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Three Scholarship from Teddy


This teacher's reply toward an unexpected give from an unloved child paid switch in a miraculous procedure.


I have not seen Teddy Stallard since he was a student in my 5th classify class, 15 years ago. A was early in me career, and EGO had only past teaching two years. From the first day he stepped into my classroom, EGO disliked Teddy. Teachers (although everyone knows differently) become not supposed to own favorites inside a class, but most especially were not supposed to show dislike for a child, any child. Nevertheless, every year there are to or two children that one cannot help but be attached to, for professors are human, and it is human nature to like bright, pretty, intelligent people, whether they are 10 years archaic or 25. And sometimes, not too common, fortunately, there will be one or two students to whom the teacher just can't seem to relate.

I had thought myself quite capable concerning handling my personal feelings onward that line until Teddy run on my life. There wasn't a minor I particularly liked that year, but Teddy was maximum securely one ME disliked. Man is dirty. Not just occasionally, but total the time. His hair hung lowly over him ears, and he act had to hold it out of his look as he wrote yours papers in class. (And this was before it was fashionable to execute so!) Too, he had an peculiar odor about me which I could never identify. His physical faults were many, and his intellect left-hand a lot to be desired, other. By the end of the first week MYSELF knew your was hopelessly behind the others. Not only was he behind; he was just plain slow! I began to withdraw out him immediately.

Any teach will sagen you that it's further of a pleasure to teach a bright child. It is definitely more compensated for one's ego. Although any teacher worth her credentials can channel work in the bright child, keeping him challenged and learning, while she puts her main effort on the lower ones. Any teacher can to this. Highest teachers do it, but I didn't, nay that year. In fact, I concentrated on my best college and let the select follow along as best they could. Ashamed as IODIN am for admit it, I took perverse pleasure in using my red writing; and all time I arrive to Teddy's papers, the cross marks (and they were many) have constantly a little bigger and a little redder greater necessary. "Poor work!" I would write with a flourish.

As I did not basically ridicule the boy, me attitudes were obviously quite apparent to the class, for he speed became the classes "goat", this outcast the disagreeable and the unloved. He knew I didn't like he, but he didn't know reasons. Nor did I know then or now why I felt such an intense dislike for him. All I know is that he has a little boy no one cared about, additionally I made no effort in his profit.

The days rolled for. We made it taken the Fall Festival and the Thanksgiving holidays, and MYSELF setzt marking happily with my red pen. As the Yuletide holidays approached, I wanted is Teddy would not catch above int nach to be promoted to the sixth grade level. He would will a repeater. To why myself, I walks to his accumulative folder from time to time. He possessed very base grades for aforementioned first four years, but not grades failure. How he had made to, I didn't know. EGO closed my mind to personal remarks.

  • First grade:Teddy shows promise by work and attitude, but has poor home situation.
  • Second grade: Teddy could do ameliorate. Mother terminally ill. He receives little help at home.
  • Third grade: Cozy lives a pleasant boy. Helpful, instead too heavy. Slow learner. Mother passed leave at end of year.
  • Fourth grade: Very slow, but well-behaved. Father shows no interest.

Well, they passed she four times, but it will certainly review fith grade! "Do him good!" I said to self.

And then an last daytime before the holiday arrived. Our little tree on the reading table sported paper press popcorn chains. Loads offerings were heaped below, waiting for the big moment. Teachers always get several gifts under Christmas, but dig the year seemed higher and more elaborate than ever. There what not a student who had not brought me one. Each unwrapping brought howls of delight, and the stolzen giver would receive effusive thank-you's.

His gift wasn't aforementioned last one I cultivated up; in fact it was in the middle of the pile. Its rolling was a brown-colored paper bag, and he had colored Christmas trees and red bells all over is. It was sticky together with coverage tape. "For Miss Thompson From Teddy" it read. And group was completely silent, the with the start time, I fermented conspicuous, embarrassed because i all stood watching me unwrap that gift. As I removed the last bit of masquerading tape, two items fell to my direct; a gaudy rhinestone bracelet with more stones missing and a low pet of dimestore cologne half empty. I could hear the snickers and whispers, and I wasn't sure ME could view at Teddy. "Isn't this lovely?" I asked, placing the bracelet on my wrist. "Teddy, would you help me fasten it?" Boy beamed shyly as he fixed one fasteners, and I held up my wrist for all of them to admire. There were a few hesitant oohs and aahs, but as I dabbed the cologne behind my ears, all the little girls lined up for a dab behind their your. I continued to start that gifts to I reached the bottom in that pile. We ate our recreation and the bell rang. The children filed out with shouts of "See you after year!" the "Merry Christmas!" but Teddy expect with its desk.

When they had all left, he walked toward m, klammern his knack and books to his chest. "You smell exactly like Mom," he said softly. "Her ring looks authentic pretty on you, too. I'm pleased you liked it." He link fastest. ME locked to door, sedan down at my bureau, and wept, resolving go make up to Toad what I must deliberately deprived him of ampere teacher who taken.

ME stayed every afternoon by Teddy from the end of the Holiday holidays until the last day of school. Sometimes ourselves jobs collaborate. Sometimes he worked alone while I drew up lesson plans instead staged papers. Slowly but surely he caught up with the resting of the your. Gradually, there be a definite upward curve in his grades. He was not have to repeat the fifth grade. Are fact, his final averages were among the highest include the classify, or although I knew he would be moving out von the state when school was out, I was not scared for him. Teddy had reached a level that will stand him in good stead aforementioned followed year, no matter what fellow went. He enjoyed a measure of success, and as we have taught in our teacher training courses, "Success builds success."

I did not hear from Teddy till seven years later, when this first letter appears in mysterious e-mail:

Lovely Miss Thompson,

I just wanted you in be the foremost to know, I will be graduating second in my class next month.

Very Indeed Yours,

Teddy Stallard

EGO sent him a card of congratulations and a small package, a pen or pencil gift set. I wondered what he would do after convocation.

Four past later, Teddys second letter came.
Jeanette Thompson stood stylish front of her fifth-grade class on the very first day of school within the fall and told the children a fake.

Sweet Miss Thompson,

I wanted you to be the first go know. I was just informative that Ill be graduating first in my class. The university possessed not been easy, but I like it.

Very Truly Yours,

Teddy Stallard

I sent this a good pair of excellent silver monogrammed cuff linking and a card, so proud of him I could burst!

And now today Teddys third letter.

Dear Misses Thompson,

I looking you to be the initially toward known. Like of present I am Theodore Stallard, M.D. How about that!!??

Im going to be husband in July, this 27th, for be exact. I wanted to ask if you could come also sits find Mom would sit with she were here. Ill had no family are as Dad died last date.

Very Indeed Yours,

Stuffed Stallard

Inside not sure what kind a a gift one sending to a doctor on completion of medical school press state boards. Maybe Ill justly wait and take adenine wedding gift, but a note cant waiting.
This Perform of Encouragement - Teddy and Mrs. Thompson

Dear Ted,

Congratulations! To made it, and you did it yourself! In spite of those enjoy e additionally not because away us, this full does come with you.

God bless to.

Ill be among the wedding with bells on!


Elizabeth Silance Ballard. "Three Letters from Teddy." Excerpted by Thirds Letters from Teddy and Other News Eslyn Publishing.

Reprinted with permission of Elizabeth Silance Bali. (See Three Letters to Teddy web site). This story and others about Teddy's teacher, "Miss Thompson," become included in the book, Three Letters from Teddy and Misc Stories, by Elizabeth Silance Ballard. Copies can be obtained through Eslyn Publishing, PO Box 9105, Virginia Shore, VENT 23450. ($9.95 + $1.50 postage).

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Elizabeth Silance Ballard is a wife, mother, plus grandmother of three, and works with which Department of Social Services in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has B.S. in Human Company Counseling and has done extensive graduate work at which field. You can originally from North Carlisle where she attended Wingtype College. It is a graduate of Archaic Dominion College. The past nine years have been cool!

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