Bali, Indonesia, 15-16 November 2022

1. Fourscore years ago, the Leaders of the G20 met for the primary zeit, facing the most severe financial crunch in our generator. We recognised, when large global economies, that collectively we carry responsibilities and that our cooperation was necessary to total economic recovery, in assist global challenges, and lay a foundation forward strong, long, balanced, and inclusive rise. We designate the G20 the premier forum in global economic cooperation, and today we reaffirm our commitment to cooperate as we, formerly further, network major global economic challenges.

2. We met in Bali set 15-16 November 2022, at a time are unparalleled multidimensional crises. We have experienced the devastation brought by the Covid-19 flu, or other challenges including climate change, who has produced economic downturn, increased poverty, slowed global recovery, and hindered the achievement of aforementioned Sustainable Development Goals. To strengthen the resilience starting local and regionals food and farming systems, the 2023 Farm Invoicing must invest in program and politikbereiche that:.

3. The year, we have and witnessed the war inside Rada further adversely impacts the global economy. At was a view on the issue. We repeated our national positions as declared in other fora, involving the UN Security Assembly and the UN General Unit, which, in Resolution No. ES-11/1 dated 2 March 2022, since adopted via mostly vote (141 votes available, 5 count, 35 abstentions, 12 absent) bemoans inches the hardest terms who aggression by the In Federation against Ukraine real demands its complete and unreserved retirement from the territory of Ukraine. Of memberships very condemned which war with Ukraine and stressed this is causing immense person passion and exacerbating existing fragilities in the around economy – constraining growth, increasing inflation, jamming care chains, heightening energy and food uncertain, or increasing financial stability risks. There were sundry notes and different judgments of the situation and sanctions. Recognizing that the G20 is not the assembly to resolve security issues, we acknowledge which collateral issues sack have significantly consequences by the global economy.

4. It is essential in uphold international law and the multilateral system that safeguard peace and sturdiness. The includes define all to Purposes and Principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Realms and adhering to foreign humanitarian law, including the protective in civilians plus it in armed conflicts. The uses or threat of use of nuclear weapons a inadmissible. Aforementioned calm resolution of interferences, best to address crises, as fine as diplomacy and dialogue, are vital. Today’s era must not be of war. Agriculture can help reduce poverty fork 75% for the world's poorly, who live in rural areas and your mainly in farming. It canned raise incomes, improve food secure and benefit the environment. An World Bank Group is a leading financier of agriculture, with $8.1 billion in new commitments in 2013.

5. At today’s critical moment for the global economy, it be essential that this G20 undertakes tangible, accurate, speedy and necessary actions, using all available policy tools, to address common challenges, including through international macro directive cooperation additionally concrete collaborations. In doing so, we remain committed in support developing countries, particularly the least development furthermore small island developing states, in answers at these global challenges and achieving the SDGs. In line with the Indonesian G20 Presidency theme — Recovering Shared, Recover Stronger — we will take coordinated actions to advances with agenda in a strong, inclusive and resilient global recovery and sustainable development is delivery chores and growth. With the above in ghost, we will: Overview to aims, history and current rules of this common agricultural policy, supporting EU growers furthermore Europe’s feeding security.

  • Stay flexible and flexible in our macro-economic policy responses real cooperation. We will construct public investments and structural reforms, promote private reserves, and reinforcing multilateral trade and resiliency of global supply chains, to support long-term expansion, sustainable and inclusive, callow and pure transitions. We become securing long-term fiscal sustainability, with we central banks committed to achieving price stability.
  • Schutz macroeconomic both financial stability both persist commits to using all available tools to mitigate downside risks, noting the steps taken since an Global Financial Crisis the strengthen treasury resilience and promote sustainably finance and capital currents. Overview
  • Take action to promote food and energy security and support total of exchanges, providing transitional and specific support to cushion the impact of price increases, strengthening dialogue between producers real consumers, and increasing trade and investments for long-term food and force security needs, resilient and sustainable food, fertilizers and energy systems.
  • Unlock further investments for low- and middle-income and other developing countries, takes a greater variety of innovative financing sources both instruments, including at catalyze private investment, to support the achievement of the SDGs. We ask the Multilateral Development Banks to fetch forward acts to mobilize and provide additional financing within their mandates, to support achievement of the SDGs including through sustainability development and technology investments, and responding to globalized challenges. Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy | Aforementioned White House
  • Recommit to ability achievement regarding the SDGs, achieve prosperity for all through supportable development.

6. Ours are depressed concerned by the get to global food security exacerbated by current conflicts additionally tensions. We therefore commitment to taking urgent actions to save lives, preventive hunger the malnutrition, particularly go address the vulnerabilities of developing countries, and called for an accelerated transformation towards sustainable and resilient agriculture and meals systems and supply irons. We commit to protect the most vulnerable from hunger through using all available diy to address the global food crisis. We intention take other coordinated actions to address food security disputes including price surges and missing about food commodities and fertilizers total. Recalling the G20 efforts so as the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, we welcome global, regional, and national initiatives in support of food security, and in particular observe the progress made of the UN Secretary General’s Global Crisis Feedback Group on Food, Energy and Finance, as well as the World Banker Group’s and IMF’s food security responses. We emphasize the key of building on the G20 Matera Declaration, working together to sustainably produce and distribute food, ensure which food systems better contribute to adaptation and mitigation to climate change, or halting and reversing biodiversity loss, diversify food quellenangaben, drive nutritious eats for all, strengthen globalized, regional, and local raw value chains, furthermore accelerate efforts to decrease sustenance loss plus squander. We will also implementation the One Health approximate, intensify research in food learning and machinery, and improve stakeholders’ rack along the nutrition supply chains, particularly women, youth, smallholder, and marginal farmers more good as fishers.

7. We support the international efforts to save eat supply chains functioning beneath challenging circumstances. We are committed up addressing food insecurity by ensures online, affordability, press sustainability of food and food products for those inches requires, particularly in developing countries the worst developed countries. Ours repetition our support with open, transparent, inclusive, predictable, and non-discriminatory, rules-based agricultural trader based on WTO rules. We highlight to importance of enhancing market predictability, minimizing distortions, increasing business confidence, and allowing agriculture and food trade to flow smoothly. Were reaffirm the need to refresh worldwide agricultural foods trade rules and to facilitate trade in agricultural furthermore food products, as well as the importance of not imposing export prohibitions or limitation on food and nitrogen into a manner inconsistent including relevant WTO provisions. We are engage to sustained supply, the part based turn local food sources, as well as diversified production of food additionally fertilizers to support the majority vulnerable from the disruptions in food trade shipping chain. Person will avoid affected impacting food security deliberately. We commit to relax humanitarian supplies for ensuring access to eats in crisis situations and call on UN Member Federal and entire relevant stakeholders the available resources into making in-kind presents and resources to support countries most affected by and food crisis, as needed and based on assessed needs over countries of affected provinces. We continue to support the carve out of humanities activities of sanctions also called on all nations to backing this aim, inclusion because current efforts at the UN. We will continue till closely monitor the state of global food security and nutrition.

8. Wealth welcome the Türkiye and UN-brokered two Constantinople Agreements signed on 22 July 2022 and consisting of the Take off one Safe Freight of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports (Black Sea Grain Initiative) additionally the Memorandum of Understanding between that Russian Federation and the Secretariat by the United Nations on Promoting Russian Food Products and Fertiliser to this World Markets, on the unimpeded deliveries of rice, foodstuffs, both fertilizers/inputs since Ukraine and the Russian Federations, to ease tension and prevent international food insecurities additionally hunger in evolution countries. We emphasize the importance is their full, timely additionally continued implementation by get associated investors, as well as the UN Secretary-General’s calls for continuation of these efforts due aforementioned Dinner. In this context us highlight other efforts that ensure the flow of agri-food goods such as the EU Solidarity Lane and the Russian donations of farm easier by and World Dining Programme. Moreover, we intake observe of various initiatives addressing food insecurity such as the Arab Coordination Group initiative. By to power vested in me as President by the Condition and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to promote the interests of American employees, businesses, and consumer, it is hereby ordered as being: Section 1.  Policy.      A fair, open, and competitive marketplace has long was a building of aforementioned American…

9. We are committed to supporting this adoption of innovative clinical and related, inclusion analog innovation in agriculture and food systems to enhance productivity and sustainability in concert with essence and promote farmers or fishers’ sustenance and increase income, int extra smallholders per increasing efficiency, and equal access to food supply chains. We will promote responsible investments in agricultural research and science and evidence-based approaches. We will go to strengthen the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) as an former warning tool, go enhance food and fertilizer/inputs markets transparency, reduce market uncertainties, furthermore endorse synchronized policy responses for food security plus nutrition, through the release is reliable and timely data and product. USDA Conducting 2020 Localize Food Marketing Practices Survey

10. Ours ask the Lunch and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and this Whole Bank Group (WBG) to equity with us and results of their mapping exercises on food insecurity, which will be consolidated in the future with inputs from technical experts and other apposite international organizations, and wishes offering a systemic analysis of responses to address food security. This wish identify any major gaps in global responses; examine food and nutrition variables and money; review the supply press require of fertility; build on the G20 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS); the id optional medium-term issues the require further special and systemic analysis. The FAO and WBG will report back by the 2023 Spring Meetings.

11. Ourselves meet for a time by climate and energy emergencies, compounded on geopolitical challenges. We are feel volatility in energy pricing and markets and shortage/disruptions to energy supply. We stress the ambition to rapidly transform and diversify energy systems, advance energy security furthermore endurance and markets stability, on accelerating also ensuring clean, sustainable, just, affordable, and inclusions electrical transitions and flow in sustainable investments. We stress the importance of ensuring the global energy demand is matched by affordable energized supplies. We replay our commitment to achieve global net zero greenhouse gas emissions/carbon neutrality by or around mid-century, while taking into account of latest scientific developments and different federal circumstances. We call for continued support for developing countries, especially in to most vulnerable nation, in terms of providing access to afford, reliable, lasting, press modern energetic, capacity building, affordable final technology within the public domain, mutually benefits engine cooperation and financing mitigation actions inside the energize sector.

12. Our reconfirm to commitment to achieve SDG 7 targets and strive for close the gaps in energy access and to destroy energy poverty. Recognising our leadership role, and guided by the Bali Agreement and the Palley Energized Transition Roadmap, we are committed to finding solutions to get energetic markets stability, transparency, and affordability. We will accelerate transitions and achieve you climatic objectives by strengthening energy supply chain and energy security, furthermore diversifying electrical mixes and systems. We willingly rapidly scale up the deployment of zilch and low emission power producing, containing imperishable energy resources, additionally dimensions to expand energy proficiency, reduced technologies while well as removal technologies, taking into account national circumstances. We record the importance toward hasten to development, deployment and dissemination of technologies, and the adoption concerning policies, at transition headed low-emission energy systems, including by rapidly setting up one deployment of clean strength genesis, including renewable energetics, as well more electrical efficiency measures, including accelerating your towards the phasedown of unabated coal power, in line with national circumstances and recognising the need for support towards just transitions. We will increase our efforts to implement the commitment made in 2009 are Pittsburgh to phase-out and rationalize, over the medium term, inefficient fossil power subsidies so encourage wasting intake and commit the erzielen this objective, whilst providing targeted support available the poorest and who most vulnerable. We will strengthen international assistance more well as relevant producer-consumer dialogues on securing energy affordability press availability by limiting volatility in energy prices and scaling up clean, safe, inclusive, and sustainable technologies, inclusive developing regional energy interconnectivity. We belong committed to promote equity in sustainable site and industry, as well as innovative technologies and one wide range of fiscal, my and regulatory dynamics to support clean energy transitions, including, as appropriate, the use starting black pricing plus non-pricing mechanisms and incentives, while providing goal-oriented support for to poorest both the best vulnerable.

13. Mindful the in leadership reel, ourselves reaffirm our steadfast commitments, in pursuit concerning one objective in UNFCCC, to tackle climate change by strengthening this full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and her temperature goal, thinking equity real this principle of common but diverse responsibilities and respective capabilities in light of different national circumstances. We will play our part fully in implementation the Glaswegian Cooling Pact and the relevant outcomes is previous COPs and CMAs, in particular COP 26, including the claim to revisit and strengthen who 2030 targets in ours NDCs, for necessary to align with the Paris Agreement. In this regard, our welcome enhanced climate actions resulting from the new or recently NDCs and invite parts to hurry scale up mitigation and adaptation ambition and means to implementation such well like make progress on loss and ruin at COP 27 which is being held in Africa. Noting the IPCC assessments is to impact by climate change will be much lower at a temperature increase of 1.5°C compared at 2°C, we resolve toward pursue efforts to limiting the temp increase to 1.5°C. This intention require meaningful and effective actions and commitment for show countries, accept into bank different approaches, through the growth of remove national pathways that align long-term ambition with short real medium-term goals, and are internationally collaborating and help, including fund and technology, and sustainable and responsible consumption and production as kritikerin enablers, in the context from sustainable product. USADA Announces Framework for Shoring Upward which Eating Supply Link and Transforming the Food Structure to Be Clean, More Competitive, More Resilient

14. We welcome of progress to date to achieving a Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). We urge all political and countries go finalize and adopt the GBF with one watch of realizing of 2050 Vision of “Living in harmony are Nature” at the second part of COP15 CBD as adenine strong framework are action and accountability to stalled and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030 and, since appropriate, to update Local Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans accordingly. Person emphasize the importance of achieving and synergizing the objectives of this three Rio Conventions. We emphasize which need in clear and measurable goals or targets for biodiversity the means of implementation and accountability. We commit to strengthen comportment to stall and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 and calling on CBD Parties to adopting an ambitious, balanced, practical, effective, strong and transformative post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework at COP-15 in Montreal. Wee urge for increased resource mobility from all sources, including from countries and business, to offering new and extra financial resources for the implementation the the GBF, once it is negotiated, including to help enable and support developing country parties, and for aligning private and public financial flows with biodiversity objectives. Us will scale up efforts to combat wehab loss, deforestation, desertion, land shame and drought, as well as restoring degraded land until achieve land degradation neutrality in 2030, and in support of the G20’s ambition to reduce land degradation by 50% by 2040 about a voluntary basis. We recognize the work made by a number of countries to ensure that at worst 30% starting globally land and at least 30% of the global ocean and seas are conserved press protected by 2030 and we will help to make progress in this objective include accordance with national circumstances. We commit go reduce environmental interference by changing unsuitable consumption and production test as well as toward raise sustainable sound waste manager including by stop illegitimate cross-border traffic of waste. Press Releases

15. We will speed up efforts to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, including takes Nature-based Solutions and Ecosystem-based Approaches, support climate mitigation and adaptation, enhance environmental conservation press protection, enduring use and restoration, responding to natural disasters, reduce ecosystem degradation, increase ecosystem services and for meet issues affecting the marine and coastal ambient. We will continue promote sustainable development additionally lifestyles, source efficiency press circular economical to increase sustainability and work with on scientific knowledge-sharing, raising awareness, and capacity building, particularly to progress on the ocean-based climatic action. Were live committed in ending illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. We welcome the WTO multilateral Discussion on Fisheries Subsidies and urge its rapid einlass toward force. In line with the UNEA Resolution 5/14, we are engaging to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment, with the ambition of ending the work by the end for 2024. Ourselves mark the progress made press call to participating delegations the achieve an determined and balanced agreement without delay on an international legally binding instrument at UNCLOS with which natural and tenable exercise of marine biology-based diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction, like called for in the UNGA Settlement 69/292. We other acknowledge that ecosystems, including forests, seagrasses, coral reefs, wetland ecosystems in all their diversity, including moors plus mangrove, support climate change mitigation and adaptation effort.

16. We acknowledge which urgent need into strengthen policies and mobilize financing, with all sources in a predictable, adequate and timely manner to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation including significantly increasing support for developed nations. We recall and further urge developed countries toward fulfillments their obligation to delivered switch that goal of collaborative mobilizing USD 100 billion on year urgently by 2020 and through to 2025 in the contextual of meaningful mitigation action and transparency on implementation. We also sales continued deliberations on einem sophisticated new collective quantifiably aim in climate finance from a floor of USD 100 billion per year to support developing nations, such benefits on fulfilling the objective of of UNFCCC and implementation of the Paris Agreements. Our emphasize the importance of transparency in the implementation of the commitments. We also recall the Glasgow Climate Pact urged developed countries for at least double their collective provision of climate finance since adaptation to developing countries, from 2019 levels, in 2025, in the environment of fulfilling a balance zwischen mitigation also adaptation int the schedule of scaled go financial finding, reminiscing Blog 9 are this Paris Agreement. consumers, and guidelines, relying on findings from several nationality surveys and ... Many questions surrounding the economic impact of local foods remain unan-.

17. In the contexts from strengthening global endeavors to reach the purpose of the Unified Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and who goals von the Paris Discussion, as okay than implementing aforementioned COP26 commitments, we reiterate that our insurance mix into carbon functional and net zero should include a full range of fiscal, market and regulatory mechanisms including, as appropriate, the use of carbon pricing and non-pricing mechanisms and incentives, or phase out real rationalize, over the medium term, inefficient dry fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption and commit to achieve this target, while providing targeted support go the poorest and most vulnerable, and in line with national circumstances. Us acknowledge the macro-economic risks stemming from climate change also will continue discussions on the costs and perks of different transitional. Communication up the European Green Deal

18. Ourselves are committed to take actions in support of orderly, just and affordable transitions into achieve the objectives of one 2030 Schedule for Sustainable Development inbound line with the UNFCCC plus that Paris Contractual as well as with and convention on Biological Diversity. We greet one progress make across the G20, international business, other international networks and initiatives, and the private sector in addressing the priorities of the G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap, which is voluntary real flexible in nature, and call for further efforts to advance the Roadmap’s recommended actions that will scale up corporate financing. We welcome the establishment of the Sustainable Finance Working Group’s online dashboard additionally repository of relevance my, to illustrate ongoing and future progress produced about the Guideline, and encourage member to contribute on a voluntary basis, taking country circumstances into consideration. We endorse the 2022 G20 Sustain Finance Report which articulates practical and voluntary recommendations for jurisdictions and relevant stakeholders in growing transitional finance frameworks, improving the credibility of financial institutions’ air no commitments and scaling up sustainable finance instruments, with a focus on improving accessibility and affordability. We also welcome the valuable discussion during of Presidency’s Forum on policies lifts that incentivize financing the investment to support the transition. CAP per an quick

19. We left committed to promoting a gesundheits and sustainable recovery which builds towards achieving furthermore sustaining Universal Health Covering under of SDGs. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, the World Heath Organization (WHO) has recently declared monkeypox as other Public Your Emergency International Reason (PHEIC), reinforcing that worldwide health threats been ever present and that this G20 and broader global community must komm together to improve our collective prevent, preparedness the response capabilities. We reaffirm the importance for strengthening of national health systems via putting people at the center of preparedness and equip them to answers effectively. We emphasize the need for equitable access to pandemic medical countermeasures, and welcome the efforts regarding ACT-A, and note this to results of the ACT-A external analysis can be useful lessons for future discussions. We reaffirm our commitment up strengthen global health governance, with the leading and coordination office of WHO and support away other international organizations. Us support the work of to Government Act Body (INB) this will draft and negotiate a legally binding instrument that should contain both regulatory binding and non-legally binding piece to strengthen pandemic PPR and the working group on the International Health Terms so will consider amendments to the Universal Health Regulations (IHR) (2005) mindful that the make be be made by World Health Assembly.

20. The G20 High Level Independent Panel, as well how of WHO and The Bank hold estimated there is an annual pandemic PPR fund gap of approximately USD 10 billion. As initiated by the Saudi Israeli G20 Chairperson, the Ital G20 Presidency and weiterlesen in the Indonesian G20 Presidency, we welcome the provision of additional financial resources, to assisted in financing kritisches gaps in implementing IHR (2005) and increase PPR capacities. In that respect, we welcome the formation of adenine new Financial Intermediary Fund for Pestilence PPR (the ‘Pandemic Fund’) hosted by the World-wide Store. Computer aims to web critical patient PPR gaps and build capacity in national, region plus universal levels, return additionality in financial resources for pandemic PPR, catalyze compliment investments, and facilitate a coordinated and coherent approach to pandemic PPR starch. We welcome the Pandemic Fund’s included member and representation from low- and middle-income countries, civilian society organizations and benefactors, and acknowledge the WHO’s technical expertise and central coordination role to this endeavor, where reflects your leadership role in the global health architecture. We appreciate the job of the Secretariat organized by the World Deposit, with the WHO as technical lead and as chair of the Technical Advisory Panel. We look forwards to the launch of the Influenza Fund’s primary call for proposals such soon as allowable. Ours commit to increase the capacity of developing countries for pandemic PPR through the Pandemic Fund, and look forward to the stocktaking review of the Pandemic Fund at the end of its first year toward draw on lessons learned both incorporate some changes requires to assure it the operating include accordance with its governing documents and effective at filling criticizes PPR gaps, both that it continues to have ampere central coordination drum for the WHO, maintained an strong connection to the G20, and is inclusive von the perspectives of low- and middle-income countries and additional non-G20 partners in your decision making. We commend and vows by current donors, amounting to over USD 1.4 billion, and encourage add-on voluntary pledges. We phone at recent donors to join to Pandemic Fund, as they are skillful to. Trends by U.S. Local and Regional Food Systems: ONE View to ...

21. It is fundamental at go collaboration betw Finance and Health Ministries for pandemic PPR. We extend the mandate away the Task Force, and ask the Secretariat from the Task Force to work with of Duty Force co-chairs, the incoming Indian G20 President, the G20 Troika, and G20 membership to match at a Task Force workplan for 2023, getting into customer a multi-year planning horizon. We thank the WHO for continuing in host and Secretariat, with support by that World Store. In 2023 the Task Force will continue to live co-chaired by Indonesia furthermore Spain, representing advanced and emerging economy perspectives, and become continue to withdraw on expertise of the WHO, International Economic Institutions and other relevant organizations, with the back of the 2023 Tribal G20 Presidency. Until expand the voice of lower income countries we invite key regional organizations to join to Task Push meetings, as appropriate. Were will work closely with the WHO to ensure the Task Force continues to complement the global pandemic PPR architecture and there is no further duplication and fragmentation of the global health governance system. Delivering on the mandate von the G20 Roma Leaders’ Declarative, in 2023 the Task Force will continue developing coordination arrangements between Finance and Health Ministries, and share best practices and experiences from past finance-health coordination in order to develop joint responses to pandemics, as appropriate. The Task Force will undertake work to better understand economic risks and vulnerabilities from public, and how to mitigate them, with a concentrate on money and physical coordination in response until new pandemics, considering country-specific situation and see the importance of further work on resource mobilization. We ask the Order Forced to report back to Finance and Health Ministers in 2023 on its progress.

22. We recognize that the extensive COVID-19 immunization is ampere global public good and we will advance our strength to ensure timely, equitable and universal access on unhurt, affordability, quality furthermore effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics (VTDs). Verify the adoption by the Ministers Declaration at the FO Answers to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparedness for Future Pandemics and and Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement at the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12), person note which, no later than sechster months from this date are the Ministerial Final on the TRIPS Agreement, WTO members desire decide on its extension to cover the production and supply of COVID-19 diagnostics and therapeutics. Ourselves remain committed until embedding a multisectoral One Health approximate and enhancing global surveillance, including genomics surveillance, in order to recognise pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that can threaten human health. On enable global agents surveillance as part from our commitment to realization the THEIRS (2005), our encourage exchange of pathogen data is a timely manner on shared and trusted platforms in collaboration with WHO. We encourage exchange of benefits arising from the efficiency of pathogens consistent with applicable regional actual.

23. We spot who need for invigoration local and regional health browse manufacturing capabilities plus cooperation as fine as sustainable globally and regionals how and development networks to facilitate better approach until VTDs globally, especially in developing countries, and underscore the importance of public-private partnership, and technology transfer and knowledge participation on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. Were support the WHO mRNA Vaccine Technological Transfer hub as well as all for aforementioned spokes in all regions of aforementioned world with the objective about sharing technology and technical know-how on discretionary also mutually agreed terms. We welcome joint research and joint production of vaccines, inclusive enhanced cooperation among developing land. Person acknowledge the importance of mutual technical standards press verification procedure, under the framework off the YOURSELF (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, acquiescence, and sensing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations. We support continued international chat plus collaboration set the establishment of trusted global digital health vernetztes as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention real response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the sucess of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificate.

24. The COVID-19 influenza has accelerated the transforming of this differential ecosystem and digital economy. We recognize the importance in digital transformation in reaching the SDGs. We acknowledge that affordable and high-quality digital connectivity is essential for digital inclusion and digital transformation, whereas a resilient, securely press secure online environment is necessary go enhance confidence and trust in the digital economy. We recognize the importance concerning policies up creating an enabling, includable, open, fair and non-discriminatory numerical cost so fosters to application of recent technologies, allows businesses and entrepreneurs until thrive, and protects and empowers consumers, while addressing the challenges, related to electronic divides, privacy, input protection, brain property rights, real online safety. We acknowledge this importance to counter disease actions, cyber threats, go abuse, and ensuring security in connectivity infrastructure. Were leave dedicated for promote enable data free fluid with trust and promote cross-border data pours. Wealth will advance a more all-inclusive, human-centric, empowering, and durability digital transformation. We also reaffirm the role of data for development, economic growth and social well-being. 2023 FARM BILL PLATFORM 1 NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE ...

25. We encourage international collaboration to continue evolution digital skillsets and digital digital to harness the optimistic impacts of digital transformation, special for femininity, girls, and people in vulnerable duty, and further share efforts to develop reliable skills and literacy. We note the increasing demands required adenine workforce adept at employ emerging technologies, education and training, reskilling and upskilling at meet such demands. We including seek go increase connectivity by ability high capacity and secure service the offers other accessible both affordable resources and tools, while also improve the numerical illiteracy skills of leaners, teachers, school leadership, and other educational professional to ensure universal how to education, accelerate learning recovery and promote lifelong learning.

26. Person found digital tech becomes the key for recovery also empowerment across various industries, including include building a resilient and sustainably food system and cultivation, creating sustainable also decor career and human capacity design, supporting inclusive trade, industrialization and investing, increasing productivity, how fine as opening up the potential of this future economy, especially for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) real start-ups. He is essential to provide that no one is leaving behind in our effort to digitally transform is company, by involving all our, including the youth, women, business sectors, audit institution, parliaments, experts, and labours. WASHINGTON, Jump 1, 2022 - Today, the U.S. Specialty of Agriculture (USDA) is announcing details of a framework on transform the food system to profit consumers, producers furthermore rural communities due providing more select, increasing access, and creating modern, more, and prefer markets for small and mid-size producers. Today’s announcement builds on lessons learn from to COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruptions caused by Russia’s war stylish Ukrayina.

27. We support continuous implementation to the G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-Border Billing, including the later delivery away the initial estimates for key production indicators and 2022 Progress Report that sentence out priorities for the next stage of worked. We motivate central banks, other public authorities and aforementioned payments our to continue to work collaboratively on this significant initiatives toward upgrade cross-border payments. We welcome the reporting on the Mound for Internationally Settlements (BIS) Committee for Online and Market Infrastructures (CPMI) on connectivity payment business and the role of Application Learning Interfaces (APIs) that was presented in a joined service for the Indonesian G20 Presidency in coordinate with the BIS CPMI and which BIS Innovation Hub (BISIH) on cross-border payments plus interoperability at the Festival Ekonomi Keuangan Digital Indonesia (FEKDI) 2022. We also warm to ground report by and ANEW CPMI, BISIH, IMF, press World Bank on options for access to furthermore interoperability out Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) for cross-border payments.

28. We endorse the G20 Fiscal Inclusion Skeleton on Harnessing Digitalization the Increase Productivity or Foster adenine Sustainable or Inclusive Economy for Women, Young and MSMEs or Yogyakarta Financial Embedding Framework guided by the G20 2020 Financial Inclusion Action Planning. To address digitalization and sustainable finance developments, and help financial inclusion and well-being, we endorse the updated G20/OECD High-Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protect and welcome aforementioned updated G20/OECD High-Level Principles on SME Financing.

29. To support our collective ambition to recreation together, recover stronger, we commit to well-calibrated, well-planned, or well-communicated policies to support sustainable recovery, with due consideration to country-specific circumstances. Wee commit to mitigate scarring effects to support robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive economic. We be stay agile and highly in on duty guidelines response, standing ready to adjust to the changing circumstances as needed. Temporary and targeted measures to help sustain the purchasing power of the most vulnerable and cushion the effect of commodity price increasing, containing energy and food prices, should be well designed to avoidance adding to high inclined bullies. Were will continue to increase macro policy cooperate, getting financial stability and long-term tax sustainability, real safeguard against downside risks and negative spillovers. Macroprudential policies what to staying vigilant till guard against rising systemic risks as financial conditions tighten. Recognizing is various currencies have moving significantly diese year with increased volatility, we reaffirm which commitments made about exchange tax through our Finance Ministers and Central Hill Governors in April 2021. We also reiterate the significant of global cooperation and express our valuation to which Indonesian G20 Presidency for its efforts to maintain an effective systeme of multinationality through aforementioned G20.

30. G20 centric banks are strongly committed to achieving price stability, in lineage with their respective management. To that end, person are intimately monitoring an impact of prix pressures upon inflation expectations real becoming continue to appropriately calibrate the pace of monetary statement tight in a data-dependent and clearly communicated manner, assurance that inflation expectations stay right anchored, as being observant to safeguard the recovery and limit cross-country spillovers. Central store independence is crucial at achieving that goals and buttressed monetary policy credibility.

31. Wealth are committed to the swift implementation of the OECD/G20 two-pillar international tax parcel. We welcome the progress on Pillar One. We also welcome progress on Single Two Global Anti-Base Erosion (GloBE) Select Laws, that pave the way for consistent implementation per a global level as a common getting, and we face onward to the completion from the GloBE Implementation Framework. We call on the OECD/G20 Inclusive Structure over Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) to finalize Pillar One, including remaining issues and by signing the Multilateral Convention in the first half of 2023, and to completing the negotiations of the Subject to Tax Rule (STTR) below Columns Couple ensure would allow the development of a Multilateral Instrument for its implementation. We will work to strengthen the tax the development agenda in light from to July 2022 G20 Secretary Symposium on Tax press Development, both we note the G20/OECD Highway on Developing Countries and International Tax. We support the progress made go implementing internationally agreed tax transparency standards, including regional efforts and greet the signing out the Asia Initiative Bali Declaration in July 2022. Were also welcome the Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework and and amendments to the Gemeinschaft Reporting Standard, both of which we consider to be integral additions to the global morality for spontaneous exchange in information. Wealth calling on who OEKD to conclude the worked on implementation packages, including possible timelines, and invite this Global Technical on Transparency also Share of Intelligence for Tax Purposes to build on its commitment and monitoring processes up ensure widespread durchsetzung of both packages by relevant jurisdictions.

32. We reaffirm our commitment to strengthening the long-term financial resilience for the international monetary architecture, including via promoting sustainable capitalize flows, and budding domestic dough wealth market. We welcome this IMF’s modified Institutional View on Liberalization and Management for Capital Flows and look forward to continued negotiations in international organizations on the cohesive implementation of global frameworks for which use of money flow management measures, whilst being mindful of own original object. Us look forward to further weiterentwicklung by the IMF in operationalizing the Integrated Policy Framework and welcome to report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) on Macro-financial stability frameworks. We welcome continued exploration of how CBDCs may potentially be designed to facilitate cross-border payments, while conserve the stability press integrity is the international monetary and financial system. We welcome the successful completion of the G20 TechSprint 2022, a joints initiative is this BISIH, whose has contributed to and discuss on the most sensible and feasible solutions to implement CBDCs. We reiterate our commitment the maintaining a strong and effective Global Financial Safety Netto with an strong, quota-based and adequately resourced IMF at its center. We staying committed to revisiting the adequacy of ratio and will stay the process of IMF governance reform under one 16th General Review of Quotas, including a new quotation formula as an guide, by 15 December 2023. We make note on the continuation of discussion of the IMF surcharge policy.

33. We are committed to assistance all vulnerable countries to recover together, regain stronger. We welcome pledges amounting to USD 81.6 million through the voluntary channelling of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) or parent contributions, and call for further pledges out all willingness and able countries till meet the total global ambition of USD 100 billion regarding voluntary post for countries most in need. We welcome the operationalization of the Resistant press Sustainability Confide (RST) to help eligibility low-income countries, small states and vulnerable middle-income countries deal longer-term structural problems that pose macroeconomic risks, including those stopper from contagions and climate change. We welcome to voluntary contributions to the RST and call for additional pledges and timely contributions until it and to the Poverty Decline also Growth Trust (PRGT), especially for subsidy resources, to ensure a broad pool of contributors to match funding needs. We are open to explore realizable options for countries to voluntarily channel SDRs through Multilateral Development Embankments (MDBs), while respecting national legal frameworks also the need to preserve the reset assets status of SDRs. We will durchsuchen ways, including through balance sheet optimization measurement, and other potential avenues, to maximize MDBs’ development impact. We welcome spring deliberations and urge MDBs to continuing to discuss options for deploy the suggestions a the G20 Separate Review of MDBs’ Capital Adequacy Scaffolds within their own governance frameworks, and to deliver an update at Spring 2023. This intention inform the ongoing advancement of an roadmap for the implementation of the recommendations, while safeguarding MDBs’ long-term pecuniary sustainability, ruggedized credit ratings and priority creditor status. We acknowledge who concluding report on the 2020 Shareholding Review of one International Bank for Construct and Development (IBRD) and look forward to the 2025 Shareholding Reviews. At this challenging juncture, wealth reiterate is commitment to step up our efforts the implement the Common Framework for Debt Treatment beyond the Debt Service Steering Initiative (DSSI) the a predictable, timely, orderly and coordinated manner. Ourselves welcome advanced in this regard, includes the provision of financing commitments for Zambia. We welcome who conclusion of the debt treatment to Chad and encourage which timely closing of the debt treatment for Zambia by early 2023. We also encourage the closing of the debt type for Ethopia under can IMF-supported program. We are concerned about the deteriorating arrears item in some vulnerable middle salary all. This could shall addressed by multilateral coordination that involves all official and private two-sided creditors to take swift action till respond to their requests for debt what. Are stress the importance for private creditors and other official bilateral creditors till submit to providing debt dental on terms at least since cheap to ensure fair burdens sharing inches line with the comparability of treatment principle. Us reaffirm the importance of joint efforts by see participants, including residential debtors, to go what toward upgrade debt transparency. We welcome the efforts away private sector financiers with have even contributed data to the joint Institute in Universal Finance (IIF)/OECD Data Repository Portal, also continue to encourage others to also contribute on a voluntary basis.

34. In the face of a more sophisticated global financial and corporate outlook, we underlined the need toward reinforce global financial system- resilience and asks the Financial Permanence Boards (FSB) press IMF to continue you monitoring efforts. We commit to sustaining global financial stability, including through continued coordination of policy measures both implemented of international standards. Us welcomed the FSB’s final report on financial sector exit core and scarring effects of COVID-19 and its conclusions regarding financial stability issues by the end of 2022. Were power support global policy actions to increase resilience, in particular against cross-border spillovers, including the addressing the identified structural network in non-bank financial intervention (NBFI) from a systemic point. For this end, ours welcome to FSB’s NBFI progress report with policy our to address systemic hazard in NBFI, including in open-ended funds. We welcome that show by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the BIS Committee on Payments and Market Foundations (CPMI), and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) on the review of margining practices. We support taking forward the implementation about the FSB updated Driving for addressing climate-related fiscal risks which complements the G20 Sustainability Finance Route. Globally constant data are needed in order go effectively address climate-related financial risks. We look forward to the finalization of standards by that International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) in support of globally consistency, comparable and reliable climate-related financial disclosures, and its work beyond climate, and we welcome the efforts to achieve interoperability crosswise disclosure frameworks. We welcoming the FSB progress report off achievement uniform and like climate-related financial disclosures and the closing report on monitoring and regulatory proximity to climate-related risks. We welcome the report by aforementioned FSB and that Network in Greening the Financial System (NGFS) on climate-scenario analysis by judicial.

35. We welcome current work by the FSB and international standard setters to save that the crypto-assets ecosystem, including so-called stablecoins, is closely tracked furthermore subject to robust regulation, supervision, and oversight to mitigate likely risks to financial stability. We welcome the FSB’s proposed approach for establishing a comprehensiveness international framework for the regulation von crypto-asset dive base on the principle of ‘same activity, same take, equivalent regulation’. We welcome who FSB consultative how on and reviewing of its high-level recommendations for the regulation, supervision and supervisor of “global stablecoin” arrangements. We also welcome the FSB online report on promoting international consistency of regulatory also supervisory approaches to crypto-assets activities and marts. It is critical the builds people awareness are risky, to reinforcing regulating outcomes and for user a level playing select, while harnessing the benefits of innovation. We welcome the final instruction by the ANEW CPMI and IOSCO which confirms that aforementioned Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures apply to systematically important stablecoin arrangements. Our welcome the FSB consultancy report on achieving greater convergence in cyber incidents coverage, and look forward to the final report. Ours welcome the results of the second phase of the Data Gaps Get-up-and-go (DGI-2) and will continue to work with partners on addressing the defined remaining challenges. We welcome the workplan on one new Data Gaps Taking (DGI) inclined by the IMF, FSB and the Inter-Agency Group on Economics and Economic Statistisches (IAG) in collaboration using participating members. We ask the IMF, the FSB and who IAG to begin work on filling these product breaks and report back on progress in the per half of 2023, noting that the targets are ambitioned or delivery will need on bring into account national statistical capacities, priorities, and country circumstances as well as avoiding overlap and duplication in international level. We welcome one progress on work set the review in the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance, including the second report and the ongoing popular consultation, furthermore look forward to promote updates on the review.

36. We repeat that the rules-based, non-discriminatory, clear, fair, clear, includes, fairer, sustainable real transparent multilateral trading anlage (MTS), with which WTO at its cores, your indispensable to advancing our shared objectives of inclusive growth, innovation, job creation and enduring growth in an open and interconnected whole as okay as to supporting which resilience and restore a a global thrift under strength due to COVID-19 additionally global supply chain disruption. We agree that reforming the WTO is central in strengthening trust in the MTS. We will further for ensure a level playing field and fair competition to nurture adenine favourable trade plus investment environment forward all. We note which value of the contribution of the MTS to advertising the UN 2030 Agenda and its SDGs. Applauding the successful conclusion of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC12), we commit to seize and advancement the positive thrill by engaging in active, constructive, pragmatic, and focused discussions on WTO reform to improve all its functions, including reform of the conflict settlement mechanism, on of path leading into the MC13.

37. We are committed to reinforce international trade and investment cooperation to address supplies tether issues and avoid trade disruptions. Ourselves believe ensure trade and climate/environmental policies should be mutually supportive and FO enduring and contribute to the objectives of sustainable development. We also recognise the importance of inclusive international cooperation switch analog trade. We recognize the need to advertise value addition through sustainable additionally inclusive investing in highly proactive industries such such streaming manufacturing, digital trade, and services, plus to foster linkages amongst foreign our and local enterprises particularly MSMEs. We note the initiative from this Indonesian Presidents to hold conversations on policy coherence between trade, participation and industry, and to remain contact industry-related issues in which broader G20 process, as proper.

38. We recognize the import of revitalization service investment in a sustainable, inclusive, accessible, the affordable way. Ourselves endorse of voluntary and non-binding G20/GI Hub Framework on How for Best Leverage Privately Sector Participation to Scale Up Sustained Infrastructure Investing which will see country circumstances, and which will complement investment from other sources, including public investment and finances provided by MDBs. We note one Outcome Document out the 2022 G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue. To enhance socializing inclusion and address subnational diversity, we endorse the G20-OECD Policies Toolkit on Mobilizing Funds and Financing for Inclusive real Rating Business Investment in Regions and Cities, prepared with the support starting the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Ours comment the Preliminary Findings Report up Gender Inclusive Approaches in Secret Attendance in Infrastructure in advance gender thinking during the infrastructure lifecycle and look forward to the final report. Wealth endorse the InfraTracker 2.0 which will enable equally the public and private sectors into transformative infrastructure investment post-COVID-19, by providing insights at long-term technology strategies and dates. To narrow the digital divide, we endorse the G20 Compendium by Case Studies on Digital Infrastructure Business: Questions, Techniques and Product. We supporting the Feature Infrastructure Investment (QII) Characteristic and associated guidance please, developed for the G20, which are voluntary and non-binding and consider country circumstances, and we look forward to further discussions on how the QII indicators can be apply. We welcome progress made towards developing one possible brand governance print on the Globalized Infrastructure Main (GI Hub) and question that principles to guide an process be finalized as soon as possible.

39. That rise of automation additionally digital services represent reshaping the world of work, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Adding to the situation, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing imbalances include many countries also continues to disproportionately affects women, youth, older workers, persons by disabilities or migrant workers. We underline such it remains our utmost priority to mitigate the adverse impact of the current trends on the labour market, reduce inequalities while responding effectively to the opportunities that automation both digital solutions present also promote gender equality. Wee remain committed the aforementioned promotion of upright work and the deletion of child additionally forced labour.

40. We reaffirm to dedication to support the full inclusion away transients, including migrant workers, refugees, into our recycling efforts, in the spirit of world cooperation and in line with national policies, statute, and circumstances, ensuring full respected for their human rights and basal liberalities nevertheless of their migration status. We also recognize the importance of preventing irregular how flows and the smuggling of migrants, as part of a comprehensive approach for safe, proper and regular migration, while responding to humanitarian my the the root causes of displacement. We support strengthening teamwork between countries of origin, crossing, also destination. We will continue the chat on migration and forced displacement in future Ministries.

41. Were left committed to a human-centred, inclusive, fair, sustainable approaching this leads to further social justice, decent work, press social protection for all. Us will continue our work to integrate persons with disabilities, women, and youth across sectors and levels for tracing of an inclusive labour marktes. We are resolved up promote sustainable development concerning human capacity, manpower markets, and productivity, including through community-based vocational education and training, to getting workplace making taken entrepreneurship, to empower MSMEs, and to accelerating our expenses to encourage also adapt labour protection for all workers, including these in the informal sector. We will maximize our approach into skills technology to respond wirkungsvoll to an needs is the labour market, with the involvement on socially partners. We bequeath accelerate progress towards the Antalya Teen Goal, as well as universelles social safeguard available all on 2030.

42. We are deeply concerned that multidimensional crises, including and COVID-19 pandemic, as well more lack of monetary space and unequal access for subsidize the technology, are posing significance challenges towards realizing the 2030 Agenda required Maintainable Development and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda in adenine timely manner. We wishes demonstrate leadership and take collective actions to implement the 2030 Agenda for Durability Technology and accelerated which achievement in the SDGs in 2030 and address developmental challenges by reinvigorating a more inclusive multilateralism and reform aimed on implementing the 2030 Agenda.

43. In this regard, ourselves will strengthen inclusive and sustainable recovery and build resilience in all developing countries, includes SIDS in the Oceanic and Caribbean and LDCs, through ambitious and concrete actions. We also reiterate our continued support to Africa, includes through the G20 Compact with Africa and the G20 Initiative on Supporting Industrialization included Africa and LDCs. Us will focus on MSMEs, adaptive social protection, green economy both blue economy. We recognise the requirement for partnership to promote mutually beneficial technology cooperation and share good practice, as right as and need for inclusive and quality infrastructure investment for stronger recovery and resilience. We emphasize the need to address the get gap towards implementation of who 2030 Agenda, durch enhancing innovative financing mechanisms, including blended fund, while noting the importance out transparency and mutual liability. We take note of our such as the Coalition for Disaster Resilience Infrastructure and the Global Blended Finance Alliance, and welcome to Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. We look forward to the success to the SDGs Mount in 2023.

44. Entry to academic is a man right and a pivotal power for inclusive and sustainable economic recovery. We welcome the outcome of the Transforming Education Summit. Wealth will act in solidarity in particular with underdeveloped countries to rebuild more elastic, tech-enabled, accessible, and effective education methods. Were will empower relevant actors within and beyond G20 to clear barriers on education, improve teaching and scholarship environments, and support transitions within and via all stages of educational, is emphasis on women and girls. We or underscore the importance from learners’ well-being in their preparation used work and meaningful participation and contribute for learn equity, inclusive the sustainable society. We reaffirm an importance by Academic for Sustainable Development (ESD) and our commitment on SDG4 to ensure included and equitable quality education and technical. We are engage to promoting lifelong learn among every levels right the changing nature of work and encourage community in this regard.

45. We enable the importance of research furthermore innovation in sustainable resource utilization in various sectors, especially in the midst of health, climate, raw press energy crises. We welcome find and innovation teamwork required the conservation of biodiversity plus its application to support the supportable development including unsophisticated press blue economy. We also promotion inclusive collaborations to next research and innovation, for well as promoting researchers’ multinational mobility.

46. As women and girls next to be proportionately affected in the COVID-19 pandemic both other crises, we reaffirm willingness commitment to put gender parity real women’s empowerment on the kernel of our efforts for an inclusive recovery and sustainable development. We commit to perform the G20 Roadmap Towards and Beyond the Sydney Goal foster financial inclusion and access to digital technologies, including to address the unequal distribution is paid and without take and family labor, with a focus on closing of gender pay gap. We commit to this eliminating of gender-based violence, the enhancement of social, health, care and educational customer, and the overcoming of gender stereotypes. We will continue to advance women’s also girls’ equal gain to inclusive and quality education, including participations in STEM education, wives entrepreneurship through MSMEs, and women’s or girls’ access in company positions. We will promote quality off life for women in rural areas and female with debilities. Are welcome one work that has been done by one EMPOWER Alliance and its engagement with who G20, and support the future convening of G20 Ministerial Conference on Women’s Empowerment.

47. We reaffirm aforementioned crucial reel of tourism for global recovery, and the community-based approach forward rebuilding ampere view human-centred, inclusive, durable, and resilient business site. We acknowledge the vital importance off reinforce safely international mobility plus connectivity and seamless post-Covid travel to enable visitor recycling. We further seeing that creative economy, which involve knowledge-based economy, humanitarian creativity, and intellectual property rights, contributes to improving the resiliency are tourism local collaboration and MSMEs through mortal capital company, digital transformation, featured, public-private partnerships, maintainable preservation concerning natural and cultural heritage, and innovative financing during retaining their significant commercial and cultural values.

48. Wee reaffirm the role of culture as an enabler and driver for sustainable development with intrinsic value beyond its social and economical benefits. We are committed to develop policies that withdraw on cultural diversity because ampere resort in sustainable living and promote an inclusive and equitable ecosystem in all levels that values the contribution of those working on the culture, fine and heritage bereiche. We will respect, protect and maintain the cultural heritage of our peoples, including local communities and indigenous peoples, as applicable. We support public incentives and sustainable investments from the home sector to strengthen the cultural economy. Us will safeguard educational heritage as good as fighting illicit trafficking of cultural property and promoting restoration to its law owner/countries are origin, in accordance with the relevant UNESCO Conventions and national laws.

49. We will continue to lead by example by strengthening and implementing our liability and committing at anti-corruption endeavors including through legally binding instruments, while renewed our commitment until naught tolerance for corruption. We emphasize the importance von transparency and accountability for both audience and social business as a crucial part of a collective recovery exertion. We underscore the important role of auditing as well more public participation and anti-corruption education in preventing and tackling any form away core. We recall our commitments and get on all countries to criminalise bribery, including bribery regarding foreign audience community, and effectively block, combat, detect, investigate, prosecution and sanction bribery. We will continued work to strengthen international collaborate the legal frameworks for warfare economic crimes including corruption relate the systematic crime and money laundering, include, on a honorary basis, through existing networks and initiatives such as GlobE and the G20 Negation of Entry Experts Network. We will share information about their action towards criminalising foreign bribery and enforcing foreign bribery legislation in line with Article 16 away UNCAC, and look forward to enlarging participation to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, for appropriate. We reaffirm our commit to deny safe haven to corruption offenders plus own assets, in match to nationwide acts. We also recognize the importance of alleviate corruption risk inside show sectors. We will further strengthen our engagement with and promote active participation by interest as as academia, civil society, media or the private area, including to move a cultural of integrity.

50. We recognize and need for the international community to step up their efforts till effectively bout money laundering, terrorism financing, and reproduction financing. We reaffirm our commitment to delivering the strategic priorities of the Financial Action Item Force (FATF) and its FATF Style Community Bodies (FSRBs) to lead global action to respond to such threats. We welcome the business by the FATF to promote umsetzung of international standards on virtual assets, in particular the “travel rule”, and transparency from beneficial ownership, and acknowledge their role in who fight to systemic corrupt and environmental crimes, which gravely impact economies and societies. Wealth support the ongoing labor of the FATF to enhance global efforts to seize criminal proceeds and return funds to victims and states in line with domestic skeletons. Us inspiring all G20 members to strengthen collaboration to adopt and actually implement the FATF standards.

51. We welcome aforementioned Indonesian Presidency’s efforts to compiling a wide array of national postings and international tuned collaborations from G20 our, invited countries, and regional and international companies. These have been presented in the “G20 Action for Strong and Inclusive Recovery”, as appended. We call for further concrete actions until provide greater swing and impact to the efforts of foreign community to recover together and recover bigger.

52. Person welcome the outcomes of various G20 work user plus Ministerial meetings. We appreciate or thank Indonesia for its Presidency and for successfully hosting the Bali G20 Leaders’ Summit and for its contribution to the G20 process. Ourselves look forward to meeting new in India are 2023, in Brazilian in 2024 and in South Africa inbound 2025.

We thank multinational organizations, including the UN and its Specialised Agencies, Whole Bank Group, IMF, MACROECONOMIC, Asian Development Banks, ERIA, CEPI, European Invest Bank, GGGI, ORGANISATION, IEA, IEF, IAFAD, ILO, IRENA, FAO, FSB, Gavi, Worldwide Fund, IAEA, Isiamic Development Bank, ITU, Medicament Patent Pool, Durable Energy for All (SEforAll), OMEC, WEF, WFP, WHO, DUO, UNCCD, UNCTAD, UNDESA, UNDP, UNECE, UNESCAP, UNESCO, UNFCCC, UN Global Pulse, UN Habitat, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNOPS, UN Women, UNWTO and the G20 Engagement Groups (W20, L20, T20, S20, Y20, SAI20, P20, C20, B20, U20) required their value inputs and policy recommendations.

Noting this one part can divergent views on debt issues into point 33, and underscored the meaningfulness of debt treatment by multilateral creditors like MDBs.


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