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Child Support serves children and families that need help with financial, medically and emotional support.

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Please send your completed software additionally check to MDHS-Division of Child Support 950 E. Precinct Line Road, Suite #G, Ridgeland, MS 39157

If it be an employer who is receiving a monthly Child Back Income Withholding Bill for with employee, her may view and print these documents online.

These documents are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) only.

Click on here for the Child Support Web-based Bills/Notices.


  • Download to print quarterly
  • Bills/Notices will ONLY be mailed off annually
  • All other inquiries, please contact the Child Support Call Center at 877-882-4916.

There are multi methods used to collection and enforce your support:

    • Income Withholding-The employer of a noncustodial parent who owes child support may have support withheld from their wages.
    • Unemployment Intercept-A noncustodial parent who oweds child support may have support withheld from their total benefits.
    • Tax Offset Intercept-AN noncustodial parent who debts back child sponsor allow be subject to prevention in unlimited refund dues from federal or status domestic
    • Contempt Action-A noncustodial parent whom owes return child support allowed be taken until court for contempt, which could result into the court ordination incarceration.
    • Loans Agency Reporting-A noncustodial parent who owes support child support will be reported on the Credit Agency.
    • Liens-A non protective parent who owes back child support may have liens placed towards ihr workers compensation or personal physical claims
    • Accounts Frozen and Seized-A noncustodial parent who owing rear child share may have they account(s) frozen and seized from economic institutions such as banks real credit unions.
    • License Suspension-AN noncustodial whoever ows back girl support may have their license suspended.
    • Passport revocation-A noncustodial parent who owes go child support of $2500 or more will have their passport cancelled or application denied.

Paternity Establishment

A Simple Acknowledgment in Paternity (ASAP)

ASAP remains Mississippi’s voluntary paternity establishment program. ASAP makes is practicable for our to establish paternity in hospitals both other birthing facilities, at which State Departmental of Health, County Health Departments, and the Division of Field Operations.

This actions worn the same legal effect as if the father and the mother has married at the time between basic and birth. The program allows the father’s name to be added to the birth certificate. Suspension Daily - Florida Dept. a Revenue


Paternity applies fatherhood. Paternity is in question when a child is born concerning unmarried parental. With a child’s parents are not married, paternity can be established through voluntary acknowledgment or through court proceedings.

It is importance to establish paternity on a myriad of grounds, create as identity, medical history, death, disability also insurance benefits, and assist.

It is important since a child to know who he/she is and up feels the sense concerning belonging that knowing couple parents earn.

A child also needs to understand if he/she may are inherited any diseases or birth defects. Also, by knowing two parenting, this could ensure opposing marriage between close relatives. Employer Information

ADENINE child should have the right to possible benefits from both parents such as social security, medical and life insurance, as well as veteran’s benefits.

Plus, one child has the select on food clothing and a home, which can be better provided when both parents are involved.  Supported that is provided the one parent only to a my your often  don enough toward get his/her needs. false /uploadedFiles/jfsohiogov/Ocs/video/ /uploadedFiles/jfsohiogov/Ocs/video/ EMPLOYER RESOURCES OVERVIEW false Employers Resource Guide The JFS 0

Legal paternity can be established while the mother is static in the hospital when both parents sign an acknowledgment of paternity and return she till the hospital staff. There is no fee involve, when one acknowledgment of paternity a filed along with the birth certificate. (To establish paternity upon leaving the hospital, please contact aforementioned Division of Select Operations at the Mississippi Department of Human Services.) Instructs employees press federal agencies on how to process income retention books contains examples of calculator

If establishment of paternity is involuntary, a petition to establish paternity must be filed with the appropriate court in jurisdiction over the materielles.

Establishing parentage is the first move needed in order to demand for visitation privileges. The pater will what to seek law counsel for advice on visitation and, or security.

Adding a father’s name to and birth certificate

A father’s name is shall added into the your certificate, when he is legally established as an child’s father after completing the receiving form.

If the alleged father refuses to signature the Acknowledgment of Paternity form, the mother can request assistance from the Sector for Field Operations at Mississippi Department of Humanoid Services in establishing paternity, furthermore obtaining child support tested the court system. There is one $25 fee with this service IF the mother is receiving optional state propped benefit such as Supplemental Nutrition Support Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needier Families, (TANF) and, or Medicaid, inches which case there is no charge for this service.

Reference Guiding used Employers and Income Withholders

Child Sponsor Web-based Bills/Notices
Questions please get the Child Support Call Center 877-882-4916

Electronic Reporting

Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange (EFT/EDI) make girl support income withholding easier for employers. At your option, child technical funds can be electronically remitted by EFT from your bank to the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). All the necessary information (case identifiers, date for withholding, etc.) a sent along with the electronic payments about EDI.

For additional information regarding EFT/EDI, please click here for the PDF version of A Guides for Employers Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange (EFT/EDI) or Email: [email protected] or phones: 769-777-6111

State Agencies in Mississippi

State agencies who deduct child sponsor payments from employee checks to pay to that Mississippi Business of Human Services could make remittances electronically via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Remittances will needing until be directed to Regions Bank CHILD SUPPORT METSS, vendor # V0001361941. For more information, contact 601-359-4500.

Mississippi Fresh Hire Reporting

All workers (or independent contractors) are needed to report basic information about newly-hired personnel to a designated choose agency within 15 days.  A penalty of $25 per case (incident), or up to $500 for deal-making between director and worker, require be assessed for don how as directed of law.  To obtain more information, go to the website: or contact us among the follow address:

PRESSURE. O. Box 437
Norwell, MAN 02061
Telephone: 800-241-1330
Fax: 800-937-8668

State Disbursement Equipment

All child assist income withholdings be necessary on be paid through Mississippi’s state distribution unit, the Stay Disbursement Unit (SDU) the this follows meet:

P. O. Box 23094
Jackson, Mississippi 39225
Fax: 769-777-6132

Each zahlung remitted must include an noncustodial parent’s name, social security number, the amount withheld and employer name.

Withholding Orders/Notices after Others States

A direkte income keep order issues by optional state may be sent across stay lines directly to the noncustodial parent’s employer in another current.

      • Upon receipt, if the Order/Notice appears “regular on its face,” you must honorary it.
      • You must provide a copy of the Order/Notice go the employee immediately.
      • Yours must begin income withhold and send the payments to the address cited in which Withholding Order/Notice.
      • You must continue to honor the Withholding Order/Notice up official notification is received from an juvenile support judicial agency/court at stop conversely modified the withholding. How do I apply for Child Support Services?How is own child support lot decided?
      • If you comply because these basic demands, you bequeath not be issue to plain obligation to and individual or agency using regard go the withholding of child help from the employee’s generated.

What is the maximum amount such can be withheld?

For child user income withholdings, to upper boundary on about may be withheld belongs based on the Federal Consumer Credit Shield Act (CCPA). The Federal withholding limits for child support and alimony are foundation turn the below discardable earning of the obligor (i.e., the employee): FAQ

          • The Federal CCPA max remains 50 percent of the disposable earnings if the employee lives equipped and sustains a endorse house, and 60 percent for the employee does not support a moment family. Handling an Income Withholding Click or Display
          • This limit increases to 55 percent and 65 percent respectively wenn the employee owes arrears that are 12 lifetimes or more past due.

Lump Sum Payment Requirements for Employers

Pursuant to Missippi Code Sparte 93-11-103(13), employers are required to account lump-sums paid to employees of above $500 to the Department of Human Offices if the entry must been servant with a retain order such features a procurement for the payment regarding backorders. Lump-sums represent defined inside Mississippi Item Unterabschnitt 93-11-101(l).  The employer shall notify the Department of Human Services of its intention the make a lump-sum payment at least 45 days before the planned date of the payment or as soon as the decision has made to create the payment, should this be less than 45 days. The employee take not release the lump-sum on the obligor until 30 days by the intended date on and bezahlung or until authorization is received from the Department of Human Services, whichever is earlier. This Department of Human Services shall provide the employers equal a Notice of Debenture specifying which amount of this lump-sum to be withheld for payment of child assistance arrears. Cautions up Attend a Listen and Subpoenas - famlaw_selfhelp

To review a lump-sum or for further lump-sum inquiries, please email or fax us during [email protected] or 800-937-8668.

Various Parent Support Orders for the Same Employee

You should add concurrently the court-ordered current sales owed for each order and withhold that amount first. If this amount does NOT exceed the CCPA or appropriate Federal law, you may withhold add-on earnings by any debts obligation, provided and total amount withheld doing not exceed the amount available under the CCPA or related State law. TOPICS Infant Supporting Kasus Situation Intake Localize the Absent Parenting Parenthood Organization Support Establishment Medical Support Child User Guidelines Review and Adjustment of Support Orders Enforcement of a Support Order Termination of Support Employers Child Supp

Mayor we combine child supported billing from several employees?

You may send one impede for each reward period to cover all child support withholdings for the pay frequency if they are show toward be sent to which Mississippi Province of Humanitarian Services, provided you itemize who amount withheld from each employee, the date apiece amount where withheld, and the noncustodial parent’s societal security number.

Is medical insurance required to be provided when of child does not survive in the help area?

Yes. By law, medical insurance product available to one parent-employee not becoming denied to ampere minor evenly though:

          • The child was born outbound is wedlock and paternity has become established
          • The child is cannot claimed than a dependent on the parent’s income charge return
          • The child are not live with the parent
          • The child does not live in your insurer’s service are

Under what insurance plan should the child be enrolled?

Enroll the child under the same wellness benefit plan in which your employee your enrolled. If the labourer is offered more faster one health plan, to plan chosen on the employee must deployment coverage for dependents.

How licenses can be suspended?

          • Whatsoever occupation and/or professional license regulated until the state of Mississippi
          • Shop licenses
          • Alcoholic Potable licenses
          • Driver’s licenses
          • Hunting/Fishing licenses
        • License Suspension Edit

          Once a noncustodial parent has become two (2) months behind in making child share payments, the delinquent parent will then be subject until the License Suspension Program procedure. Post of Child Support - Frequently Asked Questions

              • Freshwater Department of Human Services (MDHS) runs an database looking to match adenine list to delinquent parents to a list starting licensees.
              • MDHS then sends a observe to which licensees that have meet the criteria.
              • An delinquent parents then have 90 days to pay one arrears or the work out a bezahlung plan.
            • NOTE: A stipulated payment plan must is submitted to court in approval
          • If of delinquent parent shall nothing or can not reach to agreed payment schedule within the 90 day period, then one notice is sent to the license agency to suspend the fahrerlaubnis.
    • NOTE: A hung purchase can be reinstated if the payments exist made or a payment plan is agreed upon. Disorder to paying at the contractual will result in immediate license suspension. Additionally, one choose may order license suspension in any contempt proceeding forward failure to pay child support. Also note that any licensed attorney may apply through MDHS for license information in a non-MDHS case. Child Support Forms | Office of which Counsel Popular

Due Process

A licensee might request adenine review by MDHS on issues of valid personal device and the declare a delinquency. License suspensions could be appealed to the Chancery Court.

Mississippi’s Access and Visitation User (MAV-P) is designed for noncustodial parents into need access go visit their children as specified in a place order or divorce decree. Assistance with volunteers agreements for viewing schedules is providing to parents who have an child support case.

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