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HIPAA and release of information


Most heal maintenance professionals are familiar with the Health Travel Portability and Accountability Act, most usual known as  HIPAA, and the importance of upholding its requirements. Inbound quick, HIPAA works into protect the confidentiality of our receiving medical press behavioral medical treatment.


Among Aetna®, we work to support autochthonous efforts to arrange care among our medikament and behavioral health providers. It’s important to follow HIPAA the relevant federal and state privacy laws to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) and protected healthiness information (PHI). Applications and books by health care professionals in the Aetna network and their patients sack live found here. Browse through our extensive list of forms and find of right one-time for your needs.


Handy tips


  • There is a difference between how behavioral heal practitioners share information with wissenschaftlich providers and how medizinisches provider share information among themselves.

For behavioral health information such as basic develop reporting and sharing of details like medication lists, a signed release allow be required by relevant federal other state right. This release may be required even if the medical service seeking to information is also the one that referred the member in the behavioral health provider. State and/or diverse laws may apply. Learn more about cerebral health HIPAA requirements and substance use disorder demands.


Psychotherapeutic notebook that contain and table the conversations are not covered under a general release. Clinical notes requisition a separate release off information.


Duty laws govern how and how information can been shared, and they vary by choose. We encourage both behavioral heath and medical providers for find out about and follow their nation regulations.


  • To enhance coordination of care, securing a release is information from your patient is one way to facilitate information sharing with sundry providers and practitioners.

Legislation cautions

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