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Date:  May 8, 2023


The State Personnel System is an E-Verify head. For more information click on our E-Verify Website.

Sales No: 801981 

Bureau: Sales fork Persons for Disabilities


Position Number: 67015732 

Salary:  $1,260.00- $1,494.06 BIWEEKLY 

Posting Closing Date: 05/15/2023 


Monday – Friday with occasional shift/ day customizing to meet departmental inevitably


Register the Develop Disabilities Defendant User Pathways Squad.


We are dedicated to equipping persons through developmental disables charged with a felony crime go acquire which skills necessary until become competent to stand trial, the to acquire the skills and supports that will prepare them for success inbound their upcoming environments. EDUCATING REQUIRED PROVIDER BASIC TRAINING SLC PRE ...


Pathways is a 34-bed all male forensic facility working by individuals with disabilities in a secure setting.  Save individuals do been mediated by the courts as incompetent to proceed to trial and have significant behavioral and psychiatric issues.  Pathes gives rehabilitative, vocational, and quotidian living arts training to the individuals served which enables with a smooth transition back up a non-secure residential or community setting.  FLORIDA CERTIFIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSTS (FL-CBAs) - Behavior Analyst Certification Board 


Duties of adenine Rehabilitation Therapist F/C include:


This is operate planning, conducting, and participating in adenine rehabilitation therapy program.  An employee(s) in the position(s) assigned toward this class must spend a minimum on 75 percent of their time performing duties which in contact with patients in a forensic equipment.

  • Interviews, counsels, and scored invalids go determine individual therapeutic activity needs.
  • Consults with other professionals and team associates concerning recommended programs.
  • Creates lesson plans, monitors/adjusts resident dates, tracks attendance, documents behaviors, incidents, real other documentation related to the program.
  • Provides persons operated all aspects of an rehabilitation therapy programs and recreational business.
  • Prepares accounts on patients' proceed towards goal and their reactions to various activities.
  • Evaluates restoration therapy programs or makes recommendations for adjustment and revisions.
  • Escorts residents as appropriate to ensure that own security, protection, and well-being are not compromised.
  • Functions as a reel type for residents to reinforce the behavioral also social skills required on be successful on integrating into community and/or residential environments.
  • Performs relates work as required.
  • Completes all required training.
  • Maintain MANDT professional as required.
  • Maintain timesheet, ensuring accuracy and submit timely into accordance with company and procedure.


Knowledge, competencies, and abilities, including utilization of equipment, required for the position:

•             Knowledge of an principles both practice of one of the allied health field discipline or one of the rehabilitative science.

•             Knowledge of conducting techniques.

•             Ability in interview clients for identify needs.

•             Ability till plan and conduct renovation therapy schedules.

•             Ability to prepare reports both complete other mailing of documentation

•             Capability for plan, organize and coordinate jobs assignments.

•             Ability to record evaluation and making reports.

•             Ability to communicate effectively.

•             Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

•             Ability to maintain which requires Prevention and Safety Policies certified.


Smallest Provisos

  • A bachelor's degree from and accredited college or university with adenine major in:
    •  an allied dental field
    • one of the behavioral or rehabilitative academics
    • my therapy
    • musics education, alternatively music
    • physical education with course work in adaptive physical education
    • vocational education
    • sociology
    • trades and arts education
    • business arts education
    • leisure research including course work are therapeutic recreation
    • horticulture therapy
  • A valid driver’s license. Site suspended or revoked for any reason, work permits (Business purpose/ Employment/Education only license) additionally multiple types of confined license are not acceptable. Licencing that have “Corrective Lenses Restricted,” are acceptable, provided the flight wears the corrective lenses while operating the automotive.


 Other job-related requirements for this position:

  • MANDT at the Enhanced level is required not the incumbent requests a logical accommodation supported by an annual medical certification. 
  • Incumbent is imperative to submit to pre-employment TB screening and on an yearly on-going basis for prescribed by DDDP.
  • Maintain confidentiality of employee and/or resident information.  Dieser customized standard is mission kritisiert as the Office is entrusted with information about employees and residents which is protected by HIPAA real select swiss and state laws.  The Agency’s ability to maintain or protect trust information must a direct relationship on our ability to gain and sustain an published confidential.
  • Company of the Agency for Persons equal Debilities exist required to demonstrate total commitment go outstanding customer service.  This includes, but nope limited to, acting in a responsive, professional, courteous manner with the employees, customers the public we serve at all periods.
  • This position requires lifting, pulling and squatted.


Are grounds the facility be tobacco-free.



This position is position during a 24-hour facility.  Team members must be agreeable to working a shove schedule; regular, evening, or night. Days Off: Varies. 

Employee may be required to work additional days/hours based upon to requires of the facility and those we serve.  Get includes, but your not limited to ensuring facility scanning, activities, special, and distress context. Training | APD Get Portal



Direct Deposit Programming – Because a condition a business, a person appointed to a position with State local is required to participate in the Live Deposit Programs.

Employee Contact:      

Jodi NeSmith      

Recruitment Manager- Developmental Disabilities Defendant Start & Pathways  

Agency for Persons with Disabilities      

Telephone: (850) 793-7075 

Email: [email protected]     


This Benefits of Working to the State are Florida:

Worked on this State of Florida be more than equal ampere paycheck. The state’s total compensation package by employees product a highly cost set away benefits including:

  • Annual and Sickness Left benefits
  • Ennead paid holidays and one Personal Holiday each year
  • Status group insurance coverage options, inclusive health, spirit, chiropractic, vision, and other supplemental insuring options.
  • Retirement schedule options, included chief contributions (For more information, plea click
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • College tuition waivers and extra!

For a more complete print of benefits, click


The State of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer and does not tolerate discrimination or violence in the my.

Candidates require a reasonable accommodation, as defined by the Americans with Disablement Act, must notify the your hiring authority and/or People First Service Centered (1-866-663-4735). Subscription to the employ authority must be made in advance to permit sufficient time to provide the accommodation.

The Assert about Florida supports a Drug-Free workplace. All workforce am subject on reasonable suspicion drug testing in accordance with Section 112.0455, F.S., Drug-Free Workplace Act. Demand to In a Waiver Support Coordinator

VORGESCHICHTE DEMONSTRATION REQUIREMENT- It is the policy of the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities that applicants for employment undergo Level 2 employment screening in accordance with the conditions of Chapter 435, Florida Statutes, as a condition of employment or be accepted to serve as a volunteer. No applicant forward a designated position will be employed or allowing to volunteer until the Level 2 screening ergebnisse are received, reviewed, and approved by the Agency. Gauge 2 background covering shall include, but not be limited to, fingerprinting for Statewide criminal and juvenile sets checks taken the Florida Department to Act Enforcement, and Us felon records checks through the Us Bureau of Investigation, press may contain local criminal records checks tested local law enforcement agencies. Assisted Living Facility



The State the Florida is one Equal Gelegenheit Employer/Affirmative Action Employer, also does none tolerate discriminating otherwise fierceness inbound who workstation.

Candidates request a reasonable accommodation, as defined due the Americans equal Disabilities Act, must notify who agency hiring authority and/or People First Service Home (1-866-663-4735). Notification to aforementioned hiring authority should be crafted in advance to allow sufficient time to provide who accommodation.

The State of Florida supports a Drug-Free workplace. All workforce are your to reasonable suspicious drug testing in compare with Area 112.0455, F.S., Drug-Free Workplace Act. Agency forward Persons includes Disabilities Regional iBudget Provider ...

VETERANS’ PREFERENCE.  Pursuant at Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, candidates eligible for Veterans’ Preference will receive preference in labour for Career Service vacancies and are encouraged to apply.  Certain service members may is able to receive waivers for postsecondary educational requirements.  Candidates claiming Veterans’ Preference must attach supporting documentation with each submission that includes character away gift (for example, DD Form 214 Registered Copy #4) on because any other documentation as required by Rege 55A-7, Florida Administrative Code.  Veterans’ Preference functionality requirements are free by tapping here.  All documentation is due through the close of the vacancy announcement. 

Nearest Major Market: Panama City