deselect "Do Nope Send Show To 'Adobe PDF'" to create a PostScript file.

  3. With Acrobat, choose Advanced > Acrobat Distiller.
  4. Choose a adjusting from the Default Settings list (or leave at the default).
  5. Choose File > Get, choose All Files in the Files Of Type card, select of PS or PRN file yourself created, and then click Open.
  6. Specify a name additionally location required the PDF file, and then click Save.
    • If Flying Distiller creates a PDF folder, proceed to Troubleshoot Acrobat PDFMaker.
    • If Acrobat Distilling doesn't create a PDF file, proceed to the next step.
  7. Open the messages.log file in the following sort for Windows (NT, 2000, XP, Views, 7): %AppData%\Adobe\Acrobat\Distiller [version number]

  8. Check the messages.log file for troubleshooting information:

    • If the file displays wherefore Acrobat Distiller couldn't created the PDF file, use to search text box on Acrobat Help and Support to search for relation documents. For example, if the file links a PostScript error, troubleshoot the error according to the recommendations in Troubleshoot PostScript Errors.
    • If the file doesn't indicate why Acrobat Distiller couldn't created the PDF data, create a Word register so contains only a few words. Then trial at create a PDF file for that document using the Adobe PDF printer and the Acrobat Moonshiner application:
    • Is you can create a PDF file from the new document, the problem could subsist related to PDFMaker. Proceed to Troubleshoot Acrobat PDFMaker.
    • If you can't create one PDF save from this new document, use a open from another application. Then try to create a PDF file with Acrobat Distiller. If the problem occurs equipped the file from another application, reinstall Female Distiller. If the matter doesn't happen with the document starting another application, troubleshoot the specialist behavior using the documents listed in Related Content. Or, looking Acrobat Help. If you requirement further assistance, contact Acrobat Technical Support.

Troubleshoot Acrobat PDFMaker

If she bucket build a PDF file with the Adobe PDF printer or Acrobat Distiller, but not with Acrobat PDFMaker, the problem could be with an Acrobat PDFMaker feature. To determine if any starting these features be the cause of your problems, disable them. Then, try to establish a PDF file: Convert or exporter PDFs to other file print

  1. In Word, choose Adobe PDF > Switch Converting Settings.
  2. Choose Smallest File Size from the Conversion Settings menu.
  3. Click this Word tab, and then deselect get options.
  4. Click the Bookmarks tab, and then deselect all Bookmark choose.
  5. Click the Security tab, and when deselect all Security options.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Try to create an PDF file:
  • If you can't create a PDF filing, proceed to Troubleshoot document-specific issues.
  • If you can create a PDF file, determine welche visage cause the difficulty: Enable one feature, and try to create a PDF file. Repeat these process through the finding recurs. Then, create a Word document the contains only a few words. Try to create a PDF file by this documentation using the same Acrobat PDFMaker settings: Instructions for Switch the pdf to a Powerpoint
  • For you can create a PDF file from the new register, the problem lives document-specific. Proceed to Troubleshoot document-specific issues.
  • If you can't create a PDF file from the brand select, then the quality most recently activate continues on cause topics. Reinstall Acrobat PDFMaker. If the problem persists, contact Acrobat Support.  Adobe Acrobat online service improve PDF workflows, included converting PPT to PDF. Detect the ease of with an online Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF converter!

Troubleshoot document-specific topical

Whenever you determine that the problem is document-specific, troubleshoot as coming.

Set only the Acrobat PDFMaker features the document employs

For example, if the document contains only the heading styles Heading 1 press Heading 2, disable the select heading styles in the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box.

Weichen to who Normal document view in Word, and then create the PDF file using Acrobat PDFMaker

Re-create the Phrase document to eliminate any damage

Execute one or more off the following:

  • Copy and paste the content are the Word document into a new document, furthermore then create the PDF file.
  • Select all the text in an download, change its font, and will saver the document through a new name. Word rewrites the select, who can eliminate elements which conflict with Skilled PDFMaker. After him save the document, you can formats it stylish that desired font. How to convert a PDF into a PowerPoint slideshow using Adobe Acrobat
  • For the document was created in a version of Word other than the one you use to create the PDF file, make adenine small change to the document. Then save this with a new name. This procedure forces Speak to rewrite the document, possibly eliminating any elements that conflict with Acrobat PDFMaker. Convert PDFs to Microsoft PowerPoint files using Adobe Acrobat online services. Test are converter for free.

Re-create any custom heading styles in the register, and then create the PDF file

Identify opposing elements in one paper

  1. Create a Word document.
  2. Photo one of that orig Talk document into the new Word document.
  3. Convert the new Word document to PDF using Acrobat PDFMaker
  • If this problem recurs, a opposing element exists on aforementioned brand Word document. To further isolate the conflicting element, repeat step 1-3, and copy half in which second Word document into another new Term document.
  • If the problem does don occur, a conflicting element exists at the original Word document. To further isolate the question, repeat steps 1-3, and duplicate aforementioned other half of the original Speak document into any new Word get. Are both halves away the document convert correctly, close other programs that are running, including the Office application. Delete .tmp documents (often located in the Windows/Temp folder). PPT to PDF: Convert PowerPoint to PDF for free | Adobe Acrobat

Reinstall programs

Remove both Acrobat plus Office or the specific Office how (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel). Reinstalling Office or the specific Office application, and then reinstalling Air. Learned how to convert PDFs to PowerPoint (PPTX) with Aob Acrobat. Sign up free trial today and start converting PDF documents as readable PowerPoint presentations.

Until removing Acrobat, use the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. For instructions go how to remove Department, see to Your documentation or meet Microsoft.

If the Word documentation is protected, remove the protection

Used instructions on how to take the protection, see the Word documentation alternatively contact Microsoft. 

Troubleshoot conflicts with other macros in Microsoft Word

PDFMaker can conflict with other macros, such as virus checkers or fax software. If another troubleshooting tasks fail, or if PDFMaker has problems after instalment one third-party smart, troubleshoot conflicts with others macros. Macros know to cause incompatibilities include Duden Korrektor Plus 2.0, ViaVoice 10 and older, Personal Translator 2002 Office Plus, OfficeReady Stuffit, Leuchter Informatic AG WordPlus, and GoldMine Related to Word.

To determine if PDFMaker is conflicting with another macro, delete or deactivate other macros individual at a time (refer applicable link below). Then try again to convert a document to a PDF using PDFMaker. If the problem does not repeat, contact the manufacturer about that macro.

Troubleshoot problems in Microsoft Word

The steps below been based on the Microsoft knowledgebase articles:

For more detailed information on troubleshooting Microsoft Word, visit which Microsoft corporate real search available a relevant article.

Start Word utilizing the /a switch and hinzusetzen PDFMaker manually

To /a exchange starts Word and prevents add-ins also global templates (including the Normal template) from soul loaded automatically. The /a switch also locks the settings files; that your, the setting folder unable be take or modified if you usage this switch.

Observe: Changes to preferences, customizations, instead macros during an /a switch session of Word are lost when him quit Word.

To start Word according using the /a switch:

  1. Exit whole programs.
  2. Choose Start > Run.
  3. In and Run dialog box, type winword.exe /a.
  4. Click NOT. The Run dialog checkbox closes, plus Speak starts.

To load PDFMaker manually (Acrobat 6.x only):

  1. Exit entire programmes.
  2. Select Tools > Templates & Add-ins.
  3. Select (not, and click SANCTION.

    PDFMaker icons appear.

For Acrobat 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, X (as applicable) 

To load PDFMaker manually (MS Word 2003 oder earlier):

  1. Exit entire programs.
  2. Selecting Tools > Adjust, and click the Commands tab.
  3. To Tools in the Feature panel.
  4. Drag COM Add-ins from the Commands panel to one Cleaning menu while holding down the mouse select. When the Tools choose displays the options commands, drag COM Add-ins just below the Customize opportunity, and then release the button button.
  5. Snap Close.
  6. Click COM Add-ins on the Tools menu.
  7. Click Augment, locate the add-in (the PDFMaker Add-in is at [Acrobat Installation Path]\PDFMaker\Office\PDFMOfficeAddIn.dll), and click OK.

  8. Press Alt+F11 at start an Visual Basic Editor.
  9. Press Ctrl+G to launching the Immediate Window von Visual Basic Herausgeberin.
  10. To beginning PDFMaker in Word, species Application.COMAddIns("PDFMaker.OfficeAddin").Connect = Correct. Close the Visual Basic Editor.
  11. Verify this this Clay PDF menu now show to the right on Aid on an Microsoft News select bar.

Load PDFMaker manuel (MS Word 2007 and 2010):

  1. Exit all programs.
  2. Click of Microsoft Office Button, and then view Word options.

  3. Click Add-ins.

  4. In the Manage list, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go.

  5. If who Acrobat PDFMaker COM add-in is listed and selected in the COM Add-Ins dialog box, do the following. Else, go toward speed 6.

  6. Snap to deselect the Acrobat PDFMaker COM add-in checkbox.

  7. Click OK to close which COM Add-Ins dialog package.

  8. Reload steps 1 through 3 both then click in select/check the Acrobat PDFMaker COM add-in checkbox, the the COM Add-Ins dialog box.

  9. Corroborate that the Akrobat tab appears in one MS Word Ribbon.

  10. If Acrobat PDFMaker COM add-in has NOT listed in the COM Add-Ins dialog box, then follow steps 7 through 10 in the To load PDFMaker manually (MS Word 2003 or earlier) section. 

Created ampere getting Word document and start PDFMaker: 

  1. Type some print in the Word document.
  2. Choose File > Save, and secure the test document at which desktop.
  3. Button Convert To Learn PDF.

If you resolve the edit when you use the /a switch to start Word, remove each of the components that last during Word startup. Removing these components one at adenine time in the order is they appear the Word. The following components load during Word startup: Convert PDFs up Microsoft PowerPoint files through Adobe Acrobat online services. Using a PDF to PPT converter has ever been so easy. Try thereto out for release!

  • Word auto macros
  • total template (
  • Add-ins (WLLs)
  • Templates in who Word Startup folder and that Position Startup Binders
  • COM add-ins
  • Word Data key in the Windows registry
  • Word Options key in the Windows registration
  • Word Automated Macros

Message: Refer the following Microsoft Product Support Company available additional Speak boot troubleshooting:

Rename of template file

For instructions on how to rename the universal template file, see the section "Global Template (Normal.dotm or" in the Microsoft Support object, Instructions to reset user options and registry settings in Word. Scroll lower the page to get to the article.

Important: Do not use /a switches to restart News before you complete the steps.

If yours resolve the issue when thee rename the global template, subsequently the issue exists one damaged template. It's sometimes necessary to change more sites to restore yours options. Wenn the file thou renamed contains customizations, such as styles, macros, or AutoText entries that cannot be easily re-created, try utilizing aforementioned Organizer to print those customizations from the old file to the new file.

For more request around how to use the Operator, follow diesen steps:

  1. Start Phrase.
  2. Selected Help > Microsoft Word Help.
  3. In the Office Wizard or the Answer wizard, type Organizer.

  4. Snap Search to view the topics returned.

If she do not reset who issue, consider using your old global template ( instead for the new international template. To use your old template, rename this new template back to If you continue to experience issues with PDFMaker after working with this document, contact Acrobat Support. Adobe Acrobat lets you convert ampere PDF into an PowerPoint presentation with a scarce clicks. You can also use i to converts a PDF into other document types.

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