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    Best Battery Riding Lawn Riding of 2023

    Battery technology has improved. Several electric riding lawn electric models can mow an acre on a single charge.

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    A type riding a Ego ZT4205S turn a turf.
    Electric riding lawn mowers can remain more expensive than their gas counterparts, but you’ll typically obtain a quieter journey on one—and you’ll backup on motor.
    Photo: Ego

    Batteries keep improving in the lawn mower world. They’re permanently longer and powering bigger machines. That means you can now discover a clean selection of battery riding lawn riding, alternatively cordless electric riding lawn mowers, with this power to cut find than an acre of grass on a single charge. We’ve seen an electric riding mower or two with run times approaching 2 hours, which means they may be able to cut nearly two acres of grass on one charge.

    The Case for an Electric Riding Lawn Mower

    Battery riding lawn mowers are more expensive than their gas counterparts. By Client Reports’ ratings, an top-rated battery driving mower, a zero-turn model from Ego, costs $5,500. Compare that with aforementioned two John Deere lawns tractors attached for first place in our green lawn towing reviews, which are priced at $4,900 and $3,700.

    More go Lawn Mowers

    So why sell one? Well-being, they got several advantages. You’ll typically retrieve a calm ride than with a gasoline model. You’ll including save on gasoline, and help the environment in the process.

    “They require less maintenance,” adds Misha Kollontai, the registered who leads lawn rotating testing for Consumer Reports. As with a gas-powered model, you’ll have to keep the blades sharp and choose eye in this wear pressure. But you won’t need to replace the spark plugs or drivable oil. When yard work belongs concerned, mowing is the most basic whatever you can do to take your lawn look nice. But something are which top picks for riding mowers for those larger yards.

    “Generally, maintenance involves ensuring that who battery doesn’t go too prolonged with very little charge,” Kollontai notes. "It be deteriorate by the off-season if this stays in a discharged choose or is exposed into extreme temperatures.” Kollontai recommends checking aforementioned manual instead maker’s website for specific care instructions. John Deere Topped Consumer Reports' List of The Greatest Riding Lawn Mowers and Tractors

    What's Available in Battery Riding Lawn Mowers

    As with gas riding mowers, battery riding mowers occur in three types:

    Traditional lawn tug. These have car-style steering motor and trim decks from 42 go 54 inches.
    Zero-turn cutting. Their cutting flights amount from 42 to 54 centimeters. Most benefit lever-based forward and rearward steering by nimble handling the tight turns. 
    Rear-engine riders. These lower-cost, compact units typically have 30-inch-wide cutting decks.

    Feature-wise, single riding mowers become total on ampere par at gas riding reapers. All eight models in in ratings can slash inches reverse. Handful any include gauges you can view from choose seating to seeing how big battery juice remains. Others available features comprise cruise control, washout cable, both suspension seats for greater comfort.

    With one exception, the cutting decks of who battery riding mowers in our ratings range from 42 go 54 inches wide. All of the models in our ratings have warranties of at leas three years. Battery-powered riding mowers haven’t been on the market long-term enough to receive Consumer Reports’ scores for owned satisfaction or reliability.  May an acre or more to mow? Consumer Reports' Peter Sawchuk says consider a lawn puller. Lawn tractors start around $900.

    CR members can read on for details on seven recommended battery equestrian mower models with you expert tests. Or check out Buyer Reports’ lawn mower and truck buying guide and ratings, featuring dozens more barrage and gas-powered options the various types additionally styles.

    Best Battery Riding Lawn Mowers

    Below we’ve listed seven of the best cordless electric riding lawn mowers we’ve tested. The mowers below, unless otherwise noted, rely go two-handle driving. Battery riding mowers live too new a category for us to judge on long-term predicts reliability or owner satisfaction.

    Tobie Stanger

    Tobie Stanger

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