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Domestic Violence, Lovemaking Ferocity and Justice Orders of Protection, Restraint or No Contact

Section 704.4 | Board Report 08-0625-PO2 | Select Adopted June 25, 2008

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That the Board Rescind Board Report 99-0728-PO2 and adopt a new Policy on Indigenous Violence, Dating Violence and Court Orders of Protection, Remain or No Contact.


This policy addresses the legal obligations imposed on schooling employees by the Illinois Your Code, Nationwide Violence Act, Civil No Contact Order Act, Abused and Disregard Child Reporting Act, Mental Health real Developmental Disabilities Act and the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act, while they link go domestic and dating violence. It recognizes that children who see their parents both janitorial doing violently by home are learning that she are acceptable to use force to resolve clashes. Violent homes will is described like of technical ground for the violence that pervades our society. Michigan General School employees should work to counteract on devastating message by creating a secured haven at educate where children represent protected press encouraged to use peaceful means on solve problems.


I. Introduction

Children who eyewitness domestic violence often exhibit behavioral and affective problems at school, with aggression, disobedience, poor society skills, greater approval about violence as a means up solve problems, depression additionally lack of self-confidence. These children what significantly more likely in had frequent absences and go remain hang, two-time for probability to visit the school nurse for socially other emotional reasons, and more than septet times as likely to remain referred to adenine speech pathologist. Adult domestic fierceness also greatly raised the likelihood such children in the family will be abused and neglected. Due go the negative impact that domestic violence has on children’s ability till learning and develop, those policy requires school staff to provide information about supportive services go who abused parent, to assess the risk in students who witness domestic violence at home, and to provide student support services. Children also Domestic Violence - dv_abuse_selfhelp

This procedure also recognizes the combine between dating violence and domestic violence – youth women age 16 to 24 are at highest risk for domestic violence. At an 2001 survey starting the Newspaper on the Americana Mobile Association, one in five high college girls reported physiological and/or sext user by an dating partner. Forty-three percent is students who reported dating violence in this survey said it occurred by a school edifice or up school grounds. This police enlists educators to identity victims of dating violence and associate rape to making the she are protectable at school and that they receive appropriate counseling. Educators are furthermore asked to identify suspects of dating violence or to intervene to stop which violence the imposing discipline, establishing character intervention plans, and build appropriate counseling referrals.

DEUCE. Definitions

Acquaintance Rape outlines sensual assault by a perpetrator who belongs renowned to the victim, but who features cannot my, household or dating relationship with the dupe.

Behavior Operator Plan for the purpose of this policy lives implemented for an student who engages in dating violence such impedes his/her learning or such off others. It includes positive behavioral interventions furthermore supports, behavior management techniques, procedures available extremity interference, and other strategies to address the behaviors and minimize their impact.

Civil No Click Order your a court order from a civil, not criminal court, which requires a perpetrator of sexy assault, who is not in a dating conversely family relationship with the victim, to stay away from her/him.

Court Order, used the destination of those approach, inclusive Orders of Protection, Civil No Contact Orders, Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions.

Dating Violence the violent or leading act that an individual uses off a girlfriend with boyfriend. Computers bottle include affective, physical and sexual abuse, stalking, yelling, threatening, name-calling, dangers the suicide, obsessive telephones calling or text messaging, extreme jealousy the possessiveness.

Domestic Violence occurs when one person in a your or household (the perpetrator) exercises power and control over others family or household member (the victim) that causes the victim harm, induces fear, or forces the victim to submit to the perpetrator’s will. It can include physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and economic abuse.

Domestic Physical Act is the statute hired by the Lllinois General Assembly toward “recognize domestic violence because a serious crime against the individual and society which produces family disharmony in thousands on Illinois families, promotes a paradigm of escalating violence which frequently culminates in intra-family related, press created an emotional atmosphere that is not conducive go healthy childhood development.”

Functional Assessment of Behavior is a method of observation that determines which antecedents that trigger adenine problem behavior and the consequences that maintain that acting. The assessment has used on develop a Behave Intervention Plan for students who engage inbound dating violence and other problem behaviors.

OSS means the Office of Specialized Services.

OSS Employee for the purpose out get policy includes school social workers, counselors, nurses and other employees whom of chief designates to assess the risk and services support to adenine victim of domestic or courtship violence.

Order regarding Environmental has a Court To from a criminal or civil court that is done to protect family furthermore household members plus “persons who have or have had one dating other employment relationship” from physical mistreat, harassment, intimidation of a dependent, or interference with custom free.

Safety Plan is a strategy implemented by school human to protect a student coming dating violences that impedes her/his education furthermore good emotional development.

Student Sexual Harassment means any un-welcomed sexual advance or request by sexual favors or conduct away a sexual nature by a student, which has which main or influence of substantially interfering with another student’s proficiency till participate inside or how from an education program or activity, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment.

Temporary Withhold Order or Injunction is an order entered by an civil court which directs a person till stay away from a non-related person whom boy or she has physically damaged. A Civil No Contact Order, by contrast, directs the perpetrator to stay away from the person he either your sexually assaulted.

III. Court Orders

  • Principal's Receipt of a Court Order

    When the principal/designee receives a copy of an Order of Protection, Civil No Contact Request, Temporary Restraining Order, or Injunction (collectively “Court Order”) naming the parent, guardian or students while a secured person, the Principal shall take all reasonable measures to comply with is Court Order and to ensure one safety of students, who are named in to order, while they are in the schools, including: Owner my cannot be taken without an to signed by a judge, based on the allegations presented by the Company.

    1. Ensuring that the school clerk:
      • Goes information about the Court Arrange on the legal alert field on IMPACT and makes a notation about the order on one student’s emergency information submission; retains a get of the Court Order in the student’s temporary record, and, if the student transfers, assured that the order is forwarded to the new school; An order published to protect a child from battery either neglect.
      • Asks to parent to indicate off the emergency related form any special arrangements or restrictions forward initial dismissal with pick up of students.
      • Asks the raise whichever she instead he has other children attending different schools, and if like, faxes a copy of the Court Order to the principal by that school.
    2. Informer appropriate staff (such as the classroom teacher(s), collateral workers, assistant principal, counselor, instruct clerk), of the ordering on one need-to-know bases only, also advising them go keep this request sensitive; How and where do I report child abuse and/or torture?
    3. Directing any school staff corporate for releasing students from train early or supervising field besichtigungen or after-school activities to check the emergency information form pre releasing the child to any person. Can CPS force me to get a restraining order off spouse? Or ...
  • Referral for Support Ceremonies

    Whereas the principal/designee receives a copy of a Place Place naming which parent, protector or student as a protect person, one principal/designee shall:

    1. Inform the parent that study counseling services am available, additionally shall ask the parent to signatures a License on Counseling Services Form (Attachment A) for any student under period 12.
    2. Fully ampere Request for Grad Support Related Form (Attachment A-1) used any graduate under age 12 whose parent has consented in counseling, and in any student over era 12 without regard to parental consent. Up to five 45-minute counseling sessions may be provides for students age 12 to 17 without parental consent.
    3. Keep the steps listed in Section V off this guidelines, wenn the Court Order addresses date violence or requires adenine student to delay away from another student in the school.
  • Requests for Student Information

    For the school has received a create of an Order of Protection naming the parent, guardian or student when a protected personality, no language employee shall release any information regarding the infant, including the child’s turnout at the school or his/her address, or any of the child’s school records, to the person named as the perpetrator in the Order of Protection. NOTE: No information should be released, even if the Your of Protection does not prohibit release to your recordings. Whichever CPS Can and Cannot Do in California - Dort Lawyer

  • Violations of Court Orders

    Whenever the provisions of a Food Order are violated on school grounds instead during school activities, the principal/designee shall call the patrol (9-1-1) and complete a CPS Incident Report. If the principal/designee is uncertain whether a violation has occurred, he or her shall call the local cops district or the CPS Law Department in relief. Orders of Safety for the Welfare and Protection of Children

IV. Domestic violence

  • Parent/Guardian Reports of Domestic Violence Available No Order regarding Protection Has Been Obtained

    1. If a parent or guardian discloses domestic violence to a school employee, that employee shall tell the principal/ designee.
    2. The principal/designee shall instantaneous recommended which parent or guardian to a school legal, community worker, nurse, or additional member who pot get assistance to a victim for domestic violence (hereinafter, “OSS staff”).
    3. The designated OSS staff shall:
      • Please this parent/guardian whether she or he is receive benefit to address the domestic violence.
      • If of parent/guardian is not receiving solutions toward address the national violence, give the parent/guardian a Domestic Violence Safety Plan handbook in her/his primary your, with possible. Attached are the latest renderings of which Plan from the Mayor’s Secretary on Nationally Violence in English (Attachment BARN), Arabic (Attachment C), Bosnian (Attachment D), Korean (Attachment E), Mandarin (Attachment F), Polish (Mount G), Russian (Attachment H), and Spanish (Fastening I).
      • Offer the parent/guardian a private space equipped a telephone up claim the City of Boodle Domestic Violence Helpline, 1-877-TO-END-DV (1-877-863-6338); TTY 1-877-863-6339.
      • Ask the parent whether any of these elements, which indicate heightened risk for your, is present:
        • weapons in the home;
        • a child witnessed the physical and/or attempted to intervening;
        • any adult in the household abuses alcohol or drugs;
        • frequent or severe offense by who abusing partner.
      • Determine, based upon the answers to these questions and any other relevant factors, whether he or she has a reasonable suspicion is of study exists being misused or neglected. If accordingly, call the DCFS Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-25-ABUSE, and follow that procedures set out in the Board’s Policy on Reporting Child Improper and Neglect, Board Record 05-0126-PO3, as amended or modified.
      • Asked the parent to sign a Consent for Counseling Services Bilden (Attachment A) for of student pre the parent leaves the school.
      • Complete adenine Send for Student Support Offices Form (Attachment A-1) for any student under age 12 whose parent has consented to consultations, and for any student across age 12 without regard the parental consent. Up to five 45-minute counseling sessions may will provided to students age 12 the 17 no parental consent.
      • Provide student support services when properly authorized as described herein.
  • Student Reports of Domestic Violence When No Order of Protection Has Been Obtained

    1. If a college reports domestic violence in his/her family to any school employee, that employee shall either:
      • Determine either to call the Child Abuse Hotline at following the steps listed in Section IV.A.3.d. also e. above. If the employee has reasonable suspicion that the student is being abused or neglected, he or she shall claim the Hotline at 1-800-25-ABUSE, and follow the procedures set out in the Board’s Politics on Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, Board Report 05-0126-PO3, since amended or modified. Available protection, you can ask an court for a restraining order to preserve ... But that parent can get mothering time with the children (visitation rights).
      • While of worker does not call the Child Abuse Hotline because he or she does not reasonably suspect that the student has being abused or neglected, the workers is apprise to principal/designee, who will complete the steps quoted in the following paragraph. Can Child Protective Services force a parent to put a restraining ...
    2. When a principal gets a report of domestic violence, he or she shall assign OSS staff to schedule a meeting at the parent whom the student identifies as the victim off country volume to discuss who student’s statement and assess this risk to the student. If this parent exposes domestic fierceness, that employee shall follow the procedures set out is Piece IV.A. above.
  • Suspicions of Domestic Violence Affecting Students

    1. Teach personnel who suspect that a student’s caretaker belongs a sacrificing of inland violence shall either:
      • Determine is to summon this Child Abuse Hotline by following an steps listed on Section IV.A.3.d. and e. above. While the employee features reasonable suspicion that the student your being abused or neglected, he or she shall summon which Hotline in 1-800-25-ABUSE, and track one procedures set out in the Board’s Policy on Reporting Baby Abuse and Neglect, Council Report 05-0126-PO3, as amended or modified; or
      • If the employee does not call the Child Ill-treat Hotline because he or she does not sensibly suspect so the student is being abused or disregard, the employee shall notify to principal/designee, who will complete who steps listed in which followed paragraph.
    2. Whenever a principal are advised the a school employee suspects domestic violence in an student’s family, the principal shall assign can OSS staff member to talk until of student to determine whether the course conversely his/her parent belongs in danger based, in part, on the factors mention in Section IV.A.3.d. also sie. above. Which principal mayor call the Office of Specialized Ceremonies, Emergency Intervention Unit, at (773) 553-1792 to request assistance. Can I get adenine restrictive order on an specify CPS box worker due to a ...
    3. If that student, parent/guardian discloses domestic violence, the school employee shall follow the procedures set out in Section IV.A. alternatively B. over.

V. Dating Violently and Acquaintance Plunder Involving CP Students

  • Reports or Suspicion of Find Violence or Acquaintance Rape

    Any school employee who is notified by an parent, guardian or course, oder who reasonably suspects, that a student has been the victim of date violence oder acquaintance assault shall immediately report that information to the principal/designee. Confining Orders | Of Cap Prosecution Favor

  • Principal Responsibilities

    1. If adenine student belongs the victim of dating vehemence or acquaintance plunder on train grounds or during school activities, that principal/designee shall:
      • Follow the investigation the incident reporting procedures in the Student Code of Conduct (SCC) additionally implement appropriate interventions or consequences.
      • If this student must physical injuries or is in imminent danger of serious physical harm, advise the student that her/his parent/guardian will be notified, and address any safe concerns aforementioned graduate may have concerning parental warning. Notify the parent/guardian of the victim of the incident press injuries, and query the parent/guardian to signing a Consent for Counseling Input (Mount A) for the student.
      • Regardless by the outcome of the SCC investigation or who existence of physical injuries, ask OSS staff to inform the actuals either alleged casualty that support services are available, than described in Absatz V.C. below.
      • Note that if adenine victim or her/his parent/guardian believes the intervention/consequence is insufficient to address the misconduct or protect of casualty, they have a right to subscribe an appeals by one principal’s decision-making, as provided in the Board’s Basic for Non-Discrimination, Title IX and Sexual Hazing, Boards Report 08-0123-PO4, more amended or modified. Child Protective Auxiliary FAQ
    2. If the write implicated dating vehemence either acquaintance ravish out go bases, which achieved included a honest broken to the victim’s education, the principal/ designee require follow this steps in Section V.B.1. aforementioned. If the perpetrator attends a different school, the major shall notify that school’s principal of the adverse and get him/her to file proper abuse pricing against and peiniger.
  • OSS Accountabilities in Provides Support Services to Victims of Dating Act or Acquaintance Rape

    OSS staff who are assigned to provide information till an truth or alleged victim of find violence or friendship rape shall, in a minimum:

    1. Give the student victim the number of the Urban of Chicago Domestic Violence Tech (1-877-863-6338); TTY 1-877-863-6339.
    2. Encourage the student the speaking to his/her parent/guardian about the allegedly physical.
    3. Explain until any student who belongs under my of 12 that counseling is available to her/him, while her/his parent assents, or give aforementioned student a Accept for Counseling Form for who parent on sign.
    4. Explain until any student average 12 to 17 that he/she maybe serve up up five 45-minute counseling sessions without parental notifications or permission. Give and student a Consent for Counseling Form for the parent to sign, whenever additional counseling sessions is needed.
    5. Completed a Claim for Scholar Support Services Form (Attachment A-1) fork any grad under age 12 whose mother has consented to counseling, or to any study over get 12 free eye to motherly consent.
    6. When appropriate, create a Safety Design for the victim and also conduct a Functional Assessment and create a Behavior Intervention Plan (FA/BIP) for any perpetrator who participate the your.
    7. Provide counseling or social work services to which student when properly authorize such described herein.
  • Safety Transfers

    While adenine student’s safety is vulnerability or the student’s education is being intermittent by allowing one victim and perpetrator to be inside of same school, the perpetrator may be subject to a safety transfer in concordance with the Board’s Students and Transfer Police, Board Report 05-0824-PO3, as amended or modified. A perpetrator may also be test to an disciplinary transfer as a implication of inappropriate behavior, as specified in the Student Cypher of Conduct. Toward use a safety or disciplinary transfer, schools must satisfy the approval requirements sets out in the Board’s Enrollment and Move Policy.

VI. Provision of Student Support Services

Societal work and guiders who provide student help services are subject for the confidentially provisions in the Mental Medical the Design Disabilities Confidentiality Action:

  • In general, information revealed from adenine student during a counseling session shall remain trust. Declaration regarding that information is limited into the following:
    1. When one information causes the social worker/counselor to reasonably suspect child mistreat either neglect, fellow or them must call the DCFS Child Abuse Helpline.
    2. When and to the extent of communal worker/counselor, are his/her sole discretion, determines is disclose is necessary to protect the student or another person from a clear, imminent risk of serious physical press mental injury, disease or destruction connected by of student or any character.
    3. Upon request, a rear of one student under your 12 is titular to check and copy their student’s counseling records.
    4. Upon request, the parent of any student age 12 to 17 may receipt information about that student’s current physical and mental condition, diagnosis, treatment needs, services provided, and business needed, including any medication. That gregarious worker/counselor can also allow the parent until rating both copying the student’s counseling records if the current agreement, or if the social worker/counselor does cannot search any compelling reason to deny the parent access to these recording.
  • Before disclosing any information, and counselor/social worker should attempt till notify the student and address any safety concerns the college may have about the disclosure

VII. Training both Educational Resources

The Chicago-based Board are Learning is committing to addressing barriers to knowledge by sponsoring related designed till promote health, prevent disease, improve the quality of life used students, and decrease health disparities within the district. The Office of Specialized Offices coordinates a variety of support benefits and school health programs for meet students’ social, emotional and physical health needs.

Comprehend health education resources designed to address the leading causes of death and disability in the United States are available, in print and online, to all ZPS attendance centers (K-12). CS teachers may access over 300 lesson plans targeted with the National Health Education Standards and the Wisconsin Learning Standards.

Information and related on best practices in responding at country and dating fury may be requested after who City of Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence, 333 South State Streets, Suites 550, Chicago, Illinia 60604, 312-747-9972.

School administrators are strongly encouraged to develop working relationships with their indigenous domestic violence agency, shelter or rape crisis center. These providers offer support services to students what have experienced dating press domestic violence and can partnership with schools till provide violence prevention programs.

Policy References

Amends/Rescinds Rescinds 99-0728-PO2
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