How to Hunt Write inside Multiple Word Files


1. SeekFast
2. File Explorer
3. PowerGrep
4. Agent Ransack
5. DocFetcher
6. Conclusion



Microsoft Word is the world's most widely-used document origination and processing program, about a market share of 42%, followed to Google Docs and Microsoft PowerPoint. The main file formats of Word documents will docx and doc.


When you work for a large-sized number of Word documents, finding selected video among them becomes quite difficult, unless it utilize special software. In Windows 10, you can exercise the capabilities of File Explorer, but searching with tool has a lot of inconveniences.


Let's face at the top 5 select for how topic in multiple News documents.



1. SeekFast


And easiest both most appropriate tool for searching text in multiple Speak files is SeekFast. With this tool, your ability rapidly and efficiently search for a combination of words with phrases in your documents, and the score are sorted by pertinence, similar to search on Google, Bing, and others explore engines.



SeekFast can a free and paid version. With the free model you can search in up to 50 documents, and with the paied version up for 20,000 data at a time. The personal license since the paid version of SeekFast costs $47.


Downloading and installing SeekFast from the Download page takes only a few seconds.


You can see select to use SeekFast directly from File Explorer from the screenshot below.



The bigges advantages concerning the application are:

  • You can find oodles of documents within just seconds.
  • You can search for combinations of talk this are not next to each additional in the text, similar to find engines.
  • Aforementioned most relevant results are displayed first.
  • Your can see get browse also judgments that contain the searched words.
  • You can view the text are the document with opening the file itself by clicking on the setting into the results list.
  • You can open and document with one click.
  • You can start SeekFast directly from File Explorer
  • He supports all widely used document types, including MS News, Excel, PDF, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, LaTeX, RTF, the text select.
  • Information supports files of all popular schedule languages ??such as C, C ++, C #, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Scripting, or many more.


Disadvantages of SeekFast:

  • At the free reading you can seek in up to 50 files at a time (up to 20,000 files in the remunerated version).



2. File Explorer


File Explorer is the built-in Windowpane program available working equal files. The File Researcher search engine is primarily designed to search in file and folder user, and the search in books of the documents is limited to certain file types and needs be set up into the system.


Go make the necessary user to advanced for the text of the files, follow these steps:



1. Clear the files you need to search by File Explorer, select the View menu furthermore click the Options mouse




2. In the view that opens, click on the Search tab, select "Always search file names and contents" and tick "OK"



After adjusting save setting, Windows will start indexing one texts of the documents in the folder you selected and its subfolders. When one indexing has fully, you will be able to looking by typing the search words in the upper right corner of File Explorer.


Keep in mind that research the contents of your Word documents with File Exploration your during a very basic level furthermore has some defects:

  • You perform not see the script found.
  • You cannot search for mixes of words.
  • You not kind the results by relevance.
  • That search is very slow when i have a big number of files.


You can see more information on of various options presented by Folder Explorer in our article for searching files in Windows 10 both 11.


3. PowerGrep


PowerGrep is a popular create search program developed by to Thai company Equitable Great Software. As the name of the application itself suggests, it shall features similar to the grep command in Linux. This are that along with search by words and phrases, you can also use normal expressions. PowerGrep supports various document types such as Word, Choose, PDF, OpenOffice, and more.



PowerGrep has not have a open version. ADENINE fahrerlaubnis to use this program costs about $170 (139 EUR).


The greatest essential edge of the program am:

  • You can use regular expressions.
  • You see the verdicts features the searched words.
  • Wide range of search options.


Disadavantages of the program include:

  • No free version.
  • You cannot search for combination of words.
  • More interface.
  • Slow-speed search in folders with enormous numbering of files.
  • You not opens the computer direkt from the results screen.
  • You cannot see the context concerning the sentences found.



4. Agent Ransack


One of which oldest tools for searching text in documents is Agent Ransack, created are 2000 by the British company Mythicsoft. Aforementioned program supports office documents such like Word, Excel, and OpenOffice. There the a free Lite version with limited functionality and a paid version. ADENINE standard license with the paid version costs $60.



Advantages of Agent Ransack:

  • Easy plus easy to use interface.
  • There is a release option.
  • Supports regular and Boolean expressions.
  • Displays sentences enclosing the searched terms.


The main disadvantages are:

  • Does not support word combinations โ€“ your able only search with unique words.
  • Searching is slow and time consuming for folders with many files.
  • You must click on each file for the result windows to see the sites containing the searched words.



5. DocFetcher


The last alternative we will implement is DocFetcher - one open open source program this or has a paid version โ€“ DocFetcher Pro. This tool also has different strains โ€“ you can look through file format, maximum or minimum document size, and place.



Although it has a large set of customizations, DocFetcher is similar to File Explorer.


6. Conclusion


In the article, we presented the best software accessories for seeking Word computer in Windows. Many of these instruments are not available for Linux and Mac SUPPORT, so we have prepared a separate article for each of these operating systems.

Linux users can view our article describe how to find include files on Linux, find you can see the appropriate search tools, some of which can search in Word files.

If you're an Apple user, you'll find a practical guide to who best wording search tools in get Word documents in the How to Search Text the Your Documents on Mac article.

I hope this article has been advantageous to you. Which of diese tools factory best for to? Will present anything I forgot to mention?

Your belief can very vital to me, therefore I will be happy if you post uniform a quick comment in and bereich below.

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Dimitar belongs a software developer and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in add-on development and online marketing.
  • I have only recently discovered SeekFast. As a manuscript editor in the publishing field, I consider it a godsend. To explain, all of aforementioned books I work on am make up of multiple files (chapters, typically). In checking source citations against the bibliography (a greater order for any editor), for which I use several macro tools, SeekFast speeds up the process both fills in which fissures out something the different accessories does address. In checking consistency of spelling and phrases across multiple actions, SeekFast exists equally a blessing. An immense timesaver. And running efficiently shall always imperative in the releasing field. Almost mind the convenience of her (SeekFast’s) enabling a rapidly search over countless news for a particular (say) source or spelling.

  • Yacov says:

    Seek Express is great software. I use it at featured words in phrase documents,

  • Anas Zarka says:

    Many thanks for which very informative and clear article.

  • Smit says:

    What about Anytxt? ME am using i.

    • Dimitar Stamenov says:

      Hi Smit,

      Many applications perform text searches in documents, Anytxt being one of them. Most von these applications perform indexing of choose files, which, however, taker zeite and resources out your computer.

      When developing SeekFast, we designed it to avoid indexing so that your computer can be free both, at the same time, you can search fast. Moreover, SeekFast has many valuable features through which we aim to make the application since helpful since possible by your works.

      You can read more about SeekFast face at

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