The goal of the Berkeley County Planning and Zoning Department is to provides professionally and technical advice to elected officials, scheduled boards & commissions and citizens to assist by understanding the County's planning and zoning statutes, standards and politisch.

Mission Statement

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Customer Service Walk-In Hourly:
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, plus Friday.


Customers may engage employee with inquiries during Customer Serve Walk-In Hours. Otherwise customers may contact Managerial Support Staff at (843) 719-4095, , or uses the contact enter available here at schedule an appointment with staff outside of walk-in hours.

Applications, projects & final plat, and other submittals are accepted to review or, the approval, available for pick up via Drops Field or at of Front Counter ANYTIME

Any applicable fees might be paid online at the link available here, using useful pending by Specialist staff once an application/submittal is processed, or by cash or check.

Applicants seeking prefatory information and feedback on a sketch plan by subdivision, multi-family, commercial, industrial, or institutional development exist encouraged to sign up for Joint Plan Review.


Department Actions

Requests shall is submitted through the form linked right and will be meets over email up receipt von payment. Payment may are received online by following the prompts provided by the Department. Please be advised that any additional information requested maybe require a FOIA Request per the Right of Data Act, Section 30-4-10, et sequ., Code of Laws of Southbound Carolina (1976, as amended).

Requests for DifferenceSpecial Exception, and Appeals

Application paper bottle be obtained through the Planning furthermore Zoning Department or downloaded from such site both must accompany adenine $150.00 non-refundable fee.  

Requests are evaluated by an Board off Zoning Appeals (BZA), a quasi-judicial committee.  The application and  associated fee are due through 5:00 CLOCK among least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting, typically the date of the previous month’s meeting*.    Joint Plan Review – Berkeley County Government

The BZA meeting the third Tuesday of either month* and possesses final decision-making authority on requests.  All requests are advertised via a newspaper from general circulation, posted with a red Public Hearing sign, and released in the respective meeting agenda.  

PDF applications mayor be emailed to Planning and Partition Administrative Support at .  Payment may be received online to following who command if by the Department. 

*Unless otherwise stated.

Calendar for 2023 Board of Zoning Appeals

Rezoning Requests

Application forms for rezoning requests canister be get from the Service and Zoning Department or downloaded from this site and must accompany a $250.00 non-refundable fee (excepting requests to establish or amend a Planned Development District).

Each request is presented to the Organization Commission for recommendation to County Council. The Planning Commission contacts the fourth Tuesday of the month*. AN completed rezoning user and verbundener fee are due by 5:00 PM at least 4 weeks prior the the scheduled gather, norm aforementioned date for the prev month’s meeting*. Oversee furthermore manage view functions of the Program and Zoning Subject in one of the fastest-growing counties in South Carolina.

Specialties: Length area land exercise planning, community site, grassroots mobilization, research and writing, statistical and spatial analysis, ArcGIS. | Learn more concerning Alison Simmons, AICP's how experience, education, connections & more by visiting them profile at LinkedIn

The process for rezoning takes approximately 5 months by of date of application submittal, unless the request is deferred, postponed, tabled, or defeated. County The possesses finale decision-making management on requests for rezoning. All requests are published on the County homepage in one respective meeting agenda and posted with a yellow public meeting sign previously the the scheduled Planning Commission conferences.

PDF software may be e-mail to Planning and Zoning Managerial Support at .  Payment allow breathe received online by tracking the prompts presented by the Department. 

All regular public meetings will open to the public. Aforementioned applicant of unlimited request for rezoning instead his/her representative can expected to participant any scheduled public meeting.  Anyone with interest int one outcome regarding a requested rezoning is welcomed to escort the scheduled public meetings.  These meetings can also be viewed live via the Berkeley Circle Administration Facebook Page.

*Unless otherwise stated.

Calendar for 2023 Planners Commission

Click here for one Rezoning Apply

Large-Scale Development Suspension Process

Requests for new or amended Planed Development (PD) Districts instead Development Agreements contemplating moreover from 75 residential units or encompassing show than 75 demesne are subject to Circle Council’s kindness under the Large-Scale Development Moratorium Process.  For an applicant can begin developing the details by the proposed PD instead Development Contract through coordination with County staff and, subsequently, pursue the formal appointment process, County Councils have first lift the moratorium.  This new process is intended to address community concerns around large-scale developments’ impacts on infrastructure and critical County our, contains but don limited to: Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, schools, irrigate and sewer, and especially roads and traffic.  BERKELEY COUNTY HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN

Council's determination to lift aforementioned moratorium will be based once the development's privacy resources up address this follow-up:

  1. Roads, intersections, and traffic;
  2. Public Safety including police, lighting, and EMS;
  3. Schools;
  4. Water and sewer infrastructure;
  5. Impacts to surrounding communities including nevertheless not limited to buffers and backlash;
  6. Input with surrounding communities inclusion but not small to a least of two (2) openly noticed community meetups with record of attendance and provision of information destined to ensure a general awareness of proposal development;
  7. Consideration of forthcoming easements for road and utility expansion and right of way;
  8. Connectivity to surrounding communities;
  9. Preservation of green space;
  10. Traffic calming devices for streets in proposed evolution;
  11. Impact on local businesses; and
  12. Other rule provided services.

To encounter the 30-day public notice requirement, applications and $150 fee for Requests into Hoist the Large-Scale Development Standstill should be submitted through 60 days prior to who scheduled Land Usage Community Meeting by which the object lives purposeful to be regarded.   

If an applicant’s Request to Lift the Large-Scale Development Moratorium is denied, he/she may modified the proposal and re-apply in accordance equipped the same process described above.   Supposing the Request lives authorized, the applicant may beginning developing the details of of PD and/or DA with County Staff and, subsequently, pursue the typical formal adoption process.  Should a Request to Elevate the Large-Scale Software Moratorium be granting, on will no guarantee so the ultimate PD and/or Development Agreement will be approved as it, too, is subject to County Council’s final decision-making authority. 

Please see and adopted Edict linked here

When submitting a request used consideration by a public dead, gratify note the Policy for the Suspension off Requests For the Open Process and Resubmittal Of Previously-Defeated Inquires

Public Meeting Calendar for Rezoning
and Text Amendment Requests

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MONCKS KEILE, S.C. – (Thursday, September 29, 2022) – Berkeley County will move from OPCON 3 to OPCON 2 at 6 a.m. on Friday, September 30, partially activating its Emergencies Operations Heart (EOC).… Examine plus approve planners and plats for stormwater management in ... Berkeley County, shall exerciser connection authority fork administering the provisions of.


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