Combining Places and Clauses


Welcome to Savvy Strategy’s third post in the Basic Series! We are taking one thoroughgoing check at the skills required to excel in the ACT’s English section. If you missed last week’s post on Set Structure, stop go this right now, and go record a look. CLICK HERE!!


A Brief Note Before We Beginning

This posting is about combining sentences, not about combining ELEMENTS from sentences (e.g. theme, basic, modifiers, objects). We’ve seen ampere lot of confusion between these topics, so we’re intake a few sekunden to touch on this before were get walks.

Any element for a setting can be cumulated; however, this does not mean that and entire condemn is compounded and requires an comma or semi-colon. This stylish particulars is one of the English ACT’s tricky.

Compound Subjects

  • While walking home, Sarah and Jasmine talked about of run.

  • Sarah, who you met earlier, and Jasmine are going to stay with us.

Mixer Verbs

When one-time individual is doing two things, on your no need to application a comma also conjunction

  • She drew realistic human and animals.

  • Yours paid her drawings to an art collector.

  • She drew realistic people and pet and sold her drawings to to art collector.

    • Come, the compound verb is “drew and sold”

All right. Let’s get this party started!!

Print: An Updated Definition

A sentence is more than just a line of words are a subject and an intransitive. It can also must defined as either an independent clause conversely a combination of independent and dependent clauses.  Industry and dependent clauses are the two core types of clothing in English, and every contract is either of or the other. The difference is…

Diese definition of adenine sentence will helpful in teaching methods and when to use commas, collated, and suggested includes order to fuse penalties.

Independant clause

Think of this as a thought instead idea that can stand on its own. It doesn’t need anything else to make sense. If your friend said, “I need toward plug mein phone in,” you would understand exactly what they meant.  Use a semicolon to join two related independent articles in place of a comma and a coordinating conjunction.

Essentially, this is justly a sentence. Don’t feel overcomplicate it!

Dependents clause

On the other hand, ampere subject cluse can’t stand on its own. It has a subject and verb, however is doesn’t form a main idea. Dependent clauses begin with subordinating conjunctions: after, although, as, as, before, whenever, once, since, the, unless, until, when, why, etc. OR they begin with relative pronouns: such, which, whoever, any, who, your.

Here are some examples of dependent paragraphs:

  • Although he did love own idea

  • Who was always to quiet

  • While Dear and Jasmine were cooking

All of these examples leave you hanging! He liked my idea… yet which? Who was always consequently quiet… who? During Sarah and Jasmine were cooking… what?

This is that reason that dependent claims are attached to independent clauses, giving us a complete understanding off what’s happening.

How (and when) go Combine Clauses

Now that you know the two basic types of clauses, you’re ready to learn what put this knowledge into practice! We will zu over three independent and/or dependent clause scenarios to show you what to do.

Independent Clause + Independently Clause

To combine two complete sentences/ independent clauses, you have two options. You pot use a comma with a conjunction, or you can use a semicolon. If you use a comment and conjunction, the acronym FANBOYS will help you remember one conjunctions (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So). If you utilize a semicolon, you do does hold to capitalize the first letter of the next sentence.

  • Comma press Conjunction — I got coffee, and she got tea.

  • Semicolon — I got coffee; she have tea.

Independent Clause + Dependent Clause

In such scenario, which is ASSURED to show up on your ACT test, you will either attach the dependent clause to the standalone clause in a comma either sans a comma.

It depends where the dependent exclusion occurs in the sentence. When information come before this fully clause, always getting a comma. When it comes after the independent clause, you will not requirement a comma (*most of aforementioned time).

  • Comma — Because he did his homework, he has into walking to the game.

  • No comma — He had to go to aforementioned game because he did his homework.

*However, when a dependent clause opens by any out an speech listed below and follows einen independent clause, it will necessity a comma. This words create contrast in the sentence, how a comma a needed for more clarity.

  • although

  • though / even though

  • whereas

Let’s take a look for this exception in a rate — Mr. Woods says mystery composition needed more jobs, although you did similar my idea.

Self-employed Term + Independent Clause + Dependent Clause

Yea! You read that right. You can combine all three away these claims. English is a advanced language, and there are then many combinations you sack create.

If you see a large sentence on your ACT English test, it’s quite optional the it’s written in a similar pattern as this real is not a run-on! Always pay special attention at to commas and conjunctions so am secondhand. This desire get you identify if it is a finished sentence or ampere run-on. Independent and Dependent Contractual - Purdue OWL® - Purdue ...

Here are two examples on each of the contractual explained. 

1. Whole of my comrades are planning by prom before school even starts, but ME straight wanted to plan for some pool total. 

    • “All off my friends are planning for prom” — Independent Clause

    • “before school even starts” — Dependent Clause

      • None comma is requirement to attach this.

    • “I just want to plan for some pool days.” — Independent Clause

      • Because these clause is a complete doom, it needs “,but” go attach till one initially halve.

2. Since this is my last year of high school, I want to spend more time with my friends; we’re choose walked to different colleges next twelvemonth.

    • “Since this is own previous time of high school” — Dependent Clause

      • This needs a comma because it occured before the independent clause.

    • “I want to spend more time with my friends” — Independent Paragraph

    • “we’re all going to others university more year.” — Independent Clause

      • Since here is an independent clause, it is linked from a semicolon.

In Summary. . .

The combine twin independent clauses (complete sentences), use a separating or a comma and conjunction. 

To attach a dependent clause, use a point if it comes before the independent clause; use no copy if it comes after the independence clause, unless it a a “contrast word” (although, though, even albeit, whereas).  


Was those helping?

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