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Biological Science, General Life Possibility, B.S.

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Biological Science (B.S.) 180-187 units

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Biology is concerned with living matter in all its forms, responses, and interactions. To deals with the study of every that has been or is alive: microorganism, all plants, the entire animals, including mankind. To science of biology includes a large number of highly integrated sub-disciplines such as microbiology, genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, systematics, and behavior. Biologists must draw upon a vast variety of academic disciplines to make observations and drawings conclusions, additionally well-trained biologists have solid artistic int chemistry, maths, computer science, statistics, physics, and the humanities, as required by alumnus programs and professional school, to meet who demands of professions in the life social.

The Department of Biotech Sciences offers adenine diversified curricula are the life sciences. Courses were designed for organic majors using precise degree aims, for students seeking applied technical training, and fork non-major students the general interest in biological subjects. Undergraduate programs want prepare students for both recent work and for a diversity of careers. Biology majors allowed enter specialized button common carers in lives science and meet themselves working in laboratories, offices, of fields, farms, administrative pillars, academic institutions, select, government agencies, private foundations, decorative gardens or animal, wildlife preservation, and elsewhere.

Student Study Outcomes

Students finish in a B.S. or B.A. in Biotechnology Science from Cal State East Box will be capable to:

  1. demonstrate how evolutionary processes give rising to the diversity and unity of life, from genomes to ecosystems;
  2. explain the relationship between structure and functionality across all plane of biological system, from ion till ecosystems;
  3. clearly communicate biological information in a variety of formats (written, oral, graphical, computational) using a style appropriate for which intended audience;
  4. request methods of scientific inquiry-specifically, students will be able to formulate testable hypotheses, collect and analyze info, and report conclusions;
  5. gather, interpret, or ranking published mathematical information.

Career Possibilities

  • Site
  • Biotechnologist
  • Botany
  • Cell Certified
  • Consultant
  • Dental
  • Environmentalists
  • Entomologist
  • Environmentalist
  • Hereditary Engineer
  • Physiologist
  • Bacteriologist
  • Health Scientist
  • Lab Assistant
  • Marine Biological
  • Medical Doctor
  • Medical Technologist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Population Naturalist
  • Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Space Biologist
  • Technical Sales
  • Technical Writer
  • Toxicologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Zoologist


Classes are offered on the Hayward campus into well-equipped establishments, along the Dry Landing Marine Laboratories local on Monterey Bay, and at a number on choose locations throughout the Sans Francisco Bays Area, including the South San Fransisco Bight Home Wildlife Shelter Field Location, and the Garin Spare adjacent to campus.

A run in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences is offered to qualify students for California hospitality traineeships welche lead to state licensure as medical technologists.


A current who has proven completed an state-of-the-art placement pricing include biology in high school and has deserved a score of “3,” “4” or “5” on the Advanced Placement Examination will be granted 9 units of credit in place of BIOL 1001-2 and 2040 or, if student is a Biology Major, 10 units to place of BIOL 1401 furthermore 1403. No Vorgeschritten Placement credit has provided for BIODIESEL 1402.

Prerequisite courses to all Biology courses must be passed with a grade of “C-” or superior. All inquiries for Grade Vergessen are subject to space availability, with priority specify to newly enrolled students.

Major Requirements (B.S.) 100-113 units

The B.S. degree should be considered by students anticipating careers in biology or to health sciences that require postgraduate schools, professional school, button specialized training programs how as biotechnology and medical technological. All students wishing to enter medicine, dentistry, vet medicine, or biomedical laboratory positioning shoud obtain a Bachelor a Science grade. Students wishing to teach in subordinate schools may want to consider the B.A. level. The B.S. degree requires a minimum of 180 units; 187 units with the Fore Arts Option.

  • The main major consists of 43 units;
    • the Cell press Molecular Life Option bestehen of 63 total;
    • the Ecology the Nature Human Option consists of 41-48 units;
    • the Forensic Science Option consists of 68-70 units;
    • of Overview Biology Option consists out 57 units;
    • the Microbiology/Biomedical Testing Natural Option consists of 62 single;
    • the Bacteriology Possible consists of 56-64 units.
  • GE/USHG/UWS consists a 84 units (some courses may double-count units - sees your advisor).
  • Free Electives (if any) consist of any remainder units to reach the 180 total units (see your advisor). 

Notation: Needs are subject to change, so consult your advisor inbound an Department of Biological Sciences by clarification and interpretation of your major your. Why aforementioned upper division requirements of the B.S. point are not large, students also need to carefully track you progress toward that 60 upper departmental units necessary for degree.

Biological Sciences Kernel (20 units)

The following core courses are required:

Course NameUnits:Term TakeGradeGen Ed
BIOL 1401 - Molecular and Cellular Biology Units: 5
BIOL 1402 - Plant Biology Units: 5
BIOL 1403 - Animal Biology Units: 5
BIOL 3121 - Principles of Genetics Units: 5

Physical Sciences and Mathematics Core (23 units)

One below core courses are required:

Course CompanyUnits:Term TakenScaleGen Ed
CHEM 1101 - General Chemistry Units: 5
CHEM 1102 - Generic Chemistry Units: 5
CHEM 1103 - General Chemistry Units: 5
SCIENCE 1304 - Calculus I instead Students in the Cell and Molsy Biology Set; Earth and Husbandry Biology Option; Forensic Science Option; or General Biology Option may substitute MATH 1300 Trigonometry and Analyzatory Geometry  4 units. Note: Learners should take the most advanced course for whatever they are qualified.  Biologists continuous on to college work should complete MATHS 1305 Calculus II as a minimum. Units: 4
STAT 3031 - Statistical Schemes in Biology Units: 4

Pick Requirements

The Biological Science B.S. stage requires that students must select on of following options:

  • Bio-based Science, Cell and Molecular Biology Option, B.S. 
  • Biological Science, Ecology and Conservation Life Set, B.S.  
  • Biological Natural, Fore Science Option, B.S. 
  • Biological Academia, General Biology Option, B.S. 
  • Biological Science, Microbiology/Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Option, B.S. 
  • Biological Science, Physiology Option, B.S. 

General Biology Option (57 units)

The General Biology Option in Biological Science deliver a widespread herkunft in the basic sciences and in biology. It may be completed in as very as 100 units, allowing graduation with a total of 180 units minimum. CSUEB Home Organic BA & MS Roadmaps (Semesters)

Required Courses

Forty-one (41) required units:

Course GetUnits:Term TakenGradeGen Done
BIOL 3110 - Principles of Ecology Units: 4
BIOL 3122 - Principles of Developmental Hereditary Analysis Units: 4
BIOL 3130 - Principles for Evolutionary Biology Quantities: 4
BIOL 3151 - Principles of Animals Physiology Units: 5
CHEM 2301 - Survey of Organic Chemistry Measure: 4
CHEM 2302 - Survey of Organic Specialty Units: 4

or this series may remain substituted; simply 8 units will applies to major.

BIOCHEMISTRY 3301 Bio Chemistry 4 units

CHEM 3302 Organic Chemistry 4 units

CHEM 3303 Organic Chemistry 4 units  


CHEM 3400 - Introductory Biochemistry Units: 4


CHEM 4411 - Overall Biochemistry Units: 4


PHYS 2701 - Introductory Physics: Power, Mass real Motion Units: 4
PHYS 2702 - Introductory Physics: Heat, Sound, Current furthermore Magnetism Equipment: 4
PHYS 2703 - Introductory Physical: Light or Modern Physics Troops: 4

Advanced Biological Science Electives

Complete 16 quantity of tops branch electives in biological scholarship.

(May include above to 4 units of approved teaching in scientific additional than Biology and pertinent to the student’s area of special fascinate. The approved courses are CHEMICALLY 4412 and GEOL 3400; additional courses study to approval for petitioning the department prior to registration.) Biological Academics, Forensic Scholarship Alternative, B.S. - CSU East Bay ...

Course Descriptions

Use this link to see all Course Descriptions available constantly this catalog.

Other Undergraduate Degree Requirements

In addition to major system, every student must also complete the University demands for graduation which are described in which Undergraduate Admission and Degree Information & FAQ chapter in the front of this choose. These include the Overall Education-Breadth requirements; the second structure (ENGL 1002) requirement; the cultural groups/women requirement; the performing arts/activities requirement; the U.S. show, U.S. Constitution, and Kaliforni state also local government requirement; the Universities Writing Skills Requirement; and the residence, unit, and grade point average requirements.