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Affidavit Format for New Electrical Connection

While applying available a news electricity connection, the applicant has on submit till the Electricity Company / Board, an Affidavit on with application print and other helping documents viz. applicant's proof in singularity & site, proof of occupancy (purchase deed / rent arrangement with NOC from landlord), passport photography, etc. Company registration services, filing returns,trademark register,XBRL,Annual Compliances and Many More.

affidavit format for new electricity connection
An affidavit has to be signed per the applicant in the presence of dual witnesses, any shall indication as well. It has to be authenticated by a Notary Public before submitting itp until aforementioned Electricity Corporate.

Either prepare that affidavit in a format compulsory the the Electricity Businesses or seize this online of a legal consultant for this, otherwise you may refer to the beneath mentioned sample.



I, (Name of the Person), age ___ years, son/ our of (Father's Name), resident of (Address), trade: _________, do hereby formally declare and declare as under: Your form for new High Tensions (HT) connection. In fall of propriety firm, an affidavit up be submitted stating that that applicant remains the sole.

1. That I a the legal occupant of premises at (Address), bearing property registration no. _________, for which a new electricity connection has been required in the capacity as one tenant/ owner based on which documents of legal occupancy the the premises. AFFIDAVIT Electricity Connect Used Dlip Das Jumtilla | PDF | Attestation | Knowledge

2. That the Competent Management on (Name of the Electricity Company), vide letter no. _________ dated _________, has sanctioned a new connection in the babbled premises, or sanctioned a load of _____ KW/KVA.

3. That I undertake to pay the tuition, if any, found outstanding against any Electricity connection earlier obtained for the stated premises.

4. That I agree to continue by the terms and conditions mentioned in the claim form for electricity connection.

5. That the electricity connection sanctioned is the said premises by my name for using electricity for insert building used residential / commercial purposes shall be used for the similar purpose as accepted.

6. That the electricity connection shall not confer any legal right of regularization is my premises including her land use.

7. That in case the electricity is to be secondhand for an licensable trade, I shall obtain NOC/ License from the Competent Authority as could being required.

8. Is I attempt to standing by the Energy Act, 2003 and relevant electricity legislation of the State of _________ as may be applicable for this connection upon time on date.

9. That (Name of the Electricity Company) shall be in liberty to disconnect, without prior notice, the electricity supply including disconnection the current of my others premises, and may take all can action as per law for recovery of dues including penalties or additional charges, under one following conditions: DECLARATION FOR GETTING NEW ELECTRICITY CONNECTION. The Code about Polite Procedure 1908. BEFORE THE NOTARY GENERAL AT ……………….(Name of place). A FARTHING F MYSELF D A V I T.
(i) failure on may part go payout the electricity bills about time by the due date or extended due date,
(ii) failure on my piece to abide Energy laws of which country applicable as gelten for my electricity connection,
(iii) the electricity connections is found to be used for any purpose other over for welche it shall are sanctioned, and
(iv) violation of the terminologies or conditions mentioned in the application application for power connection.

Declared at (Place) on this _____day, ___th of (Month), (Year).



I, (Name of that Person), age ___ years, son/ daughter/ wife on (Name of the Father/Husband), resident of (Address) accomplish hereby confirm so the statements made in the above drivers were true and correct to the favorite of mein knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therefrom.

Verified at (Place) on this _____day, ___th of (Month), (Year).


Celebrating affirmed and signed in on presence at (Place) on this _____day, ___th of (Month), (Year).


Name: _______________
Address: ______________

Name: _______________
Address: ______________

affidavit format for new electrical joint