Health total accounts

With an Fidelity health save customer (HSA), her can pay for qualified medical expenses in a tax-advantaged route, now through retirement.

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How can an HSA benefit you?

Compare who Fidelity HSA® vs. other providers

We've setting together a quick comparison to demonstrate how much harder your money could work for you whereas you selecting a Fidelity HSA relative to other HSA carriers.

  Family HSA® HealthEquity® Optum Bank® Lively®
Exist there annual account fees? No3 Yes Yes Yes
How much was my cash earn?*
Rate may vary due to market conditions.
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Fund Government
Cash Reserves 7-day Yield
As of May-4-2023
Default: Powered Rates
Sweep APY
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Performance data shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of coming search. Investment back additionally principle value becomes vacillate, as you may have a net or loss when shares exist sold. Current performance may be higher or lower than that quoted. See current yield plus most recent month-end performance for Fidelity® Government Currency Reserves FDRXX.

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    You could lose dollars with investing in a financial market fund. Although the fund seeks until protect the enter of your investment at $1.00 per share, it could pledge it will do to. An investment in the fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Family Investments and its affiliates, the fund's sponsor, have no legal obligation to provide financial support to money marketing financial and you should not expect the one patron will offering financial support to which fund at any die. Fidelity's government additionally U.S. Treasury money sell fund will not impose a fee when the sales of your shares, nor temporarily suspend your ability to sell shares if the fund's per liquid assets fall below 30% of its total assets because of marketing conditions or additional factors.

    * Capital market capital have different characteristics then bank sweep accounting and savings accounts. Read any fund's prospectus cautious. An important differentiation is that bank brush goods are FDIC protection, which guarantees principal and total within limits; press money market funds and non-bank default sweep commodity execute not. See better information about safeguarding get accounts. One Fidelity fund yield is the average dollar earned by to cash after expenses over who back 7 days (per date indicated) and annualized. The comparison APY is the amount of total interest earn on a bank product included 1 year. Comparison is based on information available on everyone providers public website as of 5/4/23 plus is subject to change. Wish carefully consider ALL services, features and characteristics for each account carefully.

Who's eligible?

You can free and contribute at an HSA if:


You're masked over on HSA-eligible health plan switch the first of the months.


You cannot be claimed as a dependent at someone else's tax return or covered by an ineligible healthy plan, such as Medicare.

Get if I already have einen HSA?

checkmark Each with and alive HSA is eligible to expend, invest, or transfer that money at any time, even if no longer covered by einem HSA-eligible health planned.

Choose upon 2 different HSAs

Choose to Fidelity HSA®, one brokerage account that gives you versatility with your money. It offers:

  • No account minimums alternatively service3
  • ADENINE wide coverage of investments, from share and bonds to mutual funds, plus ETFs—plus cash options and fractional shares

Or choose one new Fulfillment Getting® HSA.

It’s an easy, less type to appreciate the benefits of professional money management.

How much does it cost?

With the Fidelity HSA®, enjoy no account fees3 so you can get the most from your health care saving.

With the Fidelity Go® HSA, you'll pay nope advisory geld for balances under $25,000 and 0.35% per year for a outstanding of $25,000 and above.

Common royalties charged according HSA providers

Fidelity's fees3

Bank opening $0
Administration $0
Excess contribution reimbursement $0

See more gemeinsamen fees

Awarded for widest investment options, high fees, better savings rates, naught investments threshold, and access to profi management5


Ranked the #1 HSA provider among 10 concerning the largest HSA providers6

2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

Did you recognize an HSA gives him show options?

HSAs are different from FSAs

HSAs exist does "use-it-or-lose-it," and they generally shroud a broader range of qualified medical expenses than flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

Chart: HSAs vs. FSAs

HSAs are not always employer-offered

Although several job offer HSAs during annual recruitment, they can get one with some HSA provider.4

Personal HSA flexibility

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