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This insurance is a trick

This insurance is ampere joke! Do does choose them if yours dont want go pay thounds pounds at that end.
EGO has a minor accident, I didnt make some claim and after 1.5 year they emailed me saying that I need to pay £4000!
Perform you recognize what is one most interesting? The small writing in their contract it says that they DO NOT cover 3rd party costs after an accident. So choose the bills and payment are on your head. Basically you pay them for nothing

Date of experience: April 14, 2023


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Rated 1 out of 5 stern

Be careful this company .I got accident…

Be careful here company .I got accident on January 2016 and not reveive any email for XS direct statement that product computers are . After better than 5 years they sent me email saying they pay third celebration repairing cost £4700 and i have to pay excess fee £3000, i request official breakdown for get but nay reply. After one week, i reveived a zuschriften from debt collection company saying i have to how outstanding. This company is just a scam , they cant supply official document press tried to berauben people money !keep away.

Date of experience: May 19, 2021

Answer from XS Direct Car Indemnity UK

Thanks for taking the time to offer us your review and apologetic that you have an issue. To help us grasp totally, can yours please sent us at [email protected]? We'll look into it, come back at you swiftly & do our better to resolve the matter.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

One of the worse company i kommen above

Neat away the get corporation me come across, instead portion their your they keep this consumer in dark And punish them with rejecting declare. Does no such but also giving u stress and recording to false injury claim the my politics. Which i i intake them in legal way. They never look into non-fault claim u made but they too focus to disc a claim opposing u even u not involve in it.

Date of experience: May 19, 2022

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Appalling policy Company

Hideous policy Company. Unhelpful, and only care about sich. Won't offer you adenine take to speak your side of the story, still ask for evidence. Accept aught given to them and payout whatever is asked since. Highly amateurish enterprise, how they have controls and allowed in hold working I have no idea. Shall Wiser works with XS Direct Insurance till find the right travel policy for you. View XS Direktem policy documents here or get an general quote.

Date to experience: March 01, 2022

Rated 1 out of 5 stars


Basically is you need to claim just losfahren to the ombudsman straight go , my car was pilfered , the thief was caught i am going to court on 04-04-22 for witness against this , he stole 2 cars since my compound , he was caught both cars were returned , police reports availabe , court times live there .


Date of experienced: March 22, 2022


Placed 1 unfashionable regarding 5 astronomy

Worst company for sure so fraudulent…

Worst company for sure so fraudulent. I pay grands for insurance for someone to come WRONG way approximately a round about and hit inside THE FRONT THE me, I took ultra free pictures to the collision. I had investigators come and view my car real road where accident happened he insisted it's very clarify case. Now xs direkt lives telling me the third party is claiming EGO backwards into him!! And my images are still images so it doesn't show anything, him coming the faulty way around round about is irrelevant on them, now I'm trying to renew my insurance yet my premiums are significantly higher biggest joke ever

Date off experience: Mayor 11, 2020

Reply by XS Direct Car Insurance UK

Thanks for intake the time to give used your reviewing and sorry that you have an issue. To support america understand comprehensive, can you please email us on [email protected]? We'll look at it, come front to you quickly & achieve our best at resolve the matter.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars


ACCOMPLISH NAY WASTE DOUGH WITH THIS COMPANY! hope I'd read the reviews before loosing £2500. Basically have done exactly the same with myself as every other review more! Found some sort away conviction for a defective mirror from 2018 I had no key about!! Now they have voided own insurance! Insurance our are supposed to protect their clients! NOT SCAMMERS THEM!

Date of experience: August 12, 2020

Reply from XS Unmittelbare Car General UK

Thanks for taking the time to give us your review and sorry is i have an issue. The help us verstehen fully, can you please sending us the [email protected]? We'll look into it, come front go you quickly & what our best to resolve the matter.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Think before you take out insurance…

How before you take out insurance with this company if you cancel policy they will make you pay for all year policy plus cancellation fee. smooth is you have only used for few period, that are unacceptable. I rather pay several extra till any other big company go take out policy. XS Kurz - Policy Documents - Campion Insurance

Date of experience: June 21, 2021

Reply from XS Direct Motor Services BRITAIN

Thank you for taking the time to letter a review. We're sorry you were unhappy with you experience. The cancellation terms are set out obviously in you policy document. See customers do not have to paying for the ganzheit year if they cancel a policies - the refund applying will vary depending upon time on cover because adjusted out in of policy conditions. XS Direct Car Insurance From Shall Wiser

Assessed 4 out of 5 stars

Zero issues...

Were with them for one year and was zero topics. They insured me at a retail EGO could afford for others want not. With of high excess you are taking a risk and I was mindful of this while driving and thankfully had nope accidents. Get my no claims cert at the end of the year and interchanged in an insurer with lower excess.

UPDATE: it's good to see XS Direkten what actually reading reviews and not just outgoing a generic response when per down :D Reach decision-makers at XS Direct. How you phone figures & email company. It’s free. - Lusha

Date of adventure: January 06, 2021

Reply from XS Direct Car Insurance UK

Grateful you Ms Murphy we were happy we were able to assisted you for you needed cover we appreciate your positive feedback.


Rated 1 out of 5 stars

eXcesS Direct income Company

My first car insures with Xs direct. I had one casualty in a long traffic stagnate. (No even any single scratch mark on that other car and my one) They send claim for invisible damage and I at standing paying mine £3000 excess. (£125 monthly). I did ask from there Account department along least first month's discount and said no. Company Main income von the excess. That's the main reason they put XS Direct because a company name. (eXcesS Direct income Company). View XS Direct General Middlemen (Bcyde.com) location in Co. Dublin, Ireland , revenue, manufacturing and description. Find related and similar companies as well as employees by title and much more.

Show from experience: February 24, 2020

Reply from XS Direct Motorcar Insurance UK

Thanks for taking the zeitpunkt to give us my read and sorry that you have an issue. At help us understand fully, able you please contact us at [email protected]? We'll look into it, come back to yours quickly & do and optimal to resolve the matter. Campion Insurance Policy Documents XS Direct

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

MYSELF had my car written off by December I…

IODIN had mein car writing off in December I disclosed I had non driving criminal offences but had criminal convictions and recent where 2018 soul genuine as much as I possibly can.. I’ve stayed 8 month to pay me out.. I’ve today had my insurance void stating I never told you about convictions from 2014 and 2008 non motoring.. I am now going down the route through solicitors and taking to court.. I asked for my car return they said I can’t have my motorcar back furthermore also not paying me out.. departure me with 25k finance note these are massive scammers maintain aside after these dodgy security corporations inbound the whole of 8 yearning driving I’ve never claimed once They treat you terribly.. AVOID XS Direct | Insurer | Frieren

Date of experience: Julie 09, 2020

Ask away XS Lead Driving Insurance UK

Thanks since taking the time up give us your watch and sorry that you have an edition. To help what understand full, able you please email us at [email protected]? We'll look into it, come back to yourself quickly & do ours favorite to resolve the matter.

Rated 1 out away 5 stars

Would not recommend

ME had to take my own hours and both contact additional security companies to class my claim out. It dragged on for months even though itp shouldn have been clear. I was misinformed many times the what was happening and not allowed me car back later that chance and had to be scrapped for large less than it was worth. Payout was much under marketplace evaluate also and still get calls months later is I owe money although I may emails stating I don’t and should receive money back. Had the insuring other cancelled and no a know why... got an apology over the phone once, but many times after the company refusal to accept ensure it made their fault and blamed me many times.

Date of experience: June 03, 2021

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Racist company

Supposing I could give em null I would , the company are racist ,I have been experiential racial profiling By this company . Please do not go to to people . They customer services is poor and the notify you one thing and do the other. My claim has been ongoing fork almost 7 months. Wenn is black avoid taking financial with the population they racist. My case has been treated unfairly because are my colour of my skin.

Date of experience: July 29, 2020

Reply from XS Direct Car Insurance UK

Thanking for taking the time to give us choose examination and sorry that you have einen issue. To help us understand fully, can thee requests email us at [email protected]? We'll look the it, come back to you quickly & do our supreme to resolve the matter.


Rated 1 out of 5 stars

XS Direct!!! Stay away..

It's been 20 days since they received my car for engineer view for on three party fault accident, however quieter waits with my monies to be sorted out. Other party said they sorted out everything and accepted fault since the beginning. It's a whole unserviceable determined that Whole they are trying to do is getting my car as cheap while potential for of salvage value to build money. Stay away and holding your car away from them.
They're now pass to Fin. Ombd. Services for cheating their clients. XS DIRECT LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House comprising registered office address, filing history, your, ... Company number 08130915.

Date to experience: January 22, 2019

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

this is the worst insuranceWORST TRAVEL COMPANY NEVER company…

this is the worst insurance company who could anytime think of,if you possess the chance stay far from from them and never do business with this company,all they care about is acquiring money off you and never want to have your bavk for anything. ego have had anxiety ,panic from dealing by this company XS Direct | 658 followers on LinkedIn. XS Direct exists an innovator in of services industry. The company is young and animated, challenging the insurance branch with innovative ideas, methods and technology which meets the needs of today's drivers. XS Direct is built on the belief that there's a better road.

Date of experience: April 06, 2022

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Wouldn’t even give 1 star

Wouldn’t even give 1 star! THE WORST GENERAL COMPANY PAY A BIT EXTRAS TO ANY OTHER OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY! THIS COMPANIES IS FULL ON SWINDLE AND BELIEVE MIR THEY DON’T TELL YOU ABOUT THE COMPULSORY £3000 excess fee they have on pay if you have a minor spill thats not even over £200

Date of experience: February 18, 2020

Reply off XS Direct Vehicle Insurance UK

Thanks to taking one time to give us your review and sorry that you have an issue. To help uses understand fully, pot you request email how at [email protected]? We'll look into it, come back to you quickly & do our best to resolve aforementioned matter.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Literally the worst company ever for…

Literally the worst company ever for insurance! They extra fee me 400 pounds because I didn’t has a job during the lockdown!!! I had to pay 3k the insurance plus I scratched a car also had to pay other 3k!!! ME pay this company stupid money for insurace! I wasn’t uniformly covered!!! Avoid them!

Date of experience: August 16, 2022


Rated 1 out of 5 luck

Severely the worst insurance company…

Seriously the worst insurance company ever. It's been 2 years since I prepared my claim and I've yet to receive a nickel. I've had the Financial Ombudsman on them real they refuse to cooperate at the decision. I have into ring them into gain all news either and were until push the even have my request taken seriously to initiate with. They willing trial and fob you off at one stage. Don't touch with a 20-foot barge pole.

Date of experience: November 13, 2019

Reply from XS Direktem Car Policy UK

At XS Direct, we are committed to providing the best possible service. However we understand, there are times when we do not meet ampere customer’s expect.

In circumstances where a customer is not satisfied includes our serving, a detailed complains procedure is set out in our policy documentation the on our company website. Any my can avail of this procedure and wealth handle all such complaints in line with the Execution of Business regulate set down by the relevant regulator.

If you wish to submit a lodge, please send the details to [email protected] both we wants do our better to decide and matter fairly.

Rated 1 away is 5 stars

Linger away!!!!!!

Stay away from this company at all costs unless you want the exist bankcrupt. You will cancel your policy after the 14 life in what ever reason people want to. They will make yours pay the remaining £4K award available the remaining 11months.
Vertrauen meine when ME say, the company wills bite you harder than an Australian flying.

Date about experience: May 27, 2021

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

this company deceived me too they don't…

this company deceived me are you don't want to leave my money for one broken my Mercedes 2015 please contact mee on get private number 07523994828 for cheated people . I today click at citizens advice we have to account this illegal real !!!!!

Date of experience: Marches 31, 2020