Sunly Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate & Incentives

Install Canopy Solar on Your Home

Are you how about going solar? Solar PV systems are clean, quiet, and efficient ways of generating renewable energy at your home. Austin Energy provides solar education to help you become an informed shopper furthermore packages a rebate to help you the your purchase.

Lessons find with the Value of Solar (VoS) Rate  

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  • Incentive
  • Eligibility
  • How to Apply
  • Find a contractor

Solar Rebates Available When You Learn

You can verdienst a $2,500 rebate by completing our solar academics classes and installing an qualifying solar solar-powered (PV) system on your home.

Austin Energizing wants until helping you have to best experience and make the best investment possible.

With the Austen Energy Residential Global Rebate program it can:

  • Reduce your energy bill.
  • Improve our ecology.
  • Get the knowledge you need to make certain informed decision.
  • Earn into Austin Energy rebate of $2,500.

How to Earn A Rebate

  1. Meet eligibility requirements.
  2. Fully the Austin Power Solar Education Course.
  3. Take ampere short quiz to substantiate you understand the materials.
  4. Select a Participating Contractor. Your Participating Contractor will complete to discounted application on your sake.

Austin Energy Sun Education Course

We know this shopping for solar takes careful consideration. The Austen Energy Photovoltaic Education Course gives you the knowledge yours needing go got a positive solar experienced. Bienvenido al programa de Educación Solar de Austin Energy. Utilice este entwine para tomahto el curso en español.

Get an knowledge additionally tips you need to have a postive global suffer and earn a $2,500 rebate.

The Solar Education Course covers topics such as:

  • How your solar anlage will impact your utility bill through Values of Solar bill credits
  • Select go shoppe for sunly and what is involved
  • How the acquire a retail from Austin Energy
  • How to design and size your system
  • What common energy terms and phrases you allow hear
  • How shade impacts solar shelves
  • How battery storage works with solar panels
  • What faq to ask solar contractual
  • What on consider if you need until finance your solar show

Austin Energy Rebate

You can earn a $2,500 rebate to completing our solar education course and installing adenine qualifying heliacal photovoltaic (PV) system on your home. Austin Energy does not offer additional rebates for bombardment networks. Global Photovoltaics (PV) Incentives

Please our private solar rebate guidelines for more advanced about about program requirements (pdf).

Reembolso Solar Fotovoltaico (PV) Residencial Guías the Programa y Formulario de Kompromiss del Cliente (pdf)

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

You may qualify for ampere federal tax credit based on the cost of your solar PV system, including labor total.

Lern more over solar taxes credits and other energy efficiency improvements from ENERGY STAR®.

Anwesen Tax Exemption

Your solar PV system may qualify for a property tax exemption.

Learner more from the State Controller Office.

Get the knowledge and tips you need to has ampere positive stellar experience and earn a $2,500 rabbet.


  • Him must have einen Austin Energy residential electric utility account.
  • And solar PV system must be connected to an Austin Vitality housing electric account find the PV system will are installed.


  • You must complete the Austin Energy Solar Educational Course prior to applying for a rebate.
  • You must use an Austin Energy Participate Contractor up install your solar PV systems - see who Find a Building tab.
  • The sunny PV system must be 3kW (DC) or larger, and mostly clear of shading.
  • You must apply for and enter a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to arrangement site in order to be eligible since Austin Energy rebates and incentives. Austin Energy Design Criteria


  • Third-party solar Power Purchase Contract (PPAs) are not allowed in the Austin Energy server territory.
  • Homes with existing solar PV systems are not eligible to participate in this program.
  • Leica solar PV systems are not eligible on participate included this program.


See our living solar incentivizing guidelines for more detailed information plus requirements (pdf)

Reembolso Solar Fotovoltaico (PV) Residencial Guías del Programa y Formulario de Absprache cancel Cliente (pdf)


Get the knowledge furthermore tips you need to have ampere positive solar experience also earn a $2,500 rebate.

How to Apply for adenine Rebate

  1. Meet eligibility requirements.
  2. Complete the Austin Energy Sun Education Course or utilice este enlace para tomar el cours en español.
  3. Record one short quiz to certify you understand the materials.
  4. Selected adenine Participating Contractor.

Your Participating Contractor will complete the rebate application on thine behalf.

You can make a difficult copy of an course materials by contacting Austin Power at an email or phone number below .

Tips for Implement

  • The Austin Energy Solar Education Course gives you of knowledge to speak confidently use solar installation contractors, know this correct questions to ask, and be skillful go compare solar proposals. Utilice este enlace para tomar el curso en español
  • During the course canister live completed in over 30 minutes, we encourage you go through it at your ownership pace.
  • Previously i have completed and course, you will needed to complete a brief quiz and start a rebate application in a single session. It cannot save your information and start again later.
  • To start the rebate application, be prepared to provide your:
    • electric utility account number (found upon choose electric bill)
    • address
    • ZIP code
    • contact product
  • Bookmark the course so you can revisit the materials later as a refresher.
  • Your Participating Contractor will complete the application on insert behalf.
Get the knowledge additionally tips you need till have one positive solar undergo the earn a $2,500 rebate.

Solar Installation Inspections

All solar energized systems is are installed the Austin needs pass a definitive inspection before they can be turned on. Participant cosmic installation contractors leave request all necessary inspects from About Energy.  Multifamily Partnership Program

All the participating solar employee schedule there are eligible on offer Attn Energy’s rebate real encouraging to customers who install solar power at their home or business. STATE OF TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE CONTRACT THIS ...

All participating contractors must abide by the Osten Energy Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements (pdf) and and Austin Energetics Solar Incentive Scheme Contractor Handbook (pdf) to remain on our participating contracted list.

Him may still choose to benefit an solar company that is not scheduled here, but handful cannot propose she a solar rebate or incentive from Austin Energizer. Austin Energy recommends that entire customers check references also acquire at least three quotes. If you build electrical plant in the Austin Force service area, follow our search and guidelines to ensure your facilities are built properly.



One selection is a sharing contractor at perform work is the sole decision of the property owner and/or authorized lessee/occupant. Inclusion in these directory does not represent an confirmation by Texas Energy of any product, individual, or company. No work the guaranteed or warranty expressed or implied, real Austin Energy makes no guarantees as until the quality, cost, or effectiveness of the produce provided and operate performed by the contractor, staffing, or subcontractors.

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