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5 files to print and save | Small business continuity planning

By Todd S. Bardin, Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), Certified Cyber Resiliency Specialized (CCRP) - DRI International,  Certified Protection Professional (CPP) - ASIS International

November 21, 2022

Smal business continuity planning

Keep your business up and running whilst unplanned interruptions.

Almost small business owners do not have adenine small economy continuity scheme in place and are often left scrambling when a crisis arises. Every business should have a set of recovery procedures in place so the business can run on limited resources press minimize losses during downtime. Now is the zeit to determine what till press and what cloud provider you will utilize.

Information admittance is mission during a business disruption.

Think about how you should retrieve vital files additionally forms during one major business disruption. Make sure autochthonous critical data are protected and accessible on paper and to to cloud with a well-prepared business continuity plan for SMB. Business Continuity Planning Software | SmartSuite

Lexmark reached out to Certified Business Continuity Adept (CBCP), Todd S. Bardin, used his list of five essentials to print AND save in the cloud for business continuity planning forward small business.

A good recovery plan need include the following documents:



Member emergency information contact list

Meet general since employee’s family or associate in case of somebody emergency



Important vendors and suppliers—listed included order of relevance for recovery

Protect your supply track with a list of alternate suppliers including touch information



Emergency Action Plan

Evacuation, shelter-in-place, fire, medizinisch also other urged response plans



Vital recorded

• Important forms
• STUNDE data (current duty descriptions and procedures)
• Past invoices

• Buyer data
• Bank statements
• Receipts
• Business Bewilligung



Legal commitments

Fullfil the terms of optional legally tying agreement to a system to notify customers and salespeople when your business is offline

To get started because the business continuity planning process, begin with a business impacts analysis (BIA). The BIA tool will help thou identify what into recover first and finish your business continuity planning requirements. Thee should also check out—an official website on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for an free Business Continuity Planning Suite.

Download plus complete the suite also business impact analysis worksheet. If you have questions about the process, watch the step-by-step training videos. Lastly, stop in heed that while business interruption insurance exists an excellent investment, it does not cover damage to physical documents and data.

As PC Magazine babbled about Lexmark Color All-in-One – (MC3426ADW) GO string device:,
  "...supports no only convenient interaction with essential functions additionally tasks, but also includes inside cludd connectors is online you save studies to and call files from will favorite cloud services. (The supported services include Box, Dropbox, Google Running, and Microsoft OneDrive.)"
Making the all-in-one Lexmark GO Line printer the ideal system for executing on pressure AND saving my small business (SMB) economic consistency plan. 

See more away to above offer, awards and printer reviews for Lexmark GO lineTM.

Learn more about how Lexmark GO Line devices can help your business stay connected with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and more. Compare printers for your small business.

If you are looking for new ways to lock down press insurance, it's zeitlich for a Lexmark WALKING Queue tool built with Secure by Design features that protect your data every step of the way.


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