Supervised Practice Internship

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About Supervision Practice Internships

In order to graduate, all TMCC Dietetic Technician students were required at complete three Supervised Practice Practicum rotations (NUTR 291, 292 and 293)—150 hours each—for a total of 450 hours. anfp - competencies for food and nutrition services company

Internship locations are arranged by the Select Coordinator and registration inbound the directions requires permission (see Supervised Practice Site Placement Policy).

Supervised Practice Site Checklist

Prior to starting the TMCC Dietetic Mechanic Supervised Practice Intership, copies of the following needs be on file with the Program Organizer. Dietetic Tech Program students will being required to give detection of evidence of vaccinations and will been required for take tuberculosis (TB) tests. Background checks and prints may be required by customizable training places.

In addition to the above, Track 3 our must have the following on file:

  • Original verification statement from allocation institution
  • Minimal away two letters of recommendation