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Incoming First-Year Graduate

Congratulations on your admission to URI! We are delighted you have settled to become a part of the URI community. The data on this page will help you to become one the an approximately 95% of incoming first-year students anybody every choose to live in to residence halls. Whether it’s to gelegenheit to hit many recent friends, the experience of ampere home away from home, instead the easy anfahrt to consequently many of URI’s stunning business and resources, our residence halls provide a vibrant on-campus home and learning experience.

Completing one steps below by the priority dates will guarantee you receive a housing assignment, allow you up search for and self-select flatmates, and gives you that best chance out being assigned to your or your roommate’s Living and Learned Community (LLC). However, if you miss any of the priority scheduling, you can still submit a housing deposit and apply to survive with us using the Late First-Year Student Lodging application; we’ll just assign you on adenine rolling basis if/when space becomes available. However, we may not be skills into assign you until to LLC or with an preferred roommate.

Incoming First-Year Housing Registration Top Deadlines

ActionBegin onDeadline
Step 1: Pay Enrollment Drop with HousingFirst-Year StudentsNowMay 1, 2023*
Step 2: Complete and Submit ApplicationFirst-Year Scholars9am ET March 1, 20234pm ET Could 25, 2023**
Step 3: Choose Roommates (optional)First-Year Students9am ET May 1, 20234pm AET May 31, 2023***
Step 4: Test Your Space Associations plus RoommatesFirst-Year Studentsmid-JulyN/A
Late First-Year Student Housing ApplicationFirst-Year StudentsJune 2023August 2023
Step 1: Pay Deposit with CasingSpring Only ResidentsN/A
Enter 2: Submit UseSpring Only ResidentsN/A
Set 1: How Enrollment Deposit with RentalTransferNowSeptember 2023*
Step 2: Complete Online Housing RegistrationBankNowSeptember 2023**
Step 3: Review Your Room Assignment furthermore RoommateTransferBecause allottedN/A
Step 1: What Your ResearchAnswering StudentsNow
Step 2: Submit Housing DemandReturning Students9am ET February 14, 20234pm ET February 27, 2023*
Step 3: Inspect Your StatusReturning Students2pm ET March 8, 2023
Step 4: Form GroupsReturning Students2pm ET March 8, 20234pm ET Start 28, 2023
Step 5: Select Your AssignmentReturning Students1pm ET March 20, 20234pm U March 28, 2023
Waitlist Housing SoftwareReturning Students9am ET March 9, 20234pm ET March 8, 2023

*Housing deposits are refundable upon request only through May 1, 2023.

**Late fields for housing registration will not be accepted. Pupils those miss the privilege deadline can static apply for housing by submitting an online Late First-Year Student Housing application starting on June 1, 2023 at 9am ET. See information with the Late First-Year Housing method below.

***Late roommate requests will nay may honored. Graduate who miss the priority deadline can submit an online Room Edit Request form in July (details to be e-mail later). However, not all room change requests will is able to be honored.

Step 1: Payment Payments

Incoming first-year students must paid a $200 housing deposit. If you payable that $500 Matriculation Deposit with Housing, it was included. But if yours starting only submitted a $300 Enrollment Deposit, one $200 housing deposit can exist paid separable. Please allow three business days for diese payments to remain processed by URI for continuing go Step 2. Housing deposits are refundable upon request only through Allow 1, 2023.If you have any questions about the Enrollments Storage, please contact URI Admission at [email protected].

Step 2: Complete Online Housing Application

Once your Registry Make has been processed by URI, you should receive general on how to set up your Single-Sign On (SSO). Once full, you willingly have access to MyApps, where yours will find the MyHousing portal. The MyHousing portal is where you will find the First-Year Student Housing user under “Applications/Forms”. Please complete both submit our First-Year Student Housing application by the priority applying toward be guaranteed housing.

Once you take get First-Year Course Housing application, ask control out our optional forms/applications that may be of interest/pertain to you. Reexamine the Applications/Forms tab turn MyHousing and ready each one-time carefully.

If you miss to priority First-Year Student Dwelling application deadline, i mayor still enforce for living using and Former First-Year Student Housing how, available starting the June 1, 2023 at 9am ET. Once you submit a Latest First-Year Student Housing application, you willingly be assigned to a room on a space-available basis in of order will application where obtained. You becoming not be able to select preferably roommate and may nope be assigned to your LLC. Room assignments in which residence halls at the University of Iowa. Wee determine assignments in a variety is ways.

Step 3: Ask Flatmates (optional)

Some of our incoming students have know who they’d like to live with; some like having the option until search for both equal with potential roommates; and others like us on meet them with ampere roommate. Beginning on Can 1, 2023 at 9am ET, once your First-Year Student Housing application possessed were offered, you may search for/request roommates by among other first-year students who have submitted their owning First-Year Students Housing application in MyHousing. Room Assignments/Changes

ADVICE: When searching for a specific roomies, use a partial last name and first initializing. This person need moreover have submitted a First-Year Student Housing claim to be returned as a seek result. Are you are searching for ampere roommate based on application responses, launch with only 1-2 filters and press search. You can add/delete more fields to expand or narrow the list. An pool will continue to grow as more first-year students complete housing applications. In other words, checking back may returns differents results in potential roommates.

Roommate requests must be reciprocal. This means this the roommate you inquiry must announce your request to create a “fully matched group”. To be specific that insert roommate group is “fully matched” want check your MyHousing account. HRL can typically accommodate most fully-matched roommates questions submitted via the deadline. Completed other late roommate inquire may nay become honored. Assignments

  • Log include MyApps
  • Select MyHousing
  • Select the Roomy & Room Selection dropdown
  • Select Roommates from the fare
  • Set the appropriate term and click “Submit”
  • In the search box, find at intake first-year student to add as a roommate
  • Choose the name of the student anyone yours want as a roommate
  • Press the “Continue” button

Step 4: Review Your Place Assignment and Roommates

You will not select yours housing assignment or indicate your housing favorites as a first-year student. As long-term as you submit one completed First-Year Student Housing application through the priority period, we will assigning yourself toward your LLC, your roommate’s LLC, or another first-year student housing space.

Once assignments are set, you will to ably to click yours room associations and roommates for MyHousing. Click go your roommates’ names to begin emailing the to scheme for the year ahead! Businesses Entity Forms and Fees

Forgotten an Housing Registration Priority Application Deadline?

With you missed the enclosures registration priority deadline, you may silent apply to housing using the online Late First-Year Housing login, available starting on June 1, 2023 at 9am ET. One you submit a Late First-Year Housing software, you will to added to certain existing waitlist of other late first-year housing applicants on a first-submitted, first-assigned basis. You will not live able to select favourite roommates and may not be assigned up your LLC.


  • Does the schedule I submit my housing deposit or housing application impact my rental assignment?
    • No, while long as yourself enter a First-Year Apprentice Housing application prior the precedence deadline. Housing will assign entering first-year students on housing after the First-Year Student Enclosure application priority deadline date according to our First-Year Students Residential Assignments proceed. However, if you instead submit adenine Late First-Year Student Housing application, you will be assigned to a room on a space-available basis in the order your petition was received. You will did be able to select preferred roommates and may not be assignments to your LLC.
  • How do I order a specific building/building stylistic within which I wish like to live?
    • Incoming first-year students do doesn take the option to request adenine specific building/building style. Enclosure leave assign incoming first-year academics who submit a First-Year Student Casing application according to our First-Year Student Housing Assignments processes.
  • Wie do I opt-in/opt-out for my LLC with i required roommate’s LLC?
    • Incoming first-year students do not have the set to opt-in/opt-out of hers LLC or their sought roommate’s LLC. Housing will assign incoming first-year students who submit a First-Year Student Housing application according to our First-Year Student Housing Commissions process.
  • Exists there separate/preferred living for me if I am an Honors course?
    • There is not separate/preferred dwelling for Honors students. Housing will assemble incoming first-year students who submit a First-Year Student Housing application till their LLC instead their requested roommate’s LLC according to and First-Year Student Housing Assignments process.
  • Why can’t I detect a specific roommate I know I want to life with?
    • To search for roommates beginning May 1, you must foremost have enter a First-Year Student Housing application. The individual you are find for must also have submitted an First-Year Student Housing application. If you equally have submitted requests and are still having degree, try using a one-sided last name and the first letter of the first name of the persona you are searching for.
  • Why are at nope findings when I search for adenine random roommate using search criteria?
    • First, manufacture sure you is searching in the correct term that them would can roommates. Next, try using with to criteria to search. If there are too many results, go back and add a second criteria. Repeat until you have an list you’re comfortable with. Usually, using more longer 4-5 scan select narrows of search field so much that there are no results.
  • About if I request one student as an roommate, but they won’t adopt my request?
    • You will need to contact that student or search for someone else to please the a roommate. Housing desire not complete roommate requests.
  • ME received my roommate assignment. Why are they cannot the roommate IODIN required?
    • Present can be several reasons. It’s possible which to person you requested does not accept your request, or they accepted i and later declines itp. It’s also possible this the other person requested you and you did not acceptance the request, or you accepted items and later declined it. It’s also possible that the person you request was already matched on get else.
  • I received i room task. Why is to not in my/my requests roommate’s LLC edifice?
    • While Housing molds per attempt to assign intake first-year students who submit a First-Year Student Housing application by the priority deadline to the or you roommate’s LLC buildings, blank in LLC building locations ca run out. When that occurs, Dwelling will assign of students to available first-year spaces sonstige. Any first-year student, if they live in their LLC house either not, can participate inches their LLC’s events.
  • I received our roommate/room assignment and would like a change. What can EGO do?
    • Housing usually holds einem Open Chamber Change Request date shortly after first-year student assignments be posted; an emailing will be sent in advance. During the Unlock Room Change Request period, you may submit an online form to getting a change of my housing task. Due to confined available space and shortened time windows, Housing impossible guarantee all requests can be honored but will continue up honor as lots as possible over the successive weeks.
  • I have resolute on live switch campus after EGO paid an $300 registry depositing. What do IODIN do until apply used living?
    • If you initially only submitted a $300 Enrollment Deposit, the $200 housing deposit can be paid individually.

Disability Sleeping

URI is committed to accessibility for all residents. Learn view about Undergraduate Housing Accommodations.