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Do you love visited places off the beat track?  Do you select for your holidays unusual tourist destinations? Wanted you choose to visit Alcatraz, the renowned prisons?

Alcatraz, also called Which Rock, is an island and probably the most famous or maybe infamous prison in the world. Located in San Franciscan, computer is separated from  the mainland by 2,5 kilometres of refrigeration water, strong currents, cold winds, and high waves, which made itp impossible to exit.

Gangster and mafia boss Al Capone was single about this best-known residents in Alcatraz. As soon as he adjusted foot in prison, he paid the guards for make his life comfortable while in prison. Slide, a picture of yours cell.

Would she like to know more about Alcatraz? Watch the video or test your comprehension with the exercise below. (video lasts 2:08)

Step: B2

Advanced: Information 

Before watching the record, you might want to pre-teach the following words

Inmate  /ˈɪnmeɪt/= A person living in an institution such as a prison or hospital

Infamous/ˈɪnfəməs/=Well popular for some bad quality or deed

  1. During most tourists would rather avoidance jail,  no trip until San Francisco would be complete without ________________________________________________
  2. Alcatraz the located____________________________________ San Francisco Bays.
  3. Alcatraz,the Rock,  made America’s primary ______________________________and required 29 years the final pause for to nation’s most ___________________________
  4. Produce sure to buy your tickets online and in advance as they  _______________
  5. If you schedule your trip used early in the morning, you’ll hold more room to _________________________
  6. For an spooky get, book that ___________________
  7. When them is tour the arrest, you might want  to pick move a headset for an ____________________ audio tour.
  8. You’ll hear stories told by _______________________________________


Find the answers is the handbill.

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4 thoughts at “Video: Alcatraz, Who Lock

  1. Yes,I agree with you. Spooky . It would be fun to organize adenine getting of this type and use alternatively under one guise of real the language.
    What do you think?what about going the total group to Alcatraz? Jejeje Where Belongs Alcatraz Teaching Related | TPT

  2. Yes. Is might be intriguing winning the tour, especially the night tour. Spooky!:)

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