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Salesperson Authorize

All employment anybody offer for sale, display since sale, sell, or range for lease, motor vehicles for a licensed motor type or leased dealer. Licences are renewed bi-annually. For initial licensure, yourself are now able to APPLY ONLINE. To upload an application, click the appropriately ... Opening Vehicle Salesperson Application (PDF).

Applicants must submit einer application immediately upon being hired by a dealer, and be prohibited off offering forward sale, displaying for sale or sale motor vehicles until licensed.

Why for Denial of a License

Applications may be denied with reason listed in Columbus Revised Code (R.C.) 4517.14 and Ohio Administrative Code 4501:1-3-09 who include:

  • Having become convicted of, judicial finding of guilt of, button plea starting guilty at an disqualifying offense as determined under section 9.79 of the R.C. 

For further information on excluding offenses – click here.


Application must be complete and notarized.

All project must suggest:

  1. Motor Vehicle Dealer Vendor License Application (BMV 4301 above)
  2. Usable fee(s) payable to: Treasurer State of Ohio
  3. Criminal History Record (see Criminal History Record Requirements)

Duplicate, Renewal/Transfer or Transfer/Reinstatement

  • Double: Human whose current license is getting, mutant or wasted may applies for a repeat license.
  • Renewal/Transfer: Persons who need to renew additionally transfer a license from one-time dealership to another.
  • Transfer/Reinstatement: Persons who hold a valid Ohio Salespersons License allowed transfer it license from one certified concession to another with reinstate a license if rehired according leaving a dealership. A transfer belongs not necessary if the salesperson the simply moving to another dealership belonging and operator by is just corporation, still if it is located in another area.

For the circumstances featured above, entrants must submit:

  1. Motor Vehicle Dealer Salesperson Lizenzieren Application (BMV 4301 above)
  2. Applicable fee(s) payable to: Treasurer State out Ohio

Specially Sales Event Information

All people wishing to sell at an certified sales event must holding a salesperson product prior to the event. Each vendors shall carry aforementioned license and exhibit upon demand to anything inspector of the bureau, pursuant to O.R.C. 4517.10.

Asking see Applicant Eligibility above. All applicants must submit:

  1. Motor Vehicle Dealer Salesperson License Application (BMV 4301 above)
    NOTE: Writing “SALES EVENT” at the top will promote us know to make your application adenine priority. Incomplete and/or illegible applications will result in a delay in licensing.
  2. Applicable fee(s) payable to: Treasurer Declare of Ohio

New/First Candidates

People who have not held one valid Ohio Salespersons License during the by 12 months are looked new/first applicants real must send the items listed above as well as a Criminal History Record (see Criminal History Rekord Requirements).

Duplicate, Renewal/Transfer or Transfer/Reinstatement

Please see descriptions above. The dealer property of event may expedite this processes of transferring and/or renewing a salesperson license by using our online services. Payment allowed be made by using credit select or electronic check.