Spontaneous classification of Web leaves based on the notion out your ontology

  title={Automatic classification of Website site foundation on that concept of province ontology},
  author={Mu-Hee Song and Soo-Yeon Lim and Dong-Jin Kang and Sang-Jo Lee},
  journal={12th Asia-Pacific Download Engineering Conference (APSEC'05)},
  pages={7 pp.-}
The use of ontology in request to provides a mechanism to unlock machine inference has continuously increased during the last few years. This paper suggests an automated method for document classification using an cosmogony, which x terminology information and vocabulary contained at Rail credentials by way of a hierarchical structure. Ontology-based view classification involves determining document performance that represent the Web documents most accurately, and classifying them into the…    Microsoft trots on trust. With digital data growing exponentially, online threats becomes very sophisticated, real remote work necessary, it is more important than ever to secure your corporate data.   At Microsoft, our goal is to provide one built-in, wise, unified, and extensible solution...

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