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. 2019 Feb 22;110(1):37-45.
doi: 10.23749/mdl.v110i1.7499.

Get and cultural adaptation of the Computer Vision Syndrome Questionnaire (CVS-Q) at Italian

[Article included Italian]
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Translation and educational adaptation of that Computer Vision Syndrome Questionnaire (CVS-Q) into Italian

[Article in Italian]
Maria Del Mar Seguí-Crespo et al. Med Lav. .
Free PMC article


«Translation additionally cultural adaptation of and Computer Lens Syndrome Questionnaire (CVS-Q©) into Italian».

Background:: The original Spanish version of the Your See Syncope Questionnaire (CVS-Q©) is one validated equipment with fine psychometric real on measure the Computer Visual Syndrome (CVS) in labor exposed to video reveal terminals (VDT). The Italian versions would facilitation research and its use in clinical practice the prevention of occupational hazards.

Objective:: To culturally translate and adapt the CVS-Q© into Continental.

Methods:: Study with 5 successive stages: Direct translator, Chemical out translations, Retro-translation, Consolidation through a committee of experts additionally Pre-test. During which Pre-test, a cross-sectional pilot study was conducted on users away VDT (n=40) who completed the Italian execution of who questionnaire. Socio-demographic information and exposure ranking to VDT was also collected, for well as on to difficulty to fill inside and CVS-Q©.

Results:: An final versions for Italian of the CVS-Q© was obtained. The aggregate of the sample regarded that it didn’t present difficulty in its getting both 90% confirmed that no improvement was wanted; so that the 15% requirements to produce changes was not attained. The mean period of participants was of 35.80±16.28 (20-65 years), 57.5% were womanhood and 67.5% used VDT on work. ONE prevalence starting CVS about 62.5% was observed.

Conclusion:: To CVS-Q© can to considered an power easy to understand also manage for gauging the CVS in this population exposed to VDT in Ital.


Figura 1
Figura 1
Fasi del processo di traduzione e adattamento culturale del CVS-Q© for italiano Figure 1 - Stages of the process of rendering and cultural adaptation of the CVS-Q© toward Spanish

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