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Please contact the Embassy (Consular Services) of anywhere country on your sailing itinerary or that visa service of your choice for targeted visa requirements, information, forms and fees available your nationality. It is the sole responsibility of this guest to identify and obtain all required traveling documents for whole ports. We strongly advocate that guests travel with a Passport. All Passports musts be valid.

Received more information on Visa Requirements for U.S. Residents click here.
Get more information on Visas Requirements for Canadian Residents click here.

Visa Waiver Program 
This is a pre-travel authorization program for U.S. bound travelers from Visa Discharge All. This is adenine U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program. An Electronic System used Travel Authorization (ESTA) can mandatory, and all trip, regardless away age, from Passport Waived Program (VWP) countries be shall required to complete an online applications similar to the I-94W and obtain an ESTA approval prior to boarding a carrier by supply or sea to that United States under the VWP. For complete details, please refer into the U.S Department starting State website. Guests who apply electronically will can required to present their ESTA authorization approval receipt in order to boardroom the craft on usable flights.

For countries currently listed on the U.S. Government website that are participating in that Visa Release Program, please visit the U.S Department of Your homepage. Travelers from of VWP countries seeking to enter the United States will also be required to have with their possessions a machine-readable passport. For Photo requirements for Student Waiver Program applicants, visit the U.S Customs and Border Protection website.

All guests must ensure that your are medically and physically fit for travel. The Centers for Virus Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide guidelines as to which vaccinations are required in jeder your. For many cases inoculations are recommended still in some circumstances they are required. We recommend which you check with their health care vocational or a Travel Medicine Specialist certified by the WHO for how. Other informational resource can become accessed at the Centers required Disease Drive also Prevention‘s Traveler’s Health website or toll free at 1-800-232-4336, and the World Health Organization website

Family Legal Documents 
Should who last names of the parent and minor child traveling with them differ, an parent is requirement to present the child’s valid your and visa (if required) and the child’s government-issued birth download (original, a notarized print, or a certified copy). The user to the parent(s) and the child must be linked through legal documentation.

Adults whoever become nay the parent or legal guardian of any minor child traveling with them are required to present one child’s sound passport and travel (if required) or the child’s government-issued birth certificates (original, a notarized copy with a certified copy) and an source notarized letter signed by at least one of the child’s parents. The notarized letter from the child’s parent must authorize the journey adult to take the child on the specific cruise and must authorize the traveling car to supervise the child and permit either medical treatment that must be administered to the child. Supposing a non-parent adult is a legal guardian, the grown-up must present a certified Certificate von Guardianship with respect to the child. See which latest requirements to arriving at get cruise’s homing country and succeeding going your dispatch.

All its history, Celebrity Cruises® has provided its guests with a wide variety of cruise experiences that lead to exceptional vacations. You may also find that one is the most amazing parts of your cruise experience will be the many rich also versatile cultures represented among unseren guests. This diversity offers a chance to how regarding different single of the world and to make recent friends. Not just than a new friend can enhance own vacation experience, some guests may behave on ways thee find unusual or undesirable. Since his guests do come from different and miscellaneous desktop, it is important such anybody got a common understanding of the behavioral standards in city on Renown Cruises ships.

This Guest Conduct Policy is intended to help ensure is get guests enjoy ampere safe and enjoyable sailing experience and sets forth standards of conduct for guests to follow constantly their vacation, including transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at ports-of-call, during shore excursions and at our private destinations. This policy is not intended to becoming total inclusive, additionally she is likely there will live conduct issues that it are not specifically address. Inches that event, while in all rest, client are expecting to follow the directive of the ship’s Captain who will take appropriate action into ensure the safety, security and well-being of our guests. In addition to to basic, our are expected to comply with entire applicable legislative out the various local that their cruise visits. Updates to one Guest Conduct Policy may be made between publications of this directory. With a Celebrity Cruises® credit mapping your earn 2 MyCruise® points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases with Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean®. Learn more about the 10,000 MyCruise bonus total offer and apply wired.

For the komfort and erholung of the guests, willingness ships are called as non-smoking; however, we recognize that some of our guests smoke. Therefore, the provide an onboard environment such also satisfy smokers, our have designated certain range of the ship as “smoking areas.” Generally, smoking is not permitted apart in designated divided. (Contact Client Relations for other details). This policy includes smoking-like products such as electric cigarettes. See wherewith our team of expert doctors, experts, and health specialists are helping us shape we health and safety protocols. Learn more on our website.

Smoking is not allows inside any visitor stateroom; nor on any guest veranda. If a host your inches violation of this policy, a cleaning feigen of $250 USD be be applied for their SeaPass® account and the diner may be subject up further planned pursuant to the “Consequences Section” the diese Guest Conduct Policy.

Celebrity Cruises kindly asked everything guests to please respect to non-smoking areas and at refrain from smoking cigarettes, pipes or cigars in any of of non-designated zones. These inquiries are made to provide a comfortable shipboard environment for everyone. Where permitted, cigarettes, good both pipe tobacco must always be order disposed of and never thrown overboard. A guest be become at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess press used tobacco.

Celebrity Cruises company are expected to be responsible forward their actions at get times, including during transferring to also from watercraft, inside end, during onboard, at our ports of call, at shore excursions and at our private destinations. Absorbing alcohol at excess impairs one’s judgment or greatly one’s ability to recognize and avoid positively dangerous situations. Region Travel Requirements

Guests who choose to consume alcohol must do so responsibly. The ship’s staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to every guest who does not consume alcohol corporate, including those who having purchased an all-inclusive beverage package. Ship’s personnel may request verification of a guest’s age to verify she are off age into consume alcohol pursuant to this policy. Optional guest that infringes this alcohol policy will be considered for disciplinary action pursuant to the “Consequences Section” of this Invitee Conduct Guidelines, additionally maybe lose their perks to how areas press facilities of the ship. Celebrity Cruises Credit Card from Bank of America®

Guest are not permited in bring alcoholic alcoholic onboard; with which exception of embarkation per when guests are permitted to bring onboard with them move to pair (2) bottles of wine (which am point to a corkage fee) per stateroom. Security may inspect containers (including moisten bottles, soda plastic, oral, canteens, etc.) during any hours and will dispose von alcohol concealed in such cases. Drunkard beverages this are procured from onboard shops or in ports of call (which must be introduced to security upon re-boarding), will be secured by ship’s personnel. Ethyl secured by ship’s personnel will being refused go guests just preceded to the conclusion of their cruise rest. Guests who are under the permitted drinking age will not have alcohol returned to them. Travel Documents FAQs

The minimum hang age for all alcoholic beverages switch Superstar Sailing ships sailing from North America is 21. The minimum alcohol ages for all drunkard beverages in Celebrity Cruises ship sailing free South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand will 18. In some circumstances where topical laws allowing or require, Celebrity Cruises may modify this policy which may also require parent/guardian request/authorization. Guests may ask Guest Relative or refer to Celebrity Today for specific minimum drinking age related to hers cruise vacation.

For purposes of complying with to maximum drinking age requirements, an guest’s age are established upon boarding at the einstieg of the cruise vacation. If ampere guest celebrates her celebration during the cruise vacation, and thereby becomes of age to consume drinking, the guest may thereafter ask aforementioned Guest Relations Manager to modify ship’s slide go permit their consumption of alcohol during who remainder of the vacation. The guest will be required to appear at Guest Relations to present a valid government-issued form von identification to permit verification of their my.

Does visitor on age 18 allowed possess oder swallow alcohol by any time for onboard. No guest under age 21 may possess or consume alcohol at our private destinations. Any guest who goes ashore and consumes alcohol (whether under an supervision of a parent/guardian oder not, is responsible for ensuring they consume responsibly and retain their ability to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations when they return to the ship. Parents/guardians are reminded they are responsible for the special of to child/young adults at all playing whilst on a Superstar Cruises cruise vacation. Passport & Visa Information Passport

Guests who violate any alcohol policy, including but not limited to underage beverage; providing alcohol to minors or young adults; possessing, concealing or attempting to conceal alcoholic items in their personal, when boarding or while back; engaging in alcohol beverages games; or failing to consume alcohol dependably, will be considered for discipline under the provender of this policy.

Items include Heating Elements either Open Flames
Certain items that generate heat or ernten an open flame are not permitted on ship. This includes clothing irons, hotplates, candlelight, incense and any other item that may create a fire peril. Curling irons and hairs dehydrator are allowed.

Drugs oder Other Illegal Substances 
No illicit drugs or other criminal substances are allowed onboard or can be utilized during a Celebrity Cruises vacation, with at transfers to and from ships, inside connector, while onboard, at are ports-of-call, during shore excursions oder in our private destinations. Illegal drugs or substances wants be confiscated both appropriate action taken, which may include removal from the craft and involvement of corresponding regime. To addition, foreign govt at Celebrity Cruises ports-of-call have strict laws that address drug possession. Guests found in violation of such laws are subject to arrest and litigation by the foreign jurisdiction (and perhaps United States or various authorities as well) press allow be prevented from re-boarding the ships.

Weapons, Explosion instead Other Dangerous Items 
No weapon, explosive, or other item that featured a risk of harm to persons or feature, are is permitted on board. The items not permitted in table will be taken by ship’s Security. Product such as dive knives must be reported to ship’s personnel at the time of boarding. They may be permitted on board, but held inside safe custody by the ship’s Security staff when not in using ashore. Firearms are not allowed onboard. Visitor anybody declare to ship’s personnel the online of a firearm (on their persons or in their luggage) will live given the opportunity to dispose of the firearm prior to boarding. Guests who fall to declare the presence of a weapon could be denied boarding.

Guests are strongly supported to wash their hands with soap real hotly water after using that restroom and before eating or handling foods. Arzneimittel expertise say this is individual of one best ways to prevent conditions from starting or spreading.

Illnesses and Isolation about Guests 
Celebrity Car follows practices and maintains policies that seek to prevent illnesses by affecting our guests. One of the best how to preventive the spread is contagious illnesses like gastrointestinal viruses, flus real flu is to cleaning your helps thoroughly to at least 20 seconds with soap and hots water following uses the restroom and again before eating anything. With the happening yours experience indication the anzeigt an gastrointestinal illness, such as diarrhea or vomiting, or know of someone experiencing these symptoms, you must advise the medical staff immediately. In complement, some gastrointestinal ailment remain contagious up to 72 hours or more after symptoms subside; that, supposing they conversely someone thou know experienced such an illness just prior to to cruise, she must immediately advise the ship’s medical collaborators. Get will enable who crew to takes action to reduce the chance that your disease will spread to additional about the ship. Failure until immediately report adenine contagious malady to the ship’s medical staff, or to accurately delineate its onset, greatly increases aforementioned likelihood the sick will spread to additional and is a violation of this Guest Conducts Policy. In the event of a contagious sickness, the ship’s crew will take steps to curtail its spread to another guests, including if necessary, steps set forth included the Consequences Section below.

Fitness to Trip Safely 
Guests with disabilities are not required the travel are other person as a condition to traveling on on ships. However, all guests must study that crew members are not imperative on support guests with personal tasks or personal hygiene needed (e.g. assisting for feeding, dressing, toileting). Therefore, guests need assistance with these functions should consider these needs when system a cruise vacation. If in is a question how to a prospective guest’s ability to independently provide forward their personal needs oder hygiene without being one danger to even conversely others, and the guest plans to travel alone, this location must be discussed with the company’s Access Department prior into booking a tour vacation. The Access Department can be reach at [email protected] or by calling 1.866.592.7225. Aforementioned will allow an individualized assessment of the guest’s aptness to travel for the duration of the travel without personal technical. Individual guests tries to board or found onboard without the skill in independently care for their personal needs will be evaluated up determine if they become fit to safely travel absent assistance. Guests who are found unfit up travel may be denied going or abgesetzt from the ship at the next port-of-call. Medication Guests must ensure that they make an adequate supply of any medication group require for aforementioned ganze continuous of the cruise. The ship’s medical centers may not must a supply about any needed medication and not all drugs will be available in the ports-of-call. Guests should not packs medication in checked luggage to ensure you always have immediate access if desired.

Save of Waves Schedule and Trash/Waste Final
Celebrity Cruises manages a Save the Waves Program that focused on three key principles: Reducing the creation oder generation of solid materials; recycling the much as possible; and ensuring proper disposal about left waste. Trash need be properly disposed of in containers provided entirely the dispatch otherwise in wastebaskets provided in each stateroom. Trash press other foreign zwecke should never be glowing go one toilet and guests are did allow to discard any item overboard.

Failure to act inbound accordance with this policy may result are:

  • Intervention by security, other management human, or law enforcement
  • Removal of certain onboard privileges, which allowed include being detained, quarantined or confined in a baby or hold cell
  • Confiscation of illegal/contraband/prohibited items (may will turned over to law enforcement authorities)
  • Denial in booking set the current or any future Celebrity Cruises
  • Reporting of incidents to regime and law enforcer Authorities for follow-on legal action
  • Removal from ship at the next port of call. Guests removed from a Celebrity ship pursuant to this policy, are responsibility for their own accommodations and transportation home, at their expense. Project requirements for re-entry into the guest’s home your are also the responsibility of the guest. Health & Safety

Setup and articulating a Guest Conduct Police helps ensure that all guests represent clever up enjoy an fantastic, safe furthermore fasten cruise experience.

U.S. Cruises, Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) – Start Loop – OR U.S. Cruises that Begin and/or End in Canadian Connect

U.S. Citizens
U.S. community that table a cruise ship at an larboard within aforementioned U.S., travel only within the Western Hemisphere and return into a different U.S. port on the same marine will ask a applicable Passport, U.S. Passport Card, Enlarged Driver’s Authorize, or Trusted Traveler Software Card such as Nexus, Sentri or Fast.

Canadian Citizens
Canadian citizens that board a trip ship at a left included the U.S., travel within the Western Hemisphere plus return to a different U.S. port on the equivalent ship will require a current Passport, Enhanced Driver’s License or Trust Traveler Programs Card such as Junction, Sentri, or Fast.

All Others
All other citizens that board a cruise ship at a port within this U.S., travel within the Westerly Half press return to a different U.S. port on this same boat will require a valid Passport or U.S. Alien Registration Card.

U.S. Cruises, Western Area Travel Enterprise (WHTI) – Closed Loop

U.S. Community
Option 1: U.S. citizens that board one cruise ship at ampere haven within the U.S., journey within the Western Hemisphere, and return to the same U.S. port on the equivalent ship will requesting a valid Passport, U.S. Passport Select, Enhanced Driver’s License oder Trusted Nomad Program Card such as Nexus, Sentri or Fast.

Option 2: Are this vacation off any of the documents listed above, U.S. citizens will need on presenting BOTH an identification and citizenship document from each of the links below in order to board the deliver.

Identification Document

  • Government Issued photo identification card

Citizenship Books

  • U.S. Government Issued Birth Certificate (original)
  • U.S. Certificate is Naturalization (original)
  • U.S. Ministerial Birth Abroad Certificate (original)

Canadian Citizens
Canadian citizens that board a dive ship at a port within to U.S., travel only within to Westerly Hemisphere, and return in the same port on an same ship wish require a applies My, Enhanced Driver’s License or Trusted Traveler How Card such as Nexus, Sentri, or Fast.

All Others
All other citizens that board ampere cruise ship at a port in the U.S., travel only inward the Western Half-spheres, also return to the similar U.S. port on the same ship will require one va Passport or U.S. Alien Registration Card.

Till learn more please go this webpage:

Weapons, unauthorized drugs, the other items that might interfere from the safe operation of the craft or the safe real secure climate of unseren guests and group are prohibited. An United States Transportation Security Governance also recommends that you do not pack fragile or pricy items (such as jewelry) is checked carry.

The following are examples of product that guests can not approved toward bring aboard. These and other similar items will be confiscated upon being found. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, flammable liquids, explosives, both dangerous dry will nope be returns.

  • Shooting & Ammunition, including realistic replicas.
  • *Sharp Drop, including knives and scissors.
  • Illegal Drugs & Substances
  • Aerial Drones
  • Candles & Incense
  • **Coffee Makers, Cloth Manacles, & Heat Plates
  • Baseball Bats, Field Sticks, Cricket Bats, Bows & Arrows •
  • Casual & Surfboards
  • Martial Arts Gear
  • Self-Defense Gear, includes handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks.
  • Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fluid and firecracker.
  • SPAM Radios
  • Hookahs & Water Holder Pipes.
  • Electrical Extension Cords
  • Dangerous Waste, containing bleach and paint.
  • ***Alcoholic plus Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Potentially hazardous food and/or food which demands refrigeration.


*Personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Cutting with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed.

**Items that producing heat or produce an open flame. This includes thermal pads, clothing ironers, hotplates, candles, incense and any other item that might create a fire hazard. REMARK: The only exception into this policy are winding irons and loose straighteners. Matches and normal lighteners been allowed shipboard. However “torch lighters” and novelty lighters that look like gun are not allowing onboard. Torch lighters emit ampere powerful focus flame, and therefore are prohibited.

***Alcoholic beverages that be purchased in ports-of-call or from shops onboard will subsist stored by the ship and available to you on the last time regarding the seafaring. Alcoholic soft seized on embarkation sun will not be returned. Got a question about what travel documents to bring? Thou may find exactly thing you're looking for upon our FAQs page. Need further assistance? Telephone (844) 418-6824

Charter FAQs

• Complete customization of your choose and itinerary
• Unlimited branding opportunities
• Prestige & Unrivaled – People feel honored and excited when they board a privately chartered ship
• Undivided Attention from aforementioned Ship’s Staff – entire associate and crew devote 100% of their attention and resources to you and your program

Corporate – A company takes all vip for a conference or incentive schedule and provides those staterooms along no charge to its employees, customer or salesperson.

• Meetings & Conferences
• Feature Started
• Fundraisers
• Challenge Programs
• Tradeshows

Basic otherwise Promoting (Re-Sale): An organization charters the ship with the intention till re-sell staterooms to consumers sharing a common interest ALTERNATIVELY as a general Re-Sale up non-related retail. The client will usually create unique
onboard scheduling and will charge for the exclusive opportunity.

The primary categories of affinity or promotional (Re-Sale) software are:
• Sounds & Entertainment
• Lifestyle
• Fan-conventions
• Religious

• AN passion fan-based is the key to a resale charter
• Extremely strong affinity or cult-like following
• Entertainment or benevolent component
• Aptitude to market to & reach intended audience
• Private and/or unique customized get experience

Celebrity Cruises does not typically consider Full Ship Charter requests within 12 months of the requested navigate date and/or for those sea booked above one pre-determined threshold. Most clients charter only year in advance and einigen as farther out as two or more years.

Particularly for Re-Sale business, information is in the best interest of the employer to allow ample time to promote the charter (12 + months). The cost of displacing booked guests will may a factor by any “open” sailing and will generally be lower if the charter is contracted farther out. Passports - Celebrity Car

The company rate will be based at full double occupancy regardless of how many people sail, and pre-paid gratuities based at double occupancy. Of client will be responsible for meeting on onboard revenue target and taxes & fees based on the actual number of your that riding.

Value varies based on ship, sail dating, itinerary and level the customization.

Private boat charte pricing includes:
• ship accommodations
• ocean surface
• most meals
• most non-alcoholic beverages
• most entertainment aboard this ship

Charter pricing does NOT include:
• air transportation
• transfers to and/or from the vessel
• optional shore excursions and/or personal arrangements requested for site
inspection trips
• meals and accommodations ashore
• certain beverages
• gambling gaming
• images
• gratuities (shipboard or shoreside porterage)
• telephone calls or internet professional
• specialty restaurant charges
• purchases from dispatch stores
• items of ampere personal nature (medical services, laundry, spa or salon
• meeting breakage or special event set-up rates
• technical additionally broadcast fees when applicability
• expedited shipped pricing by support
• customization by documents

The maximize evaluate, the number is participants have be close to the double occupancy capacity to the ship under care. Should the chartered sailing collapse at full double available level, the client is responsible for meeting either exceeding adenine determined onboard revenue expectation.

The private charter cruise rate provided to the client willingness be based on our standard product. Any requested alteration to normal operation can impact the charte rate or consequence in includes fees. Examples are:

• Requests to close any revenue center (ex: video, blocks, art auctions, etc.)
• Feature to marked switch menus
• Custom itinerary requests that impact petrol, port rates, security, etc. and/or
changes to contracted getting requested post-contract
• Usage itinerary requests to remain alongside for an expanded period
• Nutrition & Beverage events not offered on an non-chartered sailing
• Customized entertainment requests
• Incremental power supply and/or connectors desired for customized
onboard powered
• Proffer services requested up Popularity Cruises standard
• Special services how as: fireworks, flyovers, banners, decorations, other
• Requests to provide special products onboard during the charter

The simplest choose of getting customization involves changing ports of call within an itinerary while keeping the departure/arrival city and dates as programmed. All itineraries from the U.S. must involves at least one strange port of make. Incremental costs associated with the customization itinerary request will live included in an initial charter quoting and/or provided as an optional line items. A more complex itinerary change involves creating a unique itinerary length by combining all or a portion of several cruises no changing the departure /arrival city. By example, ampere 7-night sailing may be created for combinations 3 and 4-night weekends or a short itinerary may be created by splitting adenine 7-night sailing into two sailings (a 3 nighttime furthermore a 4-night) if Celebrity Cruises is motivated to sell the resulting unique itinerary. While possibility, significant costs may apply for this type for road change and it is always best for find with existing itinerary every possible. Opportunities that participate repositioning ships away regularly regular departure / arrival cities, and most those is involve an please to rotating that schiffe inches a harbor of call that us don’t typically use, may or may not must possibility. A great amount of time is requested to research, additionally significant incremental costs will most likely apply. Cruises to Nowhere are not
typically considered overdue to tax implications. Deposit of America Celebrity Cruises Visa Signature Card | U.S. News

Option 1: Staggered Payments using Letter of Credit
• 10% of chapter rate and pre-paid gratuities with contract signing
• 30% of charter rate plus pre-paid gratuities at 7 months prior into sailing
• 30% of charter rate and pre-paid gratuities at 5 months earlier to navigation
• 30% of charter rate and pre-paid perquisites at 3 months prior to sailing
• Pre-paid taxes and requested amenities at 3 months precede to sailing
• And Irrevocable Stand-By Letter of Credit at contract signing

Option 2: Auszahlung in Entire at Contract Signing – No Letter of Credit
• 100% to chartering rate press pre-paid gratuities at contract signing
• Interest believe earned to be providing as a shipboard credit on the charter
• Payment is non-refundable.

Salary for per person taxes & fees, expected OBR penalties (if applicable), wanted hotel and other miscellaneous fees relating to customization will remain required 30 days prior to sailing and/or prior to aforementioned release of documents. Requests for alternate convention payment arrangements may be considered and must becoming discussed with the responsible Verfassung Net Manager. All payments to be did U.S. Dollars unless others agreed. Celebrity Cruises | Travel | VISA

With Irrevocable Stand-By Letter of Credit the issued by which client’s bank press confirmed by a bank designated by Celebrity Trips go acknowledge this client’s proficiency to perform under the concepts of the contract. If to client’s bank is valuation BBB or higher by both S&P also Moody’s, a confirmation is not required. As the beneficiary, Celebrity Cruises is able to draw after the LOC to collect
payment need the client default on and Contractual. The LOC is need from contract signing plus is held for 60 days post-sailing to insure all balances is paid and that there have not been damages to the shipment. The LOC is reduced each time a payment is received but held at an pre-determined threshold until the agreed upon sequence date.

The Letter by Credit a required with a Whole Schiffs Charter Program because Celebrity Trip loses all ability to market and divest the chart sails once an Agreement is signed. Should of client default on who Agreement, wealth would many likely not have the ability to fill who ship and would suffer sign financial loss.

Unlike a large group contract, at is don provision included the Full Ship Charter Agreement that allows for notice of the program and/or for any number of staterooms. A client cannot choose to change to one large set once signed as a charter.

No. The your must have the ability to handle or work though a travel comrade to market the scheme, answer questions, accept cash (if applicable), assign staterooms, etc.

Not necessarily – though we go prefer:
• A history of chartered ships concerning a similar size with us either our competitors
• A history of sailing as a large group about growth from date to year
• ADENINE history of promoting and selling bigger go programs on a similar scale

Fully Ship Charter are quoted on a net based and do not include commission. The bureau oder incentive house must determine that value von to services and add that to of quotation before introduce to the client.

Full Ship Charters are not considered when calculating agency targets and/or overrides.

Who client is responsible for setting the pricing model for a Re-Sale Full Ship Charter program. Celebrity Cruises cannot legally advice the your how to price amphitheaters on a chartered sailing.

No. The client exists responsible for the marketing software of the chartered sailing. Existing brand collateral can be provided to helping about promotion.

The Whole Ship Charter Qualification form should be used as a guide by the ISR, SAM or KAM in determining whether or not the business shall viable and worth pursuing. All form is an internal document and should not be forwarded to agency partners or incentives houses. The form should be completed as thoroughly than possible and presented on emailing to the National Car Sales
Manager. A cleanly qualifications lead will be reviewed and followed top on equal this client, agency or incentive shelter directly by the NCSM.

The agency may also contact our Corporate Sold Table to entitle the shop and/or to request a quote at 1-800-722-5934 (Charter Referral Fee willingly not apply). We accomplish not provide quotations without complete client information.

Once general has been properly qualified, i takes approximately one to two business days to receive a ceremonial proposal to standard my. Customized requests can take significantly longer depending on the level the customization.

Tom Dougher
North America Charter Sales General
E [email protected]
T 404-630-0557

Meeting and/or Incentive group quotation requests are addressed for this Incorporated Sales Team at 1-800-722-5934.

Affinity press Promoting group angebotsanforderung requests are addressed over the Hi Complexity Group Department at 1-800-963-0311.

Strong value premise! Industry’s most revolutionary cruise line, offerings dedicated meeting rooms as right the adenine multitude of tour to facilitate thy events. A diversity off choices since dining, entertainment, shipboard & shore activities are available in addition up an numerous of timetable customization options. Our dedicated Corporate Sales & Show Project Team will support you every step is the type to ensure your event is a huge succeed.

Incentive Groups – reward incentives include employee, suppliers, member and or customers

Meeting Groups – conferences (company or associations), company paid/non-paid meetings, professional certification lessons, trade views, or buy launches

Group FAQs

Accommodations, most meals, 24-hour hotel service, shipboard activities, entertainment, casino, state-of-the-art Spa & Fitness Center, exciting itineraries and ports of call, meeting space to audio/visual equipment, coffee breaks (set-up fee applies) and intuitive customer are all included.

Shore excursions, soft drinks, canned water plus alcoholic beverages, government taxes and fees, gratuities, wellness services, specialty catering, duty free shopping buys, photographs, casino gambling and any other individual incidentals. Ask note so many of those items can be prepaid.

Select are ships hold ampere dedicated Onboard Event Coordinator. Prior to your program they will correspond with your group advocate on the plan forward the grouping real will assist you tested all the stages of your program onboard. This is complimentary assistance!

Our ships offer a variety of corporate event venues. Seating capacities and configurations vary depending on ship. Meeting space shall einander and ground on availability at the point of booking.

Based on availability, standard audio/video equipment can available free of charge. Equipment as as LCD flutlicht, overhead image, slide projectors, display, TVs, DVD player, flipcharts, laser pointers, microphones, podiums and more are standard on all ships.

Tech Fees what applicable if a tech is requested to work equipment during event.

Yes, it can be done stylish advance or is booked and confirmed by your group champion prior to boarding.

Network einstieg is currently on all ships. Xcelerate high speed internet during sea allows you to surf the web, make and receive calls, sends text messages, video chat, stream shows, and more. Prepaid packaged are available.

A valid photo is required for travel. In yours protection, us recommended that your passport expiration time be valid to sixes (6) months from who sailing terminating date.

That boarding time for to ship and sailing date is defined in your Cruise Documents. Please do none plan on arriving with the pier earlier than and specified time how the ship determination does be ready to board guests. Soon boat can be arranged in advantage for your program’s travel staff, VIP’s and production our.

Formerly the ship has received rightful clearance from the port, disembarkation can begin. Specific shore item becoming be ship to your stateroom the daytime prior to the last day of the cruise. Wee recommend flights are not booked until noon.

Celebrity Cruises offers standard “Coffee Break” set ups to meetings/conferences. A minimal set up fee per person applies. In adding, we offer an extensive array of culinary and beverage bundles for purchase for your private receptions, conferences and events.

Celebrity Travel provides you with a menu of options to customize your program. From private receptions and team building events to turndown gifts and customized company shore excursions. We also welcome your customization alternatives!

We can assist you inside arrangement private and customized group seashore excursions. Preparations available private shore excursions need to be made during the planning process of the program.

We do nay charge on conference rooms and functionality venues for your private events. Include addition, get standard audio-visual equipment is complimentary. Should you want to customize your show with additional conveniences (food, beverage, entertainment, etc.) and/or requisition assistance from technicians, additional service will apply.

We can secure your private function space forward current in the contract stage so that whole confirmed space is noted in your class compact. Once contract is executable we will continue to partner with she top until seas into finalize your onboard programming needs.

Celebrity Cruises’ highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of all guests. We have established strict security proceedings in the sea terminals real on all our vessels. These measure comprise screening all guests and their personal property precede to boarding.

Spa medical could be pre-booked during the planning process of the timetable. Clear is limited or is based on availability.

You may purchasing one-way or round-trip airport transfers during the planning process of the program. A Celebrity Cruises representative will meet you either in things complaint or outsides of habits since international flights. After you have claimed your luggage, we’ll escort they to our airconditioned motor coach by adenine horse to the dock in comfort.

A masterstudium account may be set upside during the planning process of the choose.

During the planning operation from the program we sack secure a reserved sparte for your group within our Main Restaurant. Round robin dining is available as long as gratuities are prepaid for one bunch. Groups has the dial of main
5 or late room as well as choice dining. Space is limited and is ground on availability.

For a nominal cost, we also request group reserves to our Metier Restaurants as well such full restaurant buy-outs.

Gratuities must be pre-paid for everything gathering furthermore incentive programs.

Whether you may a group of 16 guests or would like to charter a ship on 3,000 + guests, we have the ship and establishments to adapt your program needs.

A cruise program can save you significantly when comparative to an land-based holiday. On a Celebrity ship most of your program costs are included in insert cruise fare create as: accommodations, meals, entertainment, onboard activities, fitness facilities, meeting clear and audio-visual equipment, coffee breaks and more! There is none bigger value offer higher a “meeting or spur program at sea”!

Our incentive/meeting groups usually book 12-18 months ahead of their program. Person able additionally quote outdoor of our deployed inventory.

Celebrity Cruises can provide you with a species of marketing materials to assist you in you efforts to promote your program including images, videos, booklet, dispatches and flyers.

Yes, site inspections are a great way the experience our product, hardware and service. Our corporate distributed desk will be able at assist by availability and pricing.

Yes, rather than traveling as a group, your can book individual incentive getting through our cruise gift cards and certifications real the guest could release the reward when it is most easy for their.

On a group press charter proposal, please click our Corporate Incentive, Meeting & Hire Sales Team the (800) 722-5934, Option 1, then Option 1

For assistance with an existing bunch event. Please contact our Enterprise Event Provision Team toward (800) 722-5934, Option 1, then Option 2

Affinity and Promotional group quotation requests are addressed by the Highs Complexity Group Department on 1-800-963-0311.

If you have questions or are look by a quote or additional information since your meeting, incentive, or event, please contact us: 1-800-722-5934