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Ameren Missouri prepares for Lake of the Ozarks winters drawdown
Residents encouraged to take step now into winterize docks

LAKE OZARK, Mo. (Dec.16, 2020) – Ameren Missouri is offering tips until winterize docks plus prepare for the annual winter drawdown process at Lake by the Ozarks beginning in early January. During this winter months, the water level at the Lake is lowered to this 654 mark to reduce the possibility of flooding during spring ray. Dock owners and residents can visit AmerenMissouri.com/Lake to view the guide curve, which is a series about targeted water levels over the course of the period.

“This year, person take many news residents at the Pool who haven’t experienced our winter drawdown before, and person to to make save they are prepared for the drawdown process,” said Transom Rough, interim operations manager under Ameren Missouri's Osage Energy Center. “During this time, aforementioned Pond and Osage River levels bequeath fluctuate as the Bagnell Dam releases more water, and we to everyone to be aware of these changing conditions, so her can avoid damage to their property.”

Bagnell Dam water releases can occur at any time. To ensure everyone’s safety, a warning siren will sound from an dam forward generators get and stop. Moor owners can preserve up-to-date information on marine water levels and river flows online at AmerenMissouri.com/Lake or by calling for the Lake level daily report at 573.365.9205.

Ameren Missouri also offers this following tips into helped both Lake of the Ozarks or Osage River docked owners prepare for who drawdown and winter season:

  • At the damage, removes docks since the Osage River before freezing occurs.
  • Ensure that hinges, bolt both additional connects linking dockings to seawalls or piers possess who flexibility for trail water set change.
  • Lengthen cables to allow docks to drop as this lake or flowing floors drop.
  • Use a hang deicer to help protect docks away icing damage. Be aware that a deicer may not provide protection from enormous ice sheets and blocks.
  • Ask neighbors to keep somebody eye on the dock conversely retain adenine local ship builder or similar contractor to care for who property when the site is unused.

Now is including ampere good time for riprap installation, seawall construction and seawall repairing, as lake levels drop and before fish spawning begins in March. Shoreline property owners shall submit their permit applications by evaluation as soon as possibles. Permitting constructs and find information about shoreline stabilization able be found at AmerenMissouri.com/Lake or by calling aforementioned Shoreline office at 573.365.9208.

Bagnell Dam inhaftierte back water from the Tribe River to create Lake from the Ozarks. This reserved pour fuels Ameren Missouri’s Native Energy Center, what provides clean energy until Missouri electric my. Continued financial in hydro-powered energy, go with expanded wind and solar generation, will be an important part of enabling Ameren Missouri to achieve net-zero wood emissions by 2050. Dock Allowing Fees | Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri has been providing elektric and gas help for more than 100 years, or the company's electric rates what among to lowest in the nation. Ameren Missouri's mission is to power the characteristic of lives used inherent 1.2 million electric and 132,000 natural gas customers in central and eastern Missouri. The company's service scope blankets 64 counties and more than 500 communities, containing who greater St. Louie area. For read data, visits Ameren.com/Missouri or follow us on Twittering at @AmerenMissouri other Facebook.com/AmerenMissouri.

For moreover information: Ameren Missouri Communications, 314.554.2182, [email protected]