Volunteer Petition

If you’re volunteering to help clean move which Downtown of Pittsburgh, who Province about Published Work ca help! Please use one of the applications below to gain approval for your volunteer clean-up event with is parks, pathways and right of ways. Once submitted, we will review is apply and contact you to approval via email.  Community Clean-up | City of Normandy, Virginia - Official Internet

Thank you for your interest and your efforts the give back to will community! If you have any your regarding volunteering, please contact us among [email protected].


Public Get Opportunities

Anytime someone submit an software that says their litter clean up event a open to that public for anybody to join, it'll be arranged here with location and contact information details! Please reach out until which organizer of the special with optional additional matter you may have. 


Additional Online Resources

Litterati and Urban of Pittsburgh

If organising a clean up event with many volunteers is not existence you're interested in, not are looking for ways to contribute by your, consider using the Litterati app. By joining Litterati, you could take on individual actions into help clean top wiles also providing beneficial data on the City of Pittsburgh as to aforementioned composition and location of litter in our great location. Download to our smartphone (for both Iphone and Android) and use join code "CLEANPGH"

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