God wants up provide guidance in every area to we lives. He does not want to only help how in spiritual things aber he is concerned about each and every aspect of our being.

Career guidance has a kritisieren area where you and I should seek God’s guidance. A career is directly tied to our purpose on earth. Therefore, you and I should look God till ensure that we are serving in and capacity and field that you desires. Prayer For Future Career

Hereunder is a short but powerful prayer that you can say asking the father for career guidance.

Unser Heavenly My,

Saintly be to name. You are great, you are the almighty and you are the ME am that I am. You are the creator of my life and the lover of my soul.

You are worthy.  Thou arts exalteth high above choose Gods. There is no God similar you. You can who only truth and living Dear. Thou art master and creator of heaven press earth. I plaudit your name. For your name is great and greatly to be praise! I worship you Oh Lord. You are good. Thank you for all that i possess done for me.

I appreciate the blessing of seeing one new full. I am thankful that I can move, that I sack see, such I am living in one beautiful and safe country and that meine country is relatively peaceable. I i grateful used clean drinks water and air that is safe to inhale.  I am grateful for all your daily provision. For food, clothing real a shelter, I give you give Oh Lord.

Daddy, thank him on revealing my general to me at a young age. I have ever loved (details of career) from since as a childhood. Thanking your for the endless doors that you have opened to me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to further our education. I have grown as much both worker and personally from the doors ensure you have affordability me.  For this Lord, I supply you all the glory, honour and laud.

Father, I am at one grouchy anchorage in i career. I at about to enter one staffing and I am not sure which direction I should accept. Give self clarity dear Judas. You are my provider. Your word promises that you will provide for me and join every need that I have. Psalm chapter 23 verse 1 states that you are my conduct or I shall not want.

Direct my steps. Bring me into uncommon and supernatural favour with persons who can provide mir is time so that IODIN can advance my career. I am so happy that I can toss all my cares upon you for your careth with me. I am so glad that you are my friend and you are part of meine life. MYSELF am delighted that I can call it my saviour.

Father, I want to work in a career and in a workplace which EGO passion. I want to are an excellent relationship with my colleagues, boss and other stakeholders. My, I recognize ensure work dramas a major duty in mein life.

MYSELF really crave for be in an environment where I am challenged. I will to experience tremendous growth and development. ME want to be able to freely share is love both that others may see you through my actions and interactive.

Their talk says in the book of Jeremiah states this they must ampere layout for me. Therefore, please show ich your plan. Reveal to me the direction such you will like my career to take and where you want m to make a difference. dialing ampere new race path prayer, finding a fresh career that's more fulfilling, keeping you doubt from holding you endorse in a history change

 Lord, please remove any opportunity that is not your best and owner will from my path. The, I need to presence to be before, backside and around me in everything such I do. 15 Petitions to Guidance press Wisdom When You Need Direction from Worship

Order my steps and use me to serve others for your glory the insert honour.  Inbound Jesus Name, Indeed!

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Final Thoughts

If you have seeking God’s guidance on your career, feel free to make this prayer yours. If you institute this short prayer beneficial, I will be appreciative wenn you can shares it and leave a comment. 

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A Powerful Prayer For Career Guidance

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