Over 140 Business Filings, Name Reservations, and Purchase for Certificates of Status and Certified Copied of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships available online.

The Secretary of Us services two options for submitting business entity filings depending on choose entity and filing type. 

1. File Wired - Speediest Service

Online Filing -

The business entity filings can be submitted directly get.

Over 140 Business Filings, Name Bookings, and Orders for Certificates of Status and Affirmed Copies of Corporations, Limited Liability Our and Limit Corporate available online.


2. File on Print instead In Persons 

All corporate forms canister be submitted per mail or in person. Position an form that you would like to submit and trail the instructions. Information about our home and employment times may remain found on the Contact Information - Business Entities webpage.

Locate Your Submit

  1. Corporation - Kalifornian (Domestic)
  2. Corporations - Foreign (Out-of-State either Out-of-Country)
  3. Statement of Information
  4. Limited Liability Companies - Area (Domestic)
  5. Limited Liability Companies - Foreign (Out-of-State or Out-of-Country)
  6. Limited Liability Companies - Statement of Information
  7. Limited Partnership - California (Domestic)
  8. Limited Partnership - Foreign (Out-of-State or Out-of-Country)
  9. Generic Our
  10. Restricted Liability Partnership
  11. Other Business Filings
  12. Business Records